33 Oddest Animal Couples

In the Animal Kingdom, friendship often cross the lines of genus and species and results in some oddball inter-special relationships like this. A baby hippo named Owen walks along with its “mother,” a giant male Aldabran tortoise, at the Mombasa Haller Park in Mombasa, Kenya .The oddest animal couples have stayed together now for one year after they got together after Kenya Wildlife Service. Rangers rescued the baby hippo in the sea off Malindi after the Asian tsumani reached the Kenyan shore and separated the calf from its mother.

33 photos

Oddest Animal Couples 02

Dema, a 26-day-old endangered Sumatran Tiger cub cuddles up to 5-month-old female Orangutan, Irma at the ‘Taman Safari Indonesia’ Animal Hospital in West Java, Indonesia.

Oddest Animal Couples 03

This hamster should be dinner, not a snake’s best friend – and in fact zookeepers offered up Gohan the hamster (whose name means “meal” in Japanese) as a tasty snack when Aochan the snake refused to eat frozen mice. But instead of chowing down, he made a friend. The pair cohabitate in harmony in a cardboard box at the Mutsugoro Okoku zoo in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Oddest Animal Couples 04

Five-week-old young boar, Manni, enjoys playing with Jack Russell terrier, Candy, in Ehringhausen, Germany. Manni, who was found abandoned in the forest, is hand-fed now.

Oddest Animal Couples 05

This is one protective adoptive mama. German Dachshund “Bessi”, right, guards a five-day-old tiger cub at a zoo in Stroehen, northern Germany. Bessi began nursing the little tiger after it lost its parents.

Bessi and her adopted cub.

This unlikely pair lives in the Busch Gardens animal park. In a case of cross-species infatuation, Bea, a three-year-old giraffe, and Wilma, an ostrich, share a cuddly moment.

A farm worker holds a piglet and two of the three tiger cubs abandoned by their mother at a zoo in the Ukraine. A pig at a farm in eastern Ukraine agreed to nurse the three little tigers together with a dozen of its own piglets.

Koko, the famed 230-pound gorilla who converses in sign language, was known for her affection for her kitten. Shown here in 1985.

A pet lover and his two dogs and a Vietnamese pig join a march in Manila to protest cruelty to dogs, which are considered delicacies in some provinces in the archipelago.

Owner Steph Tuft, 25, takes duck Essy on a lead for a walk with her Staffordshire cross dogs Rachka and DD in Bournemouth, England. Essy, a nine-month-old Cherry Valley duck thinks she is a dog, and likes to walk with the other two pets.

These cross-dressing piglets are just trying to fit in with their new mama. Tourists watch a tigress with piglets at the Sri Racha tiger zoo, in Chonburi province southeast of Bangkok.

A mother’s love crosses categories: Cora, a two-month-old baby tiger with her adoptive mother, a four-year-old dog. Cora, born in a circus, was rejected by her mother. The adoptive mother feeds the baby tiger as it were one of her puppies.

Cora and her cub!

That’s bananas! A capybara – one of the world’s largest rodents – carries a squirrel monkey on its back at Tobu Zoo.

Three lion cubs feed on the milk of a mother dog after their mother abandoned them after birth, at the Safari Park in Hefei, eastern China’s Anhui province. Using female dogs as surrogate mothers for tiger and lion cubs, bear cubs and other newly borned animals is a common practice in Chinese zoos.

A stray wild boar cub captured by farmers gets civilized in a hogpen with pigs in Lantian County of Shaanxi Province, China.

A Chihuahua pup named Zachary from Cundy’s Harbor, Maine snuggles with one of three orphaned squirrels that his mother is raising along with her own two puppies.

The pup looks puzzled … but doesn’t seem to mind its new napping friend.

Two-week-old rabbits seem at home with their adopted mother Pooh the cat in Kingston, Ont. Pooh’s owner found the rabbits in her garden and brought them home.

Three months old tiger cub Zoya, rejected by her mother, plays with Alsatian puppy Frida of the same age, in a special enclosure at the Warsaw zoo. The dog owned by a zoo employee was introduced to the tiger so that she could have a friend.

Now this is love – One of Budapest Zoo’s barbary macaques searches for fleas in the fur of a barbary sheep in Budapest, Hungary.

Pippo, the tabby cat, has a close encounter with a pet rabbit while strolling in the outskirts of Milan…with a surprise, when he finds out who really is the predator! Curiosity did not kill the cat, but surely scared him this time. Good for him that rabbits do not climb fences.

The cat-rabbit pairing seems to be one that works. Lucky, the cat has nursed and cared for a baby rabbit named Merlin along with her kittens as if it were her own.

Llama Java, left, stands by while fellow llama Lilly shares a moment with a rabbit as they are watched by Anna, 11, right, and Deborah Bernstein, both of Brewster, New York, while waiting for the Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

A pet cat plays with a stray dog that just has a shower in a pet shop in China.

A lion and a Siberian tiger take a rest inside a safari park for Siberian tigers in Harbin, northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province.

Two lion cubs play with a tiger cub in the Jinan Wildlife World in Jinan, capital of east China’s Shandong Province. Three lion cubs have been put in the same cage with four tiger cubs with an aim of helping them make friends.

It seems like the big cats are making one big happy feline family.

These pair met in New York style at the annual Macy’s Petacular.

Four lion cubs play with two tiger cubs.

Rabbits and kittens play together all the time at the North Shore Animal League.

An 11-week-old African lion cub named Koza and his new companion Cairo, a 3-month-old Italian mastiff puppy, take a moment to relax with their favorite toys after a morning of chasing one another at the San Diego Zoo.




30 thoughts on “33 Oddest Animal Couples

  1. These photos are remarkable! It makes me wonder – if animals (humans) didn’t have to fight or compete over food for survival – the world would be a much friendlier place. This is a really fantastic collection 😀

  2. I notice in the picture of the snake and the hamster, the snake’s eyes are glassy. It’s close to shedding, and few snakes will eat when they’re close to shedding. Wonder how long that hamster lasted after the shed, though. My California king snake will leave a mouse for a couple weeks once in a while, but once it sheds and rests up for a day or two, play time is over.

  3. My cat has a mouse as a friend. Ooops, never mind.

    Sorry Cheryl competition is reality

  4. Lmao, The pic third one up from the bottom that tiger looks really thrilled to be playing with those four cub (bottom left), I loved these pictures to bad most of these friendships wont last much longer!

  5. I have to wonder how many of those tiger cubs stay friends with “mommy” after they grow up– we see a lot of young cats, but not too many full grown ones. =/

  6. I a lot of these lion and tiger cub pics are bothersome. Especially the circus one and the one with 4 lion cubs and two tiger cubs. They are not playing and looked like they have been backed in a corner of an already too small cage. They don’t look happy at all. In most cases especially circuses big lions and tigers are unpractical. They cost a lot to feed and aren’t exactly your regular house cat. The cubs are used until they are too big to take cute photos with and are often abandoned and neglected. And for the white tigers pictured – zoos and other’s that display animals for money often interbreed white tigers just to get the “look” that people want – but the interbreeding often causes aliments and deformities. Granted some of the pics are cute but I fear the context and the true stories behind some are probably not a gleeful as this post makes it seem.

  7. I wish my dog and cat can get along well…actually ive been to the Sri Racha tiger zoo, they switched the babies with the mama tiger and the pig

  8. very nice very nice .im iranian.and very joy your pictures.in my language terekondi mean explore

  9. i noticed at least a couple were photo-shopped for sure. which really ruins the whole site for me. and i was really diggin the pics too!

  10. human beings can learn a lot from these animals…. if these creatures who are from different species can live in peace and harmony then why cant the human do the same..

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