These 18 People Having Worst Day Than You’ve Ever Had

 01. For this woman stuck in the bus

This stuck woman

Everyone has a bad day once in a while but I believe these people are having worst of it.

02. For the owner of this car

Owner of this car

03. For this guy who bought iPhone from someone

That moment when you buy an iPhone from someone

04. For the owner of car

This back seat of car

05. This moment at Taco Bell

This car at Taco Bell

06. For this facebook user

This facebook user

07. And this one

This fail moment

08. For this golf cart driver

This golf cart driver

09. For this guy selling magic mushrooms

This guy selling magic mushrooms

10. For this Guy

This Guy

11. And for this guy

This incorrect answer

For this  lock opener

This lock opening moment

13. For this dog walker

This man walking dogs

14. For this girl

This Moment

15. For this man

This Nutshot

16. For this girl

This outta control moment

17. For this runner

This runner

18. And for this….

This slice moment

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    Thanks for all the help ladies. I was still hainvg issues all morning with blogger. I had to run out to do some errands, but I just got back home and downloaded Window’s Live Writer to my computer. It’s a bit different, but pretty easy to learn. I did my post there and then had it published in blogger and voila it’s actually working now!Thanks Things that Inspire for the heads up! Vicki.Thanks for the dinner invite. Now I just need to talk my husband into a much needed vacation to Paris!!!

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