Top 55 Most Beautiful Hollywood Babes

Hollywood is renowned for its glitz, glamour, and most significantly, its stunning female cast. Since the beginning of the entertainment industry, sexy and beautiful Hollywood babes have won over their followers’ hearts with their charm and beauty.

Hollywood has always been a refuge for stunning ladies, from modern-day stunners like Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson to vintage Hollywood beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These women have demonstrated their talent on the big screen in addition to captivating viewers with their beauty.

Marilyn Monroe is unquestionably one of the all-time most beautiful Hollywood beauties. She established the benchmark for beauty in Hollywood throughout the 1950s with her golden hair and hourglass physique. She became well-known thanks to her signature appearance and seductive voice, and she still inspires women today.

Audrey Hepburn, who is renowned for her beautiful appearance and pixie haircut, is another timeless beauty. Her portrayals in movies like “Roman Holiday” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” garnered her the admiration of viewers all over the world. Even now, her ageless beauty and grace serve as an inspiration for fashion and beauty trends.

The name Emma Stone is unmistakable when it comes to contemporary Hollywood beauty. Stone, who is well-known for her flaming red hair and expressive green eyes, has shown her acting prowess in films like “La La Land” and “The Help”. She is a fan favorite due to her unique demeanor and attractive appearance.

Scarlett Johansson is another Hollywood babe who has captured the hearts of fans with her stunning looks and incredible talent. Her performances in movies like “Lost in Translation” and “Marriage Story” have earned her critical acclaim, and her beauty has made her a sex symbol in Hollywood.

55. Emily Blunt

There is no denying the abundance of stunning female stars in Hollywood at present. However, the question of who holds the title of the most beautiful babe still lingers. Compiling a list of the most beautiful Hollywood babes was no easy feat. Do you disagree with our choices? Feel free to share with us your personal favorites among the most beautiful Hollywood babes.

55 photos

54. Alison Lohman

Beautiful Hollywood Babes Alison Lohman

53. Scarlett Johansson

Beautiful Hollywood Babes Scarlett-Johansson

52. Isla Fisher

51. Abbie Cornish

50. Winona Ryder

49. Katrina Bowden

48. Kristen Bell

47. Halle Berry

46. Megan Fox

45. Olivia Munn

44. Kate Hudson

43. Rachel Weisz

42. Jennifer Connelly

40. Elizabeth Banks

39. Kate Beckinsale

38. Sienna Miller

37. Jessica Alba

36. Anna Faris

35. Katherine Heigl

34. Monica Belluci

33. Olivia Wilde

32. Blake Lively

31. Kerry Washington

30. Amanda Seyfried

29. Angelina Jolie

28. Aishwarya Rai

27. Amanda Hearst

26. Drew Barrymore

25. Diora Baird

24. Jessica Biel

23. Maggie Grace

22. Eva Mendes

21. Lizzy Caplan

20. Jennifer Aniston

19. Eva Green

18. Emma Watson

17. Scout Taylor-Compton

16. Sasha Grey

15 Hayden Panettiere

14. Alexandra Maria Lara

13. Freida Pinto

12. Mila Kunis

11. Malin Akerman

10. Jennifer Lopez

9. Kate Winslet

8. Rachel Hurd-Wood

7. Kristen Stewart

6. Moon Bloodgood

5. Diane Kruger

4. Natalie Portman

3. Keira Knightley

2. Vanessa Hudgens

1. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

In conclusion, Sexy Hollywood babes have been a vital component of the entertainment industry from the very beginning and they still are today. Hollywood has long been a hotbed of stunning ladies who have won over audiences all over the world, from the vintage beauties of yore to the contemporary stunners. These women have demonstrated their talent on the big screen in addition to their beauty, making them true Hollywood superstars.

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  1. ruang hati blog Avatar

    ooh so nice so sweet like me, here

  2. D Avatar

    is #20 really Jennifer Aniston ? if so, then that is the WORST pic you could find of her, nice list otherwise.

  3. fabbiol Avatar

    Jennifer Aniston??? I though she was SJP

  4. mehras Avatar

    thanks verry goooooooooooooooooooooood

  5. Kaleem Akhter Avatar

    I would love to go with the “Drew Barrymore”. 1000% or maybe more then that, although this post has lots of valuable beauties. Very Nice Post.

  6. Safeer Akhtar Avatar

    There is no one like Keira Knightley, great work 🙂

  7. Bilal Ahmed Avatar

    holly wood
    all babes ;)))

  8. Asian Girls 88 Avatar

    Nice post…good job!

  9. e1xtrim Avatar

    Where is my eva longoria & jennifer love hewitt?

  10. Concerned Citizen Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    How on earth can you think that Kristen Stewart is more attractive than Scarlett Johansson?! Not only is Scarlett more talented, she is also breath taking and a classic beauty. Kristen Stewart has the personality of a limp noodle and couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. Pitiful choice.

  11. Elex Avatar

    this shity face ppls is top 55???????
    hollywood havent beautiful girls?

  12. crash Avatar

    I love the fact that for Jenifer Aniston (#20), they have a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker instead ofJenifer.

  13. Sooner Avatar

    A skank like Sasha Grey has no business on this list.

  14. trep Avatar

    this list sucks

  15. tony Avatar

    1. Rachel McAdams should be on this list
    2. Emma Watson is so much more beautiful than all the girls in the top ten
    3. Sasha Grey is a pornstar

  16. Bill Avatar

    No Parker Posie? This list sucks, Scarlett Johansson is much prettier than the Trannies and horse faced dogs they have in the top twenty. This list isn’t just bad, it is devoid of any sense of unversal aesthetics, certainly it is based more on advertising and popularity than any sense of proportion or appreciation of form. It could have only been compiled by a catty drag queen fashion designer.

  17. dario Avatar

    Emily Blunt N.1!!

  18. Sweetmeat Avatar

    whoever put this together is a moron

  19. Karma199 Avatar

    This may just be the worst list I have ever seen.

    Sasha Grey—-after you see some of her “movies” you may change your mind. But back to my main point this list is S**t.

  20. Fidel Manfra Avatar

    Hehe! Those just aren’t the best looking women. They are beautiful, that’s true.

  21. mark Avatar

    That is not Jennifer Aniston in that Pic you have, it must be a look alike lol.

  22. anonymous hater Avatar
    anonymous hater

    wow. wait. seriously? dude you need to get one of those take home sexuality tests. i believe in differing tastes but what the fuck is your problem? like number 6? what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck? 14?? sasha grey?? i stopped watching entourage cause vince fell in love with her. that shits disgusting. why are half the “babes” on this “list” above 40? seriously man you have a nice list except for the fucking grandmas. i just HAVE to use fuck once more: where the fuck is charlize theron?

  23. AS;LDKFJASDFL;AJKDFsdfas Avatar


  24. Nima Avatar

    Shame on You !!

    Where is the Charlize Theron ?
    Where is the nicole Kidman ?
    where is the penelope Cruz ?
    Where is the Morrion Cotillard ?

  25. Steve Avatar

    LOL. What an awful list. Was the order just drawn out of a hat? I wish I could unclick the link so you idiots couldn’t have me as a hit. Morons.

  26. anon Avatar

    Halle Berry or my god ……………that woman she is so damn hooooooot.

  27. WHAT!!!!! Avatar

    WHERES CAMERON DIAZ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. nikolas Avatar

    Where is the most beautiful girl in the world CAMILLA BELLE???????

  29. reren Avatar

    good but if kristen stewart become the 2rd would be more good she is so beautiful then vanassa

  30. fasho Avatar

    This list is terrible. I’m thinking that maybe you have the list backwards or something, but then I realize, where is Rachel McAdams, Selma Hayek, Rosario Dawson, lucy liu, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji Henson, or Emily Browning

  31. leo Avatar

    WTF……Do you know WHO is Sasha Grey?????

  32. Kate Avatar

    Woahh this list is huge ! i think First one is my fav <3

  33. Avenue Avatar

    @ leo well search on Google Dude !! you’ll get to know whose Sasha Grey ;p

  34. rahul Avatar

    jenefer is realy sexy

  35. Dan Avatar

    No Dianna Agron — who is arguably the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman on the planet.

    No Alyssa Milano — Goddess.

    You have Emma Watson at 18, when she is more beautiful than all of your top ten with the exception of Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.

    No way on earth is Mary Elizabeth Winstead the most beautiful actress. Are you kidding?

  36. Imtiaz Avatar

    This the most incredible collection I have ever get. Thanks guys.

  37. Tyler Avatar

    Ummmm…… Dianna Agron? she is like, number 1…… and im pretty sure thats not Jennifer Aniston….. and is Maggie Grace the girl from Taken?

  38. patrick Avatar

    Emily blunt would be in my top ten. What about Amy Adams, gretchen mol, Sophia vergara, Amy smart, Emily browning, and I can’t think of their names but the girl from rescue me and necessary roughness, ziva from ncis, and that Italian chic from you don’t mess with the zohan. All smoking hot. Kate winslett would not be in my top ten. Care blanchette might.

  39. pat Avatar

    Oh and Brooklyn Decker. Almost forgot

  40. Joe Avatar

    Sasha Grey and Kristen Bell have no right to be on this list. But that’s just my opinion.

  41. Santos Avatar

    Where the heck are Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz???????????????????????????

  42. Enriq Avatar

    Kate Beckinsale should be number 1

  43. Yemel Avatar

    Er, and, oh, um, ah, but, well, eh . . . that Aishwarya Rai type deal might be a contender for Nr 1, don’t ya s’pose? I asked Dr Stephen Hawking and Dr Michio Kaku and both agreeeed with me. Then, while they’re all from another dimension, we laughed at you. Drew Barrymore looks waaay classy too.

  44. Daniel Avatar

    A blake lively em 32. deves estar maluco a blake lively é muito mais bonita que todas do top 20. e muito mais bonita que a kristen stewart, Eva Green e a drew barrymore netre outras.. ai. classificaste muito mal.

  45. shaheen Avatar

    we know that queens are so beautiful but we don’t know anything about beauty in my opinion scarlett johansson is my queen
    I love u much

  46. Daniel Avatar

    para mim a mais bonita de Hollywood é a blake lively, scarlett johansson e a megan fox.

    olhem uma coisa. QUEM É ESSA SHASHA GREEN?

  47. LO Avatar

    I’m mad Kristen Stewart made this list. You should replace her with Gabrielle Union.

  48. simone Avatar

    i think that some of these girls should have not made the list. And I’m mad Scar-lo made like the 53rd are u seruious take a look at these girls ugg. And Scarlo is prettier than blake lively to me.

  49. Selena gomezfan122 Avatar
    Selena gomezfan122

    39 of these girls were ugly… Im disappointed Where selena Gomez at???

  50. amar Avatar

    Katherine Heigl is the most beautiful i recon

  51. Fans Avatar

    I agree with you, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the Best !! love her..

  52. mikayla Avatar

    I love Vanessa Hudgens

  53. emma watson Avatar

    emma watson very young and cute heroine, furtively she will become top first heroine i love very much and she very nice girl, i love very much and she is very beauty girl.

  54. moo Avatar

    why is hayley atwell not in there. She should be there

  55. KS Avatar

    Nice..but where is Dianna Agron or Katherine Heigl? 😉

  56. satanas Avatar

    where’s Camilla Belle? I think she’s more gorgeous than anyone out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Eslamatory Avatar

    Nice collection ! But missing some … Where is EmmaStone i like her and where is AmberHeard ….

  58. TechProBuzz Avatar

    Very Nice and wise selection.

  59. jimmy page Avatar

    While these lists are without exception and with modifiers not. COMPRHENSIVE…this one as would be the case for these lists .it is orgasm – ful……..orgasm-ful ….an orgasm-ful list….orgasm-full : full of orgasms

  60. kristen Avatar

    i love vannesa,angelina,and meagen

  61. Sandy Avatar

    Very nice and perfect place for every actresses …such a nice Work…

  62. Infant Roy Avatar

    Sienna Miller is the most beautiful and romantic heroine ever!!

  63. Mukwano Getrude Avatar
    Mukwano Getrude


  64. Mahnoor Avatar

    Megan Fox is looking the most beautiful………..and than Keira Knightely I think so….

  65. bob Avatar

    Kate beckinsale and Jessica alba are easily 2 of the hottest women on earth and will be in the top 5 of most guys lists yet you have them near the top of the list. Blake lively is ugly as hell and you have her in the middle. Bad list.

  66. Juan Herrera Avatar
    Juan Herrera

    They are really pretty, nice article!.

  67. Sidhu Avatar

    This not a good list why mila kun is not in no.1 Spot.

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