Top 55 Most Beautiful Hollywood Babes

55. Emily Blunt

No doubt there are many beautiful female stars in Hollywood today. But the question is who is the most beautiful babe still remains? Well, it was tough task for me to compile list of most beautiful Hollywood babes. Don’t agree with the list? Then tell us who are your favorite most beautiful Hollywood babes.

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54. Alison Lohman

Beautiful Hollywood Babes Alison Lohman

53. Scarlett Johansson

Beautiful Hollywood Babes Scarlett-Johansson

52. Isla Fisher

51. Abbie Cornish

50. Winona Ryder

49. Katrina Bowden

48. Kristen Bell

47. Halle Berry

46. Megan Fox

45. Olivia Munn

44. Kate Hudson

43. Rachel Weisz

42. Jennifer Connelly

40. Elizabeth Banks

39. Kate Beckinsale

38. Sienna Miller

37. Jessica Alba

36. Anna Faris

35. Katherine Heigl

34. Monica Belluci

33. Olivia Wilde

32. Blake Lively

31. Kerry Washington

30. Amanda Seyfried

29. Angelina Jolie

28. Aishwarya Rai

27. Amanda Hearst

26. Drew Barrymore

25. Diora Baird

24. Jessica Biel

23. Maggie Grace

22. Eva Mendes

21. Lizzy Caplan

20. Jennifer Aniston

19. Eva Green

18. Emma Watson

17. Scout Taylor-Compton

16. Sasha Grey

15 Hayden Panettiere

14. Alexandra Maria Lara

13. Freida Pinto

12. Mila Kunis

11. Malin Akerman

10. Jennifer Lopez

9. Kate Winslet

8. Rachel Hurd-Wood

7. Kristen Stewart

6. Moon Bloodgood

5. Diane Kruger

4. Natalie Portman

3. Keira Knightley

2. Vanessa Hudgens

1. Mary Elizabeth Winstead



74 thoughts on “Top 55 Most Beautiful Hollywood Babes

  1. emma watson very young and cute heroine, furtively she will become top first heroine i love very much and she very nice girl, i love very much and she is very beauty girl.

  2. While these lists are without exception and with modifiers not. COMPRHENSIVE…this one as would be the case for these lists .it is orgasm – ful……..orgasm-ful ….an orgasm-ful list….orgasm-full : full of orgasms

  3. Kate beckinsale and Jessica alba are easily 2 of the hottest women on earth and will be in the top 5 of most guys lists yet you have them near the top of the list. Blake lively is ugly as hell and you have her in the middle. Bad list.

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