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4 days ago

Cutest Puppies of All Time – 25 Cute Puppy Pictures

Are you looking for the photos of cutest puppies of all time? We have gathered a set of cute puppy pictures. And we have named them the cutest puppies of all time. If you think that you have a puppy that is cuter than our selection then please don’t forget to upload its photo in comment box. We promise we will feature your puppy at the top of our list. For now enjoy these photos of cutest puppies of all time.

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1 week ago

The 52 All Time Best Brie Larson Hot Photos and Pictures

Are you a fan of Brie Larson? Me too! So, let take a look at a huge collection of best  Brie Larson hot  photos of all time. I have gathered these sexy pictures of Brie Larson for specially you guys. Of course we love to see her on TV, Movies or Recordings as well.

So lets read a little about who is Brie Larson? and what achievements she has attached with her name!

Brie Larson has an interesting career history. She is known as the youngest student ever to attended American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. She attended the drama theater when she was only 6 years old. Before graduating from middle school Brie starred in Disney Channel’s Right on Track movie and WB’s Raising Dad in 2001.

Brie’s work includes the coming-of-age drama Tanner Hall (2009) and the dark comedy, Just Peck (2009), with Marcia Cross and Keir Gilchrist. She earned critical praise for her role in the independent feature, Remember the Daze (2007) (aka “The Beautiful Ordinary”), singled out by Variety as the “scene stealer” of the film, opposite Amber Heard and Leighton Meester.

Brie garnered considerable acclaim for her series regular role of “Kate”, Toni Collette’s sarcastic and rebellious daughter, in Showtime’s breakout drama United States of Tara (2009), created by Academy Award-winning writer Diablo Cody and based on an original idea by Steven Spielberg.

She starred in The Trouble with Bliss (2011) opposite Michael C. Hall, playing a young girl out to seduce him while, in turn, teaching him more about his own life. She also starred in Universal’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) and Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg (2010). In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Brie played rock star “Envy Adams”, former flame of Michael Cera, and in Greenberg (2010), she starred as a young temptress trying to flirt with Ben Stiller, a New Yorker traveling West to try to figure out his life (IMDB).

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A big thanks to Tumblr for these hottest photos of Brie Larson.

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2 weeks ago

The 38 Amy Adams Hottest Photos of All Time

We are going to enjoy Amy Adams hottest photos of all time. But before, lets read little about the achievements Amy Adams hot has earned through out her career.

Amy Adams started singing when she was in school. She was also an apprentice dancer at a local dance company. It was her wish to become a ballerina. So, initially she worked as a hooters hostess before getting chance as a dancer at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre.

Nursing a pulled muscle that kept her from dancing, she was free to audition for a part in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), which was filming nearby in Minnesota. During the filming, Kirstie Alley encouraged her to move to Los Angeles, where she soon won a part in the Fox television version of the film, Cruel Intentions (1999), in the part played in the film by Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Kathryn Merteuil”. Although three episodes were filmed, the troubled series never aired. Instead, parts of the episodes were cobbled together and released as the direct-to-video Cruel Intentions 2 (2000). After more failed television spots, she landed a major role in Catch Me If You Can (2002), playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. But this did not provide the break-through she might have hoped for, with no work being offered for about a year. She eventually returned to television, and joined the short-lived series, Dr. Vegas (2004).

Amy won her first Academy award for the film Junebug in 2005. She won this award for best supporting actress. Her major break through role was in Enchanted (2007) when she was selected among about 300 other actresses. And after that she continually appeared in top Hollywood projects like, Sunshine Cleaning (2007),  Doubt (2008),  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009), The Muppets (2011), Trouble with the Curve (2012), American Hustle (2013), Big Eyes (2014), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016),  Arrival (2016) and Tom Ford’s dark thriller Nocturnal Animals (2016).

Above was Amy Adams short biography. Now wait is over and lets go through a set of Amy Adams hottest photos of all time. Enjoy!

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3 weeks ago

The 15 Best American Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft of All Time

Here we have a list of all time best American Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft, which includes floatplanes and flying boats etc.

Seaplanes are any aircraft that has the capability of landing on water while amphibians are equipped with wheels to alight on land, as well as being able to land on the water. Flying boats rely on the fuselage or hull for buoyancy, while floatplanes rely on external pontoons or floats. Some experimental aircraft used specially designed skis to skim across the water but did not always have a corresponding ability to float.

  1. Felixstowe F5L

    The twin-engine F5L was one of the Felixstowe F series of flying boats developed by John Cyril Porte at the Seaplane Experimental Station, Felixstowe, England during the First World War for production in America.

    A civilian version of the aircraft was known as the Aeromarine 75. (wikipedia)

Aeromarine 75 in flight

2) Boeing 314 Clipper

The Boeing 314 Clipper was a long-range flying boat produced by the Boeing Airplane Company between 1938 and 1941. One of the largest aircraft of the time, it used the massive wing of Boeing’s earlier XB-15 bomber prototype to achieve the range necessary for flights across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Twelve Clippers were built; nine were brought into service for Pan Am and later transferred to the U.S. military.[1] The remaining three were sold to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) by Pan Am and delivered in early 1941. (BOAC’s 3 Short S.26 transoceanic flying-boats had been requisitioned by the RAF). (wikipedia)

American Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft

3) Cessna 185 Skywagon

The Cessna 185 Skywagon is a six-seat, single-engined, general aviation light aircraft manufactured by Cessna. It first flew as a prototype in July 1960, with the first production model being completed in March 1961. The Cessna 185 is a high-winged aircraft with non-retractable conventional landing gear and a tailwheel.

Over 4,400 were built with production ceasing in 1985. When Cessna re-introduced some of its most popular models in the 1990s, the tailwheel equipped Cessna 180 and 185 were not put back into production. (wikipedia)

Cessna 185 Skywagon

4) Consolidated PBY Catalina

The Consolidated PBY Catalina, also known as the Canso in Canadian service, was an American flying boat, and later an amphibious aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s produced by Consolidated Aircraft. It was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II. Catalinas served with every branch of the United States Armed Forces and in the air forces and navies of many other nations.

During World War II, PBYs were used in anti-submarine warfare, patrol bombing, convoy escorts, search and rescue missions (especially air-sea rescue), and cargo transport. The PBY was the most numerous aircraft of its kind and the last active military PBYs were not retired from service until the 1980s. In 2014, nearly 80 years after its first flight, the aircraft continues to fly as a waterbomber (or airtanker) in aerial firefighting operations all over the world. (wikipedia)

American Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft

5) Curtiss Model H

The Curtiss Model H was a family of classes of early long-range flying boats, the first two of which were developed directly on commission in the United States in response to the ₤10,000 prize challenge issued in 1913 by the London newspaper, the Daily Mail, for the first non-stop aerial crossing of the Atlantic. As the first aircraft having transatlantic range and cargo-carrying capacity, it became the grandfather development leading to early international commercial air travel, and by extension, to the modern world of commercial aviation. The last widely produced class, the Model H-12, was retrospectively designated Model 6 by Curtiss’ company in the 1930s, and various classes have variants with suffixed letters indicating differences. (wikipedia)

Curtiss Model H

6) Douglas Dolphin

The Douglas Dolphin was an amphibious flying boat. While only 58 were built, they served a wide variety of roles: private ‘air yacht’, airliner, military transport, and search and rescue.

The Dolphin originated in 1930 as the “Sinbad,” a pure flying boat without wheels. The Sinbad was intended as a luxurious flying yacht. Undaunted by the lack of demand, Douglas improved the Sinbad in 1931 so that it was amphibious, and could land on water or land. The improved aircraft was named “Dolphin”, however this did not represent the end of development, as many detail improvements were made, including an increase in the length of over a foot and several changes were made to the empennage, engine nacelles and wings. (wikipedia)

Douglas Dolphin

7) Fairchild FC-2

The Fairchild FC-1 and its derivatives were a family of light, single-engine, high-wing utility monoplanes produced in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. The aircraft was originally designed to provide a camera platform for Sherman Fairchild’s aerial photography and survey business, Fairchild Aerial Surveys. (wikipeida)

Fairchild FC-2

8) Grumman G-44 Widgeon

The Grumman G-44 Widgeon is a small, five-person, twin-engine amphibious aircraft.[1] It was designated J4F by the United States Navy and Coast Guard and OA-14 by the United States Army Air Corps and United States Army Air Forces. (wikipeida)

Grumman G-44 Widgeon

9) Hughes H-4 Hercules

The Hughes H-4 Hercules (also known as the “Spruce Goose”; registration NX37602) is a prototype strategic airlift flying boat designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft Company. Intended as a transatlantic flight transport for use during World War II, it was not completed in time to be used in the war. The aircraft made only one brief flight on November 2, 1947, and the project never advanced beyond the single example produced. Built from wood because of wartime restrictions on the use of aluminium and concerns about weight, it was nicknamed by critics the “Spruce Goose”, although it was made almost entirely of birch. The Hercules is the largest flying boat ever built and has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in history.[4] It remains in good condition and is on display at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, United States. (wikipedia)

Hughes H-4 Hercules

10) Martin JRM Mars

The Martin JRM Mars is a large, four-engined cargo transport seaplane originally designed and built in limited numbers for the U.S. Navy during the World War II era. It was the largest Allied flying boat to enter production, although only seven were built. The United States Navy contracted the development of the XPB2M-1 Mars in 1938 as a long range ocean patrol flying boat, which later entered production as the JRM Mars long range transport.

Four of the surviving aircraft were later converted for civilian use to firefighting water bombers. One example of the aircraft still remains in limited service based out of Sproat Lake just outside of Port Alberni, British Columbia. (wikipedia)

American Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft Martin JRM Mars

11) Naval Aircraft Factory TS

The Naval Aircraft Factory TS-1 was an early biplane fighter aircraft of the United States Navy, serving from 1922-1929.

While the Vought VE-7s were serving the Navy well in the early 1920s, they were not originally designed as fighters. The Naval Aircraft Factory came up with a simple design driven by a 200 hp (150 kW) Lawrance J-1 air-cooled radial engine. Its boxy fuselage was suspended between the upper and lower wings (essentially having both dorsal and ventral sets of cabane struts), with the center area of the lower wing enlarged to accommodate a fuel tank. (wikipedia)

Naval Aircraft Factory TS

12) Osprey Osprey 2

The Osprey Osprey 2, also known as the Pereira Osprey 2 after its designer, is an amphibious sport aircraft designed for homebuilding. Plans have been sold since the mid-1970s. George Pereira designed the Osprey 2 to address the two most frequent criticisms of his Osprey I aircraft: its lack of a passenger seat and its inability to operate from dry land. An exercise that began as a series of modifications to the original design in January 1972 eventually turned into a complete redesign of the aircraft, with the resulting Osprey 2 flying in April 1973. (wikipedia)

Osprey Osprey 2

13) Piper PA-18 Super Cub

The Piper PA-18 Super Cub is a two-seat, single-engine monoplane. Introduced in 1949 by Piper Aircraft, it was developed from the Piper PA-11, and traces its lineage back through the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930s. In close to 40 years of production, over 9,000 were built. Super Cubs are commonly found in roles such as bush flying, banner and glider towing. (wikipedia)

Piper PA-18 Super Cub

14) Sikorsky S-38

The Sikorsky S-38 was an American twin-engined eight-seat sesquiplane amphibious aircraft. It was sometimes called “The Explorer’s Air Yacht” and was Sikorsky’s first widely produced amphibious flying boat which in addition to serving successfully for Pan American Airways and the U.S. Army, also had numerous private owners who received notoriety for their exploits. (wikipedia)


15) Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman

The Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman is an American homebuilt amphibious aircraft. The Sportsman is a two-seat high-winged monoplane of wood and fabric construction, with over 100 built by 1993.

Volmer Jenson, a successful designer of sailplanes, designed the two-seat amphibious VJ-22 in 1957.[1] The new aircraft, at first called the Chubasco, made its first flight on 22 December 1958.

The VJ-22 is a high-winged monoplane, using the wings from an Aeronca Champion or Chief, with a new flying boat hull of mahogany plywood, waterproofed with fiberglass cloth. The aircraft’s single engine, normally a pusher of between 85 hp (63 kW) and 100 hp (75 kW), is mounted on pylons above the wing centre section. The engine can also be mounted in tractor configuration and engines of up to 135 hp (101 kW) have been used successfully. A retractable tailwheel undercarriage is provided. The pilot and passenger sit side-by-side under an enclosed canopy, and are provided with dual controls. (wikipedia)

Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman

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3 weeks ago

The 37 All Time Best Morena Baccarin Hot Photos and Pictures

Born is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Morena Baccarin is daughter of actress Vera Setta. At the age of 10 she moved to New York with her parents. She took the classes of performing art and music in LaGuardia High School.While staying in New York Morena in theater in different projects.

Morena Baccarin has starred in several productions involving “Batman”. Has a recurring role on the TV series, Gotham (2014). Also did voice work for the animated TV series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008), and several direct-to-DVD Batman animated films. Coincidentally, she also plays the voice of the computer “Gideon” in the TV series, The Flash (2014), another DC comic book character.

Morena Baccarin’s Best Quote

“My mom is an actress, but she never really pushed me into it, and it was never something I thought I would be doing. She was very happy I decided to, but she certainly doesn’t offer me criticism because she knows I’d tell her to shut up! Nobody wants to hear that from their mum!”

Now lets enjoy a set of best Morena Baccarin hot photos and pictures of all time.

Morena Baccarin beautiful photos

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4 weeks ago

Top 10 Things to Put in Your Purse

Ever flipped through that magazine for women? You must have read an article with the headline ‘Top 10 Things to Put in Your Purse‘ and you may be familiar how it goes. Usually, an interview of a makeup artist is printed instead, that increases your knowledge when it comes to the latest and the best cosmetic products that are a must-have. A lady has to look good, no matter what, and product to color your skin is the only way to do so.

No one ever tells what items a woman should always carry in her bag so as to be ready to face any small obstacles that come in your way to looking fantastic. It is not the brand new fuchsia pink lipstick or the waterproof mascara. It is something that helps you look neat and composed at all times. Obviously, when you go out, you are ready with your hair styled, wearing makeup and dressed up in the best way possible. But what if your hair is spoiled because of that one bobby pin that is lost, or the makeup is wearing off badly as you sweat profusely or you lost the top button of your shirt? You would not want to be in a mess of that sort. Instead of advertising cosmetic and such products, we would like you to know of these small items that can be a life- saver, fixing your small problems that you tend to face every now and then. You should have them in your bag all the time to be free of small worries as these are the best hacks to keep on looking like a stunner all day long!


Most of us choose not to include blotting papers when it comes to adding necessary items in our bags to carry. But why so? Think clearly, they can be of use anytime. If you are a mother, who has had babies, you will already know the importance of blotting papers, as it can be used to wipe the babies saliva off his face often, or wipe the mess he/she creates by spilling things here and there. It can also be used to cleanse the body. No wonder it, Johnsons&Johnsons has been including it in the babies’ care pack for decades now. However, if you are not a mother as yet, you should not think that you will have no use of blotting papers. You may need to lighten your glossy eye makeup, lessen the amount of gloss on your lips or absorb the small beads of sweat on your face.

Top 10 Things to Put in Your Purse


Another necessary item that you should always have with yourself. Who knows when you need it and for what? One can get small scratches and wound anywhere, anytime and from anything. You must have had paper cuts or gotten a splinter in your skin sometimes just like that, and had wished you had a band aid to cover the small scratches. Other than covering scratches and minute wounds, to prevent further damage, it can also be used to avoid such a thing from occurring in the first place. The nail is getting longer and there are chances it must get cut in a painful way? Or maybe you end up playing football and hurt your big toe. Sometimes, the shoes we choose to wear are just too uncomfortable that we end up with our skin getting scratched awfully. Simply cover these areas with a band-aid so that you don’t have to worry about such things at all.


One should always have this in his/her bag. With so many cards (debit cards and visiting cards), you can always mix them or lose them in a large bag. You may choose to keep it aligned in your small wallet, but then again, wallets can be easily stolen and you certainly don’t want to lose all your important cards.  Other than that, people who are working or studying, almost always have a few papers to take care of. If you don’t want to lose them easily or get the crisp and neat papers all crumpled and stained, then you should make this an essential item to carry in your bag at all times.

Top 10 Things to Put in Your Purse


Cell phones have become a part of basic necessities in our life. It is important for communication all around the world. If one does not have a mobile, he/she feels completely hopeless at times. It has become our friend that is available at all times, to help you figure out how to reach a certain destination (Google maps) and in many other cases. Without this device, one feels completely lost. Therefore, it is very important to keep it fully charged every time you decide to go out. You may have an important call or message, have to be on a long trip or worse need help in a dangerous situation. What would you do if the battery of you cell phone dies out? Wouldn’t it be hell? Better buy a power bank. For one, it does not cost too much. Secondly, all you have to do is charge it and then you won’t have to worry about your phone’s battery- you can charge it anywhere anytime. Moreover, it is portable!


All of us keep getting our hands dirty all the time, although unconsciously.  Touching unhygienic places, shaking hands with so many people, squeezing or coughing on our hands and holding stuff that had previously been in a lot of other people’s hand, who may or may not be diseased- these are some of the few ways we can get germs on our hands. These can ultimately be detrimental to our health as we can easily catch viral diseases. The majority of the people do not care to wash their hands before eating, hence inviting diseases. Obviously no one can carry a bar of soap and water everywhere with them to wash their hands clean of such germs. Instead of that, you can carry a small bottle of sanitizer with yourself everywhere. Just squeeze some on your hands and rub them together and you will get rid of all germs.


Struck by a catastrophe or a wardrobe function of any sort, these are the things that will save the day for you. Keep them in your purse or handbag, wherever you are going. Be it a office, school or a trip, you can lose a button, you can lose the lock of your necklace, your handbag’s zip may stop functioning properly or you simply may need to fix your scarf anytime. They come in all sizes- small, medium and large- so that you can use them according to the magnitude of the harm. If you are a young working lady or a housewife with children to take care of, always keep them near your reach, for you could need them anytime.

10 Things to Put in Your Purse


We all love our earrings, don’t we? Our collection has earrings in all shapes (round, studs, long ones that are usually dangling from our earlobes) and sizes (big, small, medium) and all are precious. Some are expensive, other less so. But there are a selective few that are the dearest to you for different reasons. It may be an important gift by an important figure in your life, or as it usually happens with all females, a certain type that suits you at all times (you see, if one can carry studs like Marilyn Monroe, the other may not be able to). And there are some that go with almost every piece in your wardrobe, therefore, have become your signature. So losing them is a big deal. You can hardly ever replace the beautiful little thing with something else. To make sure you don’t lose them (the irony is, they are very easy to lose), always keep extra earring backs to secure them on your ears.


With the advent of technology and nearly every work being carried out on laptops and PC or important work being saved here, the need to have all your data with yourself at all times has become obligatory. The chances of losing your work, your laptop getting damaged internally, or presenting work anywhere, are high. The invention of USB flash drive has made life easier. Now, instead of carrying your laptop everywhere with you, all you need to do is carry this portable device that is not even half as heavy as the laptop. Also, if (God forbid) you have an important presentation at college or office, and your laptop stops functioning properly, you will not have to face immense stress and humiliation, if you save all your work here.


The days are tough for everyone. We all have to get up early, to start a monotonous day with so much work that sometimes we forget to pay attention to ourselves. Some days we are unable to have breakfast properly due to lack of time and mostly we choose to skip lunch so that we can cover up most of our work. Times like these, we are ignoring our health. Lack of proper nutrition at proper time may lead to slight headaches, the blood pressure slowing down or feeling low on glucose. You will feel less energetic; therefore, concentrating on your work will be hard. To avoid such a situation, one must have a healthy snack like an oatmeal or chocolate bar for instant energy.


This is truly an invention of a genius who must have suffered heavily because of a stain on his clothes once. It can of use for anyone- a school going boy who is afraid being fined over dirty uniform, an employee who has to make a good impression on colleagues and especially the boss or the waitresses and chef that have to promote the idea of hygienic conditions in the kitchens. Now you don’t have to worry about getting an instant stain over you uniform, clothes or apron while having breakfast, coffee or preparing food. Because even if you do get one, this pen will remove it easily- all you have to do is rub it over the stain and- magic! It will be gone.

Top 10 Things to Put in Your Purse

1 month ago

The 30 Hottest Pictures of Emma Roberts – Emma Roberts Hot Photos

This post is about Emma Roberts hot photos and pictures. Emma Roberts is the cutest actress in the Hollywood. Lets find out who is Emma Roberts? FYI Emma Roberts is the daughter of famous actor Eric Roberts. She is also niece of Julia Roberts an Oscar winner actress. Although she is the daughter of Eric Roberts but she grew up living with her mother Kelly Cunningham because her parents separated when she was just a baby.

So, in childhood she spent some time on sets with her aunt Julia Roberts and that was the time she decided that she has to become an actress. She played some many small roles in different movies unitl in 2004 she played a lead role of Addie Singer in Nickelodeon’s “Unfabulous”.  Above was her short bio.  Now lets read a fabulous quote by Emma Roberts.

“I think there are a lot of people out there who say the really low blow of “She’s just in the business because of her family”. I do it because I love to do it. There have been a lot of parts I’ve been up for that I haven’t gotten. I don’t get everything handed to me like some people think. I mean, people say, “Oh, do you feel like you’re living in Julia’s shadow?” I don’t at all, because I’m not trying to be her. I’m just being myself and doing what I want to do. I’m having a lot of fun, and I feel like I am making a name for myself, as well — on being treated differently for being related to Julia Roberts.”

emma roberts age

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Emma Roberts Hot Photos

emma roberts lips and eyes

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82 Best Birthday Wishes for Friends – Happy Birthday Greetings for Friends

This post is about birthday wishes for friends. If you are looking for happy birthday greetings for friends then you have just reached at the right place. No doubt, best friends are like treasure in our lives.  They give us courage in the sad times. They walk side by side to us whenever we need help. And most of all they laugh so hard when we slip and fall down. But best thing about best friends is that they never let us down forever.  I would say that if you don’t have any friends in your life then you’re the most unlucky person in the world. So, it’s still not too late. Just look around and choose the one who you think is your like minded and can buy you a pizza 😉 And for those who already have the one who buys pizza for them. They should save these best birthday wishes for friends and send them at the right time to show that how much they love and care about them.

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166 Cutest Whatsapp DP Images – Best DP Pics For Girls

Are you planning to change your whatsapp dp? Well, it’s a common opinion that dp images represent the mode of users. Specially girls select their dp so carefully. They think so many times before adding a picture as their whatsapp dp. Whatever is your mode right now. We have gathered a huge set of cutest whatsapp dp images for girls for almost every mode.

If you like these pictures for whatsapp dp then don’t forget to share them with your friends and family. So that they could also choose the best for them and share the post further to their friends and family. (Also check out our previous post on cute facebook profile pictures for girls)


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The 52 Funniest Whatsapp Status Messages to Share on Whatsapp

If you are looking for some funny whatsapp status messages then you have just reached at the right place. Without any doubt whatsapp is ranking at the top in the list of current social networking apps. Almost every person who owns a smart phone don’t forget to install whatsapp. People make their friends happy by sending funny messages and videos. So, if you are tired of sending same funny whatsapp status messages then we have a fresh collection of funny pictures messages to share on whatsapp.


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The 22 Best Family Cars Of All Time

A reliable family car is always define as it has to be so many options for so many people. A best family car is always small enough to easily park and at the same time large enough to take the whole family with their luggage.  So here we have gathered a collection of 22 best family cars of all time (so far).

  1. Chevrolet Tahoe

best small family car

2. Chevrolet’s full-size Impala

best family car 2016

3. Honda Accord

good family cars

4. Honda Insight

small family cars

5. Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

6. Honda Trio

large family cars

7. Honda’s CR-V

cheap family cars

8. Honda’s Civic

best large family car

9. HR-V Crossover

best family vehicle

10. Hyundai i30

best car for family of 5

11. Hyundai Sonata

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12. Kia Optima

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13. Malibu Sedan

most economical family car

14. Mercedes CLC

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15. Mitsubishi Lancer

affordable family cars

16. Nissan Pathfinder

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17. Nissan Almera

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18. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

19. The Kia Sedona

7 seater family cars

20. Toyota Highlander

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21. Toyota Prius

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22. Toyota Sienna

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20 Common Myths That Aren’t True – List of Common False Beliefs

Long ago it was believed that the world was a huge egg that was balanced on a turtle’s neck. Now, you may say how ridiculous that is. But back then it was a ‘fact’ for the general public till Aristotle made a breakthrough in science by terming all of that as false. It was hard to believe for the people that the planet they lived on was actually a small part of a planet system that constituted a galaxy and that a number of galaxies formed a universe so vast that it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

What are your beliefs? Yes, I am referring to the religious ones. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other? Do you think yours is the best of them all? Don’t take it in a wrong sense. We are not here to discuss which belief is better and which is not. My point is simple: the majority of us tend to stick to the beliefs that the household we are born has been practicing, without thinking. Just like that there are some ‘worldly facts’ that are believed to be true. Have you ever pondered over the fact- yes this is a fact- that many of us end up believing things to be logical when they are a complete nonsense?

Lack of research can make you believe anything. What you think is right, based on the level of your IQ and general knowledge, becomes a plain ‘fact’ to you, when it may not be like that at all. It may just be an illogical myth that you have been believing blindly all these years because either it has been ingrained in your mind for the society you are a part of has been believing it for centuries now or you have not been thinking sensibly as there has to be a logical reasoning behind every fact.

Let us take you through a few ‘Common Myths That Aren’t True.

1) Coffee dehydrates you:

Have you been avoiding this rich and creamy caffeinated drink because you have been told it dehydrates your skin and blood vessels alike? Well, you don’t need to do that anymore because the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has proved this to be wrong. Actually, they have concluded otherwise- caffeinated drinks contribute towards hydration! The intake of coffee, tea, and other soft drinks may have a slight diuretic effect, but they definitely don’t dehydrate you.

Coffee dehydrates you

2) Cell phones cause cancer:

All these years you have been consistently warned not to use cell phones for a long duration, not to sleep with the device next to you or keep it in your breast-pocket, near your heart because they cause cancer? Physicians now have claimed this to be false. Cell phones do emit electromagnetic radiation, but that does not harm enough to cause cancer.

Cell phones cause cancer

3) The moon has a dark side:

Since the days of our childhood, we have been told by our science teachers that the moon has a side which brightens up with the help of sunlight whilst the other is always under darkness. Well, now is the time we need to get teachers who have their facts regarding science right. The moon shares sunlight equally all around its body, it’s just that we can spot only one side of the moon from earth as the moon also rotates on its axis at almost the same pace as earth does.

The moon has a dark side

4) Vitamin C cures cold:

Caught a cold and trying your grandmother’s home remedy of using Vitamin C to cure it but to no avail? Your grandma has kept you in the dark all years. Experts say that Vitamin C cannot even help preventing it and curing it all together is out of the question. Better try the bitter medicine a doctor has to offer!

fresh tangerines, oranges, orange juice on a blue background

5) Sushi means ‘Raw fish’:

This scrumptious Japanese dish offered at the best hotels all over the world is so popular amongst everyone. But a lot of people take its meaning to be ‘raw fish’ which is a misconception. It basically means vinegared rice. It may be served with raw or cooked fish that is up to you. Raw fish is basically called ‘sashimi’ in Japanese.

Sushi means 'Raw fish'

6) Fortune cookies are a Chinese tradition:

The fortune cookies are mostly served in Chinese restaurants in America and, therefore, believed to be a Chinese tradition. They are sweet cookies with a small slip of paper inside that carries a ‘fortune’ like numbers that are considered lucky or a prophecy in the Chinese language. However, they did not originate from China. What’s more you can’t even find them in China at all.

Fortune cookies are a Chinese tradition

7) Shaving hair makes it grow quicker and thicker:

The practice of shaving hair has been carried out for centuries now and it is quite common. Also common is the fact that the more you shave it, the thicker it grows back and quickly too, which is why people are very conscious of shaving them on time. Very few observe that the hair does not grow back quickly and it becomes thinner in volume with time too.

Shaving hair makes it grow quicker and thicker

8) Frankenstein was the name of the monster is ‘Frankenstein’:

Anyone who is an avid reader and has once read the book “Frankenstein” in their childhood will know that, as it is commonly believed, it is not the name of the monster. A lot of movies have depicted Frankenstein as the monster which has led to this belief. It is but the name of the scientist who created the monster.

Frankenstein was the name of the monster is 'Frankenstein'

9) Not wearing a jacket when it is cold outside will make you sick:

Going out in the freezing weather with friends can usually start with those annoying advice by parents to put on a jacket so that you don’t catch a cold. However, that is untrue. Cold and flu are diseases that you can catch through viruses and staying warm is not going to prevent it. Increase the knowledge of your parents and surprise them!

Not wearing a jacket when it is cold outside will make you sick

10) Cold weather still makes you sick:

Another misconception is that cold weather can cause sickness when scientifically it has been proved that it has nothing to do with it. According to physicians, the cold weather just causes your nasal passages to dry because of which you can easily acquire viruses. Staying inside, close to other people can actually be the reason you get a viral disease rather than going out.

Cold weather still makes you sick

11) Wet hair definitely makes you more likely to be sick:

During cold weather, a lot of people avoid taking a bath or washing their hair because they may catch a cold and ultimately flu. Yet again this is a wrong concept that many have believed in. The weather and temperature have absolutely no effect on your health as far as your body temperature remains optimum. So there is no excuse to roam around dirty anymore. Enjoy your hot water baths as frequently as you like!

Wet hair definitely makes you more likely to be sick

12) Most body heat is lost through head:

A lot of emphases has been put on covering heads rather than any other body part, during harsh weather so as to retain body heat. It is believed that the most of the body heat is expelled through the head when it is totally wrong. This only implies on newborn babies. Otherwise, for an adult, body heat is expelled from the body equally from all parts.

Most body heat is lost through head

13) Undercover police in the United States has to identify them as such:

Undercover police are basically dressed as ordinary people so as to attract less interaction by those involved in some illegal activity. It is easier for them to spy, observe and catch criminals red-handed. But unlike shown in many movies, they are not supposed to prove their true identity on demand. They can produce it if they wish or while practicing their powers.

Undercover police in the United States has to identify them as such

14) Sugar causes hyperactivity in children:

A lot of students and parents alike believe that the intake of sugar, especially chocolates, soft and energy drinks, cause a boost to their activity. For students and workaholics, it may be a plus point but for children aged 3-10, this may be problematic for the parents. However, scientific studies have shown that sugar is not responsible for hyperactivity.

Sugar causes hyperactivity in children

15) Alcohol keeps you warm:

All of us cherish the days when we were small and allowed to have a few spoons of alcohol during winters in order to stay warm, without having to worry about it meddling with our mind. Adults who drink on the pretext of warming your insides, there is a bad news for you. Alcohol does not warm you. Instead it is actually harmful, causing the blood vessels near your skin to dilate that produce the illusion of warmth.

Alcohol keeps you warm

16) The iron maiden was a medieval torture device:

History is full of unproven facts. One of them is that the iron maiden, a casket of iron with spikes in the interior, was initially sculptured in the medieval ages to torture those involved in any wrongdoings. Contradicting history, the fact is that the iron maiden was invented to create an idea of sensationalism amongst human beings in the circuses.

The iron maiden was a medieval torture device

17) Dogs sweat through salivating:

Dog- lovers out there are in for a surprising fact. If all this while you have been thinking that your dog’s saliva is basically its sweat too, you have been wronged in thinking so. They do keep their temperature optimum through the act of painting but actually they perspire through their paws. Looks like there is so much more that you have to learn about your favorite pet.

Dogs sweat through salivating

18) Each side of your brain does something:

If you have been taught in the school as a child or read it somewhere, that the brain has different parts to process different functions and emotions, trust me, you have been lied to. The brain has no specific part for certain actions. It definitely is responsible for everything you do or feel, but thinking that a certain part of it is playing its role in making you so, is a misconception.

Each side of your brain does something

19) Glass is a liquid:

Science has been lying to you all along. The glass is not a liquid formed naturally that has transformed into a solid over the years of pressure and what not. It is an amorphous solid produced by mixing a lot of common materials like silica, limestone, soda ash etcetera and melting them at high temperatures. After the mixture cools down, you have what you call glass. Using different materials can produce different forms of glass. And yes, they can be recycled too!

Glass is a liquid

20) MSG causes a headache:

MSG is an abbreviation for Monosodium glutamate that is basically artificial flavor added to canned or preserved food. It has often been termed detrimental for health, causing migraines. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified it as a safe, edible product for the time being. More researches are being carried out to reach a proper conclusion over this. Till that time, it remains a myth.

MSG causes a headache

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The 20 Best Electronic Gadgets of 2016

Lets have a look at what are the best electronic gadgets of 2016.

  1. Acer Revo Build

Acer will show off a new desktop computer that lets you add modules using a pogo pin and magnets. You can add storage, speakers, and even wireless charging modules.

Acer Revo Build

2. Adidas Smart Ball
Smart Ball is a football with an integrated sensor that detects speed, spin, flight path and impact point. Kick data is transmitted wirelessly over Bluetooth Smart where it is displayed visually.

Adidas Smart Ball

3. Astell & Kern AK T1
A high-end speaker for the home or office, the AK T1 has six speakers and a built-in amplifier for superior sound. A decoder reads high-end audio files. It costs $3,000.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT

4. Cobra DSP 9200 BT
This radar detector syncs to your smartphone for a morning commute. It audibly alerts you to speed traps and red light cameras. Bonus: Other users can mark areas as speed traps.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT

5. Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve
Edyn is a smart gardening system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions to maximize plant health. The system includes the Edyn Garden Sensor, Edyn Water Valve and Edyn App, which review plant soil and make smart recommendations about what to plant, when to water and fertilise.

Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve

6. Elite SC-89
Pioneer Elite SC-89 9.2-channel A/V receiver incorporate new Dolby Atmos technology with ability to decode/playback Dolby Atmos immersive content, Class D3 amplification technology, and MCACC Pro acoustic calibration system.

Elite SC-89

7. Estelon Extreme
A revolutionary new flagship loudspeaker from Estelon: “Extreme” – a monumental sculpture of a speaker that is capable of reproducing the highest quality soundscape, where the speaker itself completely disappears as the sound source.

Estelon Extreme

8. Fidelio B5 Wireless Surround-on-Demand Soundbar
Philips Fidelio B5 wireless surround soundbar speakers bring real surround sound to home cinema with wireless sub-woofer and detachable wireless rear speakers.

Fidelio B5 Wireless Surround-on-Demand Soundbar

9. Flir One
A thermal imaging camera for Android or iOS, the Flir One connects to the USB port on your phone. You can see temp maps, which help contractors, safety personnel, and home users.

Flir One

10. Fuel3D Scanner
The Fuel3D scanner is described as an affordable handheld 3D scanning system which delivers high resolution 3D shape and colour capture for a range of creative applications.

Fuel3D Scanner

11. HP DeskJet 3630
Finally, a printer that matches the design aesthetics of a startup. This model costs just $70, and HP claims it uses 50 percent less ink; you can print directly from a phone or tablet.

HP DeskJet 3630

12. HP Envy Curved All-in-One
Sure, it comes out in a few weeks, but this curved display will also be a hit at CES 2016. It’s certified by Technicolor and supports 4K resolution (four times HD).

HP Envy Curved All-in-One

13. iCam HD Pro
iCam HD Pro is Amaryllo’s newest entry to the home security market. It is an innovative home security camera featuring full HD video, object tracking, multi-viewing, and 360° of rotation giving the user complete control over their home anywhere.

iCam HD Pro

14. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro
A tablet that also projects a 70-inch image for presentations? Sign us up. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro runs on the Android OS and lasts up to 18 hours per charge.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

15. Parrot RNB6
Android 2-DIN Infotainment System that enhances driving experience with:
– Navigation and driving assistance
– Vocal and steering wheel controls
– In vehicle networking
– Advanced audio player and effects
– An extension of driver’s digital life

Parrot RNB6

16. Ricoh Theta S
A handheld camera that captures 360-degree spherical images, the Theta S is perfect for giving remote employees a sense of a new office space or conference.

Ricoh Theta S

17. The Cube
Mobile projectors are usually not this small and powerful. The Cube is only two-inches square but projects an image as wide as 120 inches.

The Cube

18. The Dash
World’s first completely wireless hearable: smart headphones offering freedom of movement, maximum comfort and amazing sound – all while audibly coaching, tracking movement and capturing key biometric data.

The Dash - Firest wireless headphone

19. The GenZe
A scooter designed for startups, the Genze runs on electric power–to charge, you remove the battery and plug it into any outlet. There’s a large cargo area in the back.

The GenZe

20. Tylt Energi Desktop Charging Station
Charging stations don’t usually power devices up this quickly. With four ports, the Energi charges twice as fast as a normal wall outlet. A fifth port charges from a backup battery.

Tylt Energi Desktop Charging Station

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The 82 Motivational Quotes for Hopeless People to Resume Efforts in Life

These inspirational quotes are the best lesson for those who have stopped their efforts of being successful in life. These motivational sayings are for those students who think that they can’t go through successfully through the exams. Also these encouraging words are for all the jobless people who are feeling tired after search for work for a long time. And most of all these motivational quotes are for those sick people who are being hopeless about their diseases.

So, no matter how big problems you’re facing in your life. These motivational quotes will show you the right path of success and will lead you to your goal of life.

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15 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Like You

It all starts with little signs. First, you wonder what’s wrong, and then awful thoughts come to your mind. You try to push them away. Gradually you start observing and picking up little clues that might just tell you that what you were thinking was right all along.

If you are new at a workplace, this sometimes tends to happen if you pose a threat to the position someone else, who has been working for a long time now, was expecting to get. Or maybe you are new but just as brilliant at work as anyone else. This is something common among all of us. We see this dislike from the day we start school. There is always a rival, trying to beat you at every step and competition. This rivalry, however, is mutual at a certain age. With time, as you gain maturity, you let go of this hatred towards each other over work. Being friendly is the way you can make your professional life peaceful.

Nonetheless, there are some people who refuse to grow up. It is easier to cope with such people during your studies, but when it comes to the workplace, it is usually difficult to identify those who despise you. Colleagues may be diplomatic- keeping a smile on their face when they actually completely hate you. And then there are those who will make it plain obvious but you are just as plain dumb, to not realize that. This will create problems for you.

Go through this factual list to know whether your colleague(s) have been creating problems for you or not.

1. You are getting strange vibes

If you have been getting a feeling that one of your colleagues does not like you personally, trust the vibes. You may be getting this feeling due to some small acts like, no warm welcome and no smiles from him/her or consistently terming your work abilities as below average, so you already have a solid reason to believe that they dislike your mere presence. Try to look for more signs to be sure about this.

You are getting strange vibes

2. They are not friendly towards you

Some people find it difficult to hide their feelings, whether they are positive or negative for someone. Do not judge anyone right away; take some time to observe. While some may hate you from the bottom of their heart but pretend to have your best interests, others may just make their hatred towards you outright obvious. If they give you a cold shoulder every time you try to initiate a conversation, you may want to consider ignoring them.

They are not friendly towards you

3. They do not interact confidently

Someone, who can’t even endure your mere presence, will certainly not look into your eyes whatsoever. This is a psychological fact that might help you discover who likes you and who does not. This is why, as soon as you get into a new workplace, your first aim should be to interact with as many of your coworkers as you can. Initially, it may be hard to form a decision but with the passage of time you will come to know the true colors of each and everyone.

They do not interact confidently

4. They avoid interacting at all

If you find yourself less in contact with someone, despite your efforts to interact with him/her, there is a fat chance that he/she is actually avoiding interaction with you at all costs. There will be simple signs- short conversation, leaving the table at lunch if you ask to share it with them, asking everyone for suggestions over their work except you or choosing to ascend the stairs if they find you taking the elevator. Clearly, they are not interacting with you because they dislike you.

They avoid interacting at all

5. You hear rumors about yourself

Walking through the corridor you happen to overhear some ridiculous things about you being discussed by fellow workers, which are totally false or some of the ‘bullies’ at workplace, tease you randomly over something you have no idea of, then you should know that someone is spreading rumors about you at workplace. And the reason behind such act could most probably be strong dislike regarding you.

You hear rumors about yourself

6. They ignore you

As soon as you enter the office, your coworkers look up at you and greet you a good day ahead with smiles on their face, IF they are friendly. If they look up at you and choose not to greet you or reply to your ‘How’re you doing?’ then something is fishy. Not invited at the ‘office-party’? Ignored at every other thing? They definitely do not like your presence around themselves.

They ignore you

7. Short conversation

This is a big hint pointing towards the fact that your co-worker does not like you. Obviously those who do not like you, try to remain less in contact with you. However, in a situation where they have no other choice but to talk to you, they make a short work of it. The shorter their replies get, the more you are getting on their nerves. It is, therefore, best not to test their patience with you and vice versa.

Short conversation

8. Weird expressions

Body language sometimes reveals the thoughts of a person quite accurately. If they tend to keep a straight face whenever you are around, seldom roll their eyes when you speak or do something at the workplace, hardly ever smile or at least nod at you or treat you like you are not there, then this is enough to tell you that the particular colleague does not really like you.

Weird expressions

9. You don’t know about the work-related events

From not letting you share the table at lunch or join you for some gossips over coffee break, to not informing you about event that is going to be held the nest day at work, coworkers who hate you will do their best to not only avoid you but also not keep you updated regarding work. If they make sure you get to know about the recent, amazing office party where you were definitely not invited, then you are off their list as a friendly colleague.

You don't know about the work-related events

10. They avoid direct communication

His cabin is right next to yours and instead of talking on a daily basis, he prefers to only send you precise emails regarding work. This lack of communication on his behalf is a sure sign of dislike towards you. Limiting conversations as much as possible is their way of ignoring you or not giving you the hope of getting friendly advice regarding work. Perhaps you should change your cabin next to someone who is better at communication for your own benefit.

They avoid direct communication

11. Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

Whenever you come up with an idea regarding work or office, they do not enthusiastically support you. In front of seniors at the work place or the boss, they may frequently term your work as poor or your advice as foolish. This is a completely biased and prejudiced behavior towards you and it is basically because they hate you and will not really like you to prosper at the work place. Their way to not let you success is simple- to de-motivate you at every step.

Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

12. They do not want to know you on personal level

Friendly colleagues at work usually know a lot of stuff about each other which sometimes works in your advantage. They cover up for you or sometimes encourage and support you towards what is best for you. During your tough times at home, they can even make sure that it has no adverse effect on your work. However, if they do not seem interested in knowing you at a personal level, you might as well also know that they hate you.

They do not want to know you on personal level

13. You are not a part of them

Coworkers that do not like you do not include you in their group. While most of them joke around and even have inside jokes, they will not share it with you. If you forcibly try to indulge into a healthy conversation, they either ignore you or disperse. They do not consider you a part of them in any way and ensure to make you feel as an outcast. Things will not work in your favor at workplace as long as this goes on and they know it perfectly well.

Businessman peeking over cubicle wall

14. They cannot see you succeed

They will constantly discourage and motivate you whenever they get the opportunity to do so. Even if you come up with a brilliant business prospect, they will try their best that does not get approved. If by chance it does, and you are more likely to be appreciated by the boss and other colleagues or worse, promoted, then they will try to get the credit of your hard work.

They cannot see you succeed

15. They boss you around

Just because you are new at work does not mean that they can boss you around, especially when they are at the same position as yours. They will exercise authority over you and approve or criticize your work as if they were the boss. This is their way of telling you that they are better off than in you in terms of work. Do not think like that. It is merely a complex that they have gotten into due to their hatred towards you.

They boss you around

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The 10 Best Coffee Cities of the World

Whenever you wake up in the morning, is coffee the first thing you crave for? If yes, then congratulations, you are a true coffee lover and a part of the large family (quite large, indeed) that lives on this caffeinated drink. It is essential because a perfectly brewed cup of coffee has the power to make our day and not having one can simply break our bones. The caffeine keeps us going, letting us work with a fresh mind during the day and giving us the strength to work for late hours into the night. No doubt, as the trend for coffee spread throughout the world, coffee-breaks were specially introduced at workplaces, more cafes opened up and the drink was experimented with. Espressos, cappuccinos and lattes (hot and iced)- everyone chose their favorites and you must have one too.

However, little we do know about coffee. It not only tastes good but also has nutritional values that we can benefit from. Scientific studies say that a cup of excellent coffee over the course of the day can improve our health and mood. The beans were first found in Ethiopia in the 15th century and after the process of extracting the drink from the beans was invented, it gradually became very popular, globally. Another reason was that it begun to be exported by the privileged countries to the not-so-privileged ones.

Thanks to this and companies like Nescafe that coffee can be found in every household. But if you want to know what real coffee tastes like, you should consider making a trip to one of these countries. They will not, even in the slightest, disappoint you.

1. Vancouver, Canada

It is common knowledge that the chocolate you will find in Canada is rare. Only a few know that Canada also has some rare coffee to offer. In Vancouver, coffee is a complex, yet very important subject for the locals. They prefer natural, organic coffee that is less expensive than what costly and commercial chain coffee shop like Starbucks has to serve. This is perhaps why, when Milano Coffee opened up here, the locals went berserk. And it is not just the locals- it has won several awards and gold medals from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in Italy, for its brilliantly brewed coffee. The man behind such excellence and success goes by the name, Brian Turko. He brought a change in the taste of European espresso that the people of Vancouver were delighted to have. He started from a small shop in Gastown and ended up being extremely famous all because of coffee.


2. Reykjavik, Iceland

If all the coffee in the world finished, the most to suffer from its extinction would be Scandinavians. They have made coffee an integral part of their lives, so much, that according to a survey, they consume the highest levels of caffeine through coffee per capita, all over the world. Naturally, they need good coffee to keep them going and the coffee house at every corner of the street makes sure that they do. With that craze for coffee, it is easier for them to know what the best is and for them it is either Kaffitar (which serves extra goodies with every type of coffee you could ever dream of) or Kaffismioja Islands (a home turned into a cozy coffee place, roasting coffee beans in front of the customers).


3. Rome

Trust the baristas when they call Rome their home. With the Romans having 5 or more cups of coffee every day, it is indeed the place baristas belong. Coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte and macchiato- that we have literally fallen in love with- are all the creations of the beautiful capital of Rome, Italy. So, naturally, there should be no hesitation when it’s time for you to taste coffee in any city of the nation. But if you are in Rome, you better try Cafe Sant’Eustachio out of all the cafes. The founder of this particular cafe, Robert Ricci believes in making coffee very carefully and in the right way. You will get the best coffee out of those cautiously chosen, best quality Arabica beans that are first roasted slowly over wood.


4. San Francisco

They love to experiment with their coffee which is why you will find so many various tastes of coffee in every other cafe. According to the survey carried out by magazines like WalletHub and Foursquare, San Francisco has the most number of coffee shops per capita in all of United States. Also, it comes on the fifth position in the list of indie coffee shops per capita. Blue Bottle (an expert in indie coffees, having the highest rate of customers), Four Barrel and SFMOMA’s coffee are the reason that San Francisco is considered the best city to have coffee from.  And what more assurance you need when Conde Nast Traveler agrees?


5. Havana, Cuba

Who hasn’t heard of cafe Cubano, the divine espresso with lumps of sugar? Well, for your knowledge, it is the creation of Cuba’s capital city, Havana. Everywhere you go, you will be served this coffee; it has become a part of their tradition and its followed religiously by the people. BBC has termed it as one of the best cities for coffee. Havana is crowded with cafes, but the most popular among the locals are Cafe El Escorial and Cafe de las Infusions. The coffee beans’ uniqueness lies in the fact that they are grown on Escambray and Sierra Mountains. A few years back, the city had suffered as they could not get their usual dose of coffee due to bad weather and economic instability, but it has struggled to normalize and maintain the coffee production and consumption.


6. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We all know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of those two divine things, we just can’t live without- cocoa and coffee. Cocoa and coffee have been long used in unison, to introduce something exquisite, no matter if it is a drink or a dessert. When it comes to the production of coffee, Ethiopia is ranked seventh for bringing forward the most output. Since it has 5000 different types of Arabica coffee, not forgetting the types of Robusta, being produced on its land, there should be no doubt that the coffee you get here will be different as well as unique in taste. As the tradition goes, the coffee beans are roasted by hand and brewed in coffee pots made of clay. Wherever you go, you will have the best experience when it comes to coffee. But the crème de la crème lies in coffee shops like Tomoca and Mokarara in Addis Ababa.


7. Vienna, Austria

So much is the love of coffee by the people of Vienna, that they have officially made it a part of their culture. Perhaps, the reason you can witness cafes and other small and independent coffee shops sprouting everywhere, much faster than you can say the word ‘coffee’. The city is standing up to its nickname as the ‘Coffee Capital of the World’. Even UNESCO has termed the coffee shops in Vienna as an important contribution to the heritage of the city. It hosted the World Barista Championship in 2012 and the  small-scale coffee shops should be credited for producing various coffees, that had never been tasted before. Even the technique of filtering coffee was invented in this city. The most famous of the coffee shops in Vienna are Cafe Central and Aida.


8. Honolulu

A lot of people- coming across Hawaii in the list of cities that have the best coffee to offer- will be taken by surprise, since it is usually associated with spices and seafood. Another shock will be the fact that Honolulu comes on the 3rd rank as far as the list of coffee shops per capita in the US is concerned. Yes, Hawaiians are pretty much into coffee.  But you may wonder, what is so amazing about the Hawaiian coffee? Well, Hawaii is the only capital city of a state in the United States that grows its own coffee beans. And these beans, known as Kona coffee, are quite rare. The hot weather, moist soil and distinctive geographical features combine to produce something altogether magical.


9. Taipei, Taiwan

This small island is quite passionate about coffee. Supporting this statement is the fact that the current rate at which Taiwan imports coffee beans is a little over seven percent per year. The figure is expected to reach fifteen percent in a matter of years. Also, the Taiwanese have grown so fond of coffee over the decades that since the year 1990, the rate of consumption of coffee has increased 400 percent, which means that on average, Taiwanese drinks 100 cups of coffee all through the year. Enhancing this insane love for coffee, are the small coffee shops and cafes, springing up everywhere and introducing new coffee types. One of these cafes, Gabee Cafe, has been quite successful at gaining favorable reviews.


10. Melbourne, Australia

Being the coffee capital of Australia, this one city has hosted a lot of events for the sake of coffee. To name a few, Urban Coffee Farm, Brew Bar (a division of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival) and the World Barista Championships, have taken place here frequently. The World Barista Champ Pete Licata has highly appreciated the coffee shops in Melbourne. Some of them like, Axil Coffeehouse Roasters, Dead Man Espresso, Market Lane Coffee, and etcetera have been immensely liked by the people Melbourne. They have also been growing their own coffee, which is very good in terms of quality.  Their technique of brewing these beans makes the coffee all the more exceptional.


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The 31 Best Danielle Panabaker Photos of All Time

Danielle Panabaker is beautiful American actress. She began her career when she was teenager. She started acting from Disney films Sky High and Read It and Weep. She got popularity when played a role with James Woods in the CBS series Shark. After that she played so many famous roles in Mr. Brooks, Friday the 13th, The Crazies, and Piranha 3D. And right now she is doing great in The Flash.

Above was the little biography of Danielle Panabaker. Now let take a look at 31 best Danielle Panabaker photos of all time.
































A big thanks to tumblr for these most wanted photos of  Danielle Panabaker.

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The 80 Best Wedding Anniversary Greetings of All Time

Here is all time best collection of  wedding anniversary greetings. Enjoy!


















































































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The 52 Cutest Heart Images of All Time

There are few symbols that we see in our daily life that we use to give out some expressions. One of these symbols or shapes is a shape of heart. We express our love to something or someone by making a image of heart. We often see some heart images  in our routine life over the internet and other forms of media, in fact, now a days these symbols are integrated in our texting format of cell phones and in the chat boxes of other social media websites and are being used frequently by people to express their feelings.

A basic concept of these pictures of hearts is to express your thoughts about something. It does not mean that we are showing actual heart shape because that won’t bring smiles on other faces we use instead a beautifully designed pictures of heart. On the internet, we can see numbers of cute heart pictures which contain these heart shape symbols. We often see broken heart images that express the feeling of being unhappy and stressed out. People in love use these romantic heart images a lot to show their love and want to express the feeling that how much they care for each other.

We can also see these heart shapes in many other places like bakeries where they make heart shaped biscuits and it has become a symbol of love. We often eat heart shaped chocolates in fact, such chocolates give more sales to the company as compared to chocolates bars and balls. People use heart images on birthday cakes to express their love and these pics have become love symbol and whenever there is a joyous occasions, they use them in the form of balloons, eatables and other materials. For most companies heart shapes has become a big selling point as the use these pics and symbols in their products.





















































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10 Of the Best Buffets Offered By American Restaurants

The world comprises of 7 billion people. Multiply that by a random figure and I am sure it will not be anywhere near the number of dishes served throughout the world. Such is our love for food. Brilliant chefs are sprouting everywhere, inventing new dishes and beverages every other day. Restaurants, eateries, and bakeries are flooded, whatever time of the day it may be. We are all looking forward to the next meal, hoping it would be the better than the previous one. Whether it is cooked at home or by skillful chefs at a restaurant, a good meal is all it takes to brighten up our moods. Probably that is the reason that food is the main part of our celebrations.

We all have our favorites. Some prefer scrambled eggs while others like waffles for breakfast. There are two kinds of people: the ones who have a thing for tea and the ones who will always go for a steaming mug of coffee. When one may be a fan of Spanish items, the other will always choose French. There is only a minority that does not like Italian pizzas and pasta. Some go for plain, salted Chinese whereas some love the spicy food that is the specialty of the sub-continental Asians. And then there are those who have a sweet-tooth. Rich chocolate to sweet bread, there is something for everyone.

Why then, would anyone say no to a buffet, especially when the food served is so tempting? No chance. But with restaurants at every corner of the world, claiming to offer the best buffet, it is hard to short-list the crème de la crème. Here we have a small list of the best buffets offered by restaurants, popular and not-so-known, alike. Make sure you have something to nibble on as you go through it…

1) Gaia’s Garden, Santa Rosa, California:


For all those who are conscious about their diets, this is the place to dine at. Gaia’s Garden is a famous restaurant offering a buffet for diet- conscious, vegetables and meat lovers alike. The salads consist of fresh vegetables and the dressings are purely their own creation. From Indian to the Caribbean, it has all sort of sugar and gluten-free soups to offer. Apart from the delicious main courses, there is a variety of desserts to enjoy afterward. The restaurant is popular for making its own soft bread go with the dishes and sandwiches. Moreover, the restaurant endorses none of the unhealthy ingredients like artificial colors and flavors, raw sugar or hydrogenated oils. What’s more, if you are on a special diet or allergic to something, the chefs will be delighted to cook up something different for you!

2) The Borgata Buffet, the Borgata, Atlantic City, N.J.:

Being the largest casino-hotel in the Atlantic City, The Borgata Buffet lives up to the expectations of all those who choose to dine there. The menu has numerous dishes for all to devour- chicken, seafood, pork… you name it! Each meat is cooked in multiple ways so there is a variety you can select from. The staff has enough men to serve the large number of people pouring in the casino to play, eat and enjoy themselves to their fill. The kitchens promote a healthy and hygienic environment. The white interior gives a sense of purity, cleanliness and serenity and even the smell activates your salivary glands; it’s that mouthwatering!!


3) Nero’s Italian Steakhouse, Caesars, Atlantic City, N.J.:

This small place inside Caesars does not only provide an amazing view of the ocean but also serves the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. The breakfast menu is typical with the waffles, omelets, and pancakes. The lunch and dinner serve different Italian steaks, beef, turkey and various, freshly caught fish from the ocean. Along with it go the pasta and noodles. For dessert, you get tiramisu, cheesecake, and freshly baked pastries. The Sunday brunch menu of Nero’s is known to be one of the best offered in The Atlantic City. They have other amazing offers too; you get to park your car for free if you dine for a total of 75 dollars.


4) Le Village Buffet, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas:

Depicting five different provinces of France with its interior and food, this is one rare place for buffets in Paris. The place is overall designed on the lines of a village. It comprises of five different cottage rooms, each differing in region and menu. You can dine comfortably inside, besides the fireplace or outside in the town square. The menu is expansive with truffle macaroni and cheese, prime rib and snow crab legs. The restaurant boasts of serving the best delicacies, its specialty being the vanilla bean crème Brulee.  An all-you-care-to-drink menu has beverages like Blue Moon, Miller Lite Beer, red and white wine and Bloody Marys for a few dollars, making your visit all the more amazing.


5) Waldorf-Astoria, New York City:

Located in one of the most popular luxury hotels in NYC, it has three main restaurants. Peacock Alley, situated in the heart of the lobby has one of the best buffets to order with a bar to select drinks from. The place is spacious with a lounge and quite lavish. It serves the elite with the best, whether it be food and drinks or the environment. Basically, it serves fish and seafood dishes. Sunday brunch is particularly popular, serving 180 gourmet dishes including lobster, oysters, Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles and omelets with hollandaise sauce. The restaurant has won numerous awards for its excellence. Such is its grandeur that the food is served on gold china plates.


6) King Buffet, Los Angeles:

Attention Chinese food lovers! This is THE place for you. If you are looking for the pure Chinese that tastes exquisite and does not put a hole in your pocket, you ought to pay King Buffet a visit. The menu has various dishes consisting everything from vegetables to chicken and marine flesh. There is also the perfect fried rice you have been searching for years throughout America. There is a salad bar if you want a starter or need something extra to go along with your dish. The food is refreshing and the attendants make sure that the bar is replenished as soon as it is depleted by the diners.


7) Brook Shaw’s Old Country Store, Jackson, Tenn:

Just the exterior of this place is enough to tell you how amazing this place would be in terms of food and environment. First opened in 1965 as an antique museum, the weathered wood walls with antiques put up on them, Old Country Store has not failed to attract the folks of Jackson and Tennessee as yet. From a small lunch counter that served southern favorites, it grew on to become one of the best 1980’s ice cream parlor in America and now serves three Southern buffets on a regular basis.  Its main aim is to preserve southern history and food traditions that have been so dearly loved by Americans.


8) The Buffet, Wynn, Las Vegas:

This place lives up to its name. It has 15 different stations cooking all those scrumptious ribs, sushi, pasta, lamb chops, soups, pizza, Mexican food, chicken, Thai beef. And this is just the main course with the appetizers- if you want a rich dessert, there is brisket, crème Brulee, waffles, and tiramisu. Also, the staff goes through the courtesy to make fresh crepes on order. The place is amazing, making you feel closer to nature with all the fresh fruits and flowers displayed all over.  The place is lit up with a vibrant interior. It may not look classy and you may find the menu typical, but the place is unique in looks and taste as per the food critiques, making it all worth your money.


9) Sterling Brunch, Bally’s, Las Vegas:

Running for over 30 years now and known for its luxurious and royal treatment regarding food and atmosphere, Sterling Brunch at Bally’s Steakhouse is worth your hard-earned money. It may be expensive, but the food makes up for it. You are immediately welcomed with a glass of champagne and Gruyere cheese-flavored popovers, which is a signature of the place. From marine food to chicken, there is an array of dishes you can choose from. You can order Caesar salad, eggs benedict chopped vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and tomato dish with a lot more, alongside the main dish. Desserts like banana bread pudding, French toast, and Belgian waffles, make the experience of dining here much more exquisite.


10) Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas:

Recently opened in the September of 2012, this place soon gained popularity. It has nine kitchens operated by specialized chefs, in front of the diners, preparing prime rib, chilled king crab legs and roasted South Carolina shrimp and grits or oak-grilled lamb chops, dim sum and soufflés baked on order, for the buffet. There are approximately 500 daily offerings with 15 daily specials (that constantly change according to the season and products). The food is displayed in colorful small plates, which is unique. It was voted for the Best Buffet in Las Vegas. The environment compliments the rich and expansive menu. No wonder, a hundred billion dollars were spent on this classic place.