40 Extremely Weird Animal Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an art form that falls under advanced portrait retouching. It’s an editing technique that has been around for ages and can be accomplished by both novices and experts. Photo manipulation involves a combination of photography and graphic design, and it’s constantly evolving. Some refer to it as photo art because it creates illusions within photos.

There are various types of photo manipulation techniques, including digital editing and scanning prints, negatives, or transparencies to make them digital. During photo manipulation, images can be warped, and special effects can be added to create an entirely new image. This post features a collection of animal photo manipulations that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Animal Photo Manipulations

Animal photo manipulation is a type of art in which photos of animals are altered to generate unique and imaginative graphics. These photographs can range from simple adjustments that remove or add certain aspects to elaborate compositions that combine different animals or completely change their appearances. Animal photo manipulations are a popular choice among artists, designers, and photographers because they provide limitless opportunities for expression and creativity.

Animal Photo Manipulations manipulated photo

Animal Photo Manipulations manipulated monkey

The production of hybrid animals is among the most prevalent kinds of animal photo editing. Frequently, the animals depicted in these images combine their attributes to form totally new species that do not exist in nature. A common hybrid animal is the “griffin,” which has the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. This kind of picture modification enables artists to use their creativity to produce distinctive and magical images that captivate viewers.

Political or social criticism can be created using animal photo alteration. Artists can express significant messages about the world around us by modifying photos of animals to represent them in various backgrounds or situations. To promote awareness of climate change, an artist might, for instance, paint a picture of a polar bear in a polluted setting. Animal photo alterations can be a potent tool for expressing crucial thoughts and starting a conversation about pressing problems in modern society.

photo credit 1 to 34: Sebastian  Niedlich

photo credit 35 to 40: Corinne  Kuhlmann

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  1. stvalentine Avatar

    oh i’m speachless it’s amazing

  2. Leonard Kaye Avatar
    Leonard Kaye

    Love this stuff!


  3. kurtmel Avatar

    This is a pretty normal past time for bored creatives, we used to have contests that would start on monday, work on an image combining elements found off the web/news on breaks and free time and finish by COB thursday. Friday would be voting, and the winner didn’t have to pay for drinks on Friday night. Some of these were really good, (knowing how to use extract tool, and understanding matching res and grain and shadow) Some just downright suck, would never get a job using photoshop in my neck of the woods.

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