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Top 10 Heaviest Land Animals On The Earth

1. African Elephant

Average Mass (lb): 18,500 (8500 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 27,000 (13000 kg)
Average Length (ft): 21.85

heaviest land animals African Elephant

The heaviest land animals found on earth can be measured using a variety of methods. It could be defined as the largest by volume, mass, height, or length. The following is a list of top ten heaviest land animals of the world. The walrus is included as it spends much of its time on land.

2. Asian Elephant

Average Mass (lb): 8,750 (4200 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 11,000 (5200 kg)
Average Length (ft): 19.5

Asian Elephant Heaviest Land Animals

3. White Rhinoceros

Average Mass (lb): 5,000 (2350 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 7,920 (3850 kg)
Average Length (ft): 12.5

White-Rhinoceros Heaviest Land Animals

4. Hippopotamus

Average Mass (lb): 5,250 (2500 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 7,100 (3400 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11


5. Gaur

Average Mass (lb): 3,300 (1600 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): Unknown
Average Length (ft): 9.8


6. Giraffe

Average Mass (lb): 3,000 (1400 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,400 (2100 kg)
Average Length (ft): 15.4


7. Walrus

Average Mass (lb): 2,645 (1200 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,500 (2150 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11


8. Black Rhinoceros

Average Mass (lb): 2,420 (1150 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,000 (1900 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11.25

Black Rhinoceros

9. Saltwater crocodile

Average Mass (lb): 1,700 (785 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 3,300 (1600 kg)
Average Length (ft): 20

Saltwater Crocodile

10. Wild Asian Water buffalo

Average Mass (lb): 1,684 (770 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 2,640 (1250 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11.4

Wild water buffalo

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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Heaviest Land Animals On The Earth”

  1. Cool!

    However, I believe the Elephant Seal should be somewhere in the top 5…The biggest such animal weighed 11,000 lbs or 5,000kg.

  2. Someone apparently still hasn’t caught up with the decade-old discovery there are two distinct species of “African Elephant” – Loxodonta africana and Loxodonta cyclotis. Presumably we’re talking about L. africana here; where does the more gracile L. cyclotis fit into the pecking order, I wonder?

  3. “The heaviest terrestrial animals found on earth can be measured using a variety of methods. It could be defined as the largest by volume, mass, height, or length.”

    If you are discussing ‘heaviest’, would that not by definition mean you are measuring them by weight (or mass)?…

  4. This list is really not very accurate as the other comments indicate. Many species of full grown bulls (Angus, Holstein, Brahman, Galloways, Charolais) weigh in at over 2000 pounds. and how about the American bison and the grizzly bear?

  5. @bokyo –

    The title of the article is “Top 10 Heaviest Land Animals On The Earth”… I believe the Elephant Seal is considered a water animal.

  6. Im suprised to read that maximum mass of a african elephant is 13,000 kg. This seems incorrect and exaggerated to me Wikipedia states that largest bull elephant was 10,000 kg and 13 feet at the shoulder.????

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