30 Stupidest Inventions Ever

The Stupidest Inventions Ever showcase some of the most bizarre and useless creations that humans have come up with. From the cup bra that offers no support to the mechanical cat can that scares away rodents with meowing sounds, these inventions make us wonder what the inventors were thinking. However, they also provide a good laugh and remind us that sometimes, it’s okay to not take ourselves too seriously. Despite their lack of practicality, these inventions are a testament to human creativity and the willingness to try something new, even if it ends up being utterly ridiculous.

30 Stupidest Inventions Ever

1. Wondrous Bra

Japanese farmers wear a wondrous bra that doubles as a rice-growing pot. The cups are made of recyclable plastic and can be filled with soil and rice seedlings. A hose that doubles as a belt loop around the waist to water the rice.

Stupidest Inventions Ever wondrous bra

People are drawn to things that seem silly because laughter is a powerful form of self-healing. If something is funny, we are immediately attracted to it. This post showcases 30 of the stupidest inventions ever made, all of which were created by real people.

2. Bar Sound Bubble

Japanese farmers wear a wondrous bra that doubles as a rice-growing pot. The cups are made of recyclable plastic and can be filled with soil and rice seedlings. A hose that doubles as a belt loop around the waist to water the rice.

3. White Castle candle

White Castle released a $10 candle that smells like one of its “slyder” burgers. They partnered with home fragrance expert Laura Slatkin to create the candle with the scent of the fast-food hamburger grilled on a bed of onions.

4. Better Marriage Blanket (keeps that flatulence odor away!)

The Better Marriage Blanket is a real product designed to combat flatulence odor in bed. It may sound like a joke, but it’s meant to keep you from gagging on your partner’s gas. However, it doesn’t actually eliminate the gas, and Gas-X might be a better solution.

5. Baby Beer Bottle

Baby Beer Bottles Inc. sold baby bottles that looked like beer bottles, and Anheuser-Busch sued the company for infringing on its trademark. The company sold the bottles as a gift-wrapped set for $19.99 under the names “Bunwiper” and “Little Tike”.

6. Handerpants Fingerless Gloves

Handerpants Fingerless Gloves are gloves that resemble tightie-whities and are made of a soft cotton-spandex blend. They can be worn under other gloves for an extra layer or on their own to make a statement.

7. Wine Glass That Holds an Entire Bottle

A wine glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine has been created. While it may get warm, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to get up and pour themselves another glass.

8. Potty Putter

The Potty Putter is a toy that can be used on the toilet, allowing you to play golf while doing your “business.”

9. Cat Duster Slippers

Cat Duster Slippers are slippers that can be strapped onto a cat’s paws to help dust your floors. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they may spread cat anus all over your nice new floorboards.

10. Beating Breasts

The Beating Breasts, a 1963 invention from Japan, had a built-in heartbeat and was intended to get children to go to sleep, but singing to the baby may be a more traditional approach.

Stupidest Inventions Ever Beating Breast

11. Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Do you find twirling spaghetti with a regular fork tiring? The Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork is here to help. You can enjoy “100% twirling fun” and more satisfying bites, according to its Amazon description.

12. Cigarette Pack Holder

Are you a heavy smoker? The 1955 Cigarette Pack Holder can hold an entire pack of cigarettes for your convenience.

13. Hula Chair with Innovative Elliptical Motion

The Hula Chair with Innovative Elliptical Motion promises to wake you up in the morning with its vibrating feature. Its product description on Amazon claims it combines ancient Chinese medicine with modern technology for the best results.

14. Marshmallow Shooter

The Marshmallow Shooter lets you shoot marshmallows over 30 feet away. It even comes with an LED sight for accuracy. But beware, there are other marshmallow blasters out there.

15. Curved Barrel Machine Gun

The M3 submachine gun has a curved barrel to help you shoot around corners. As puts it, it’s perfect for those who shoot first and look later.

Stupidest Inventions Ever Gurved Barrel Machine Gun

16. Self-Playing Harmonica

Want to play an instrument without learning notes or moving your fingers? Try the self-playing harmonica.

17. Popcorn Sorter

Hate picking popcorn kernels out of your bowl? Try the popcorn sorter. But why bother when the kernels end up at the bottom anyway?

18. Umbrella Rain Tube

The umbrella rain tube protects you from the rain but might make you a target for mockery on the street.

19. Shower-Hood

The shower-hood, designed to protect your hair and makeup in the shower, looks like a suffocation device.

20. Peter Petrie Egg Separato

The Peter Petrie Egg Separator separates egg whites from the yolk, but the fact that the egg whites come out of its nose is gross.

21. Wire Baby Cage

Want to take your baby outside but don’t want to carry them downstairs? Stick them in a wire baby cage and hang them out the window. (This 1930s invention was distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who lived in high-rise buildings without gardens.)

22. Baby Holder

The baby holder lets you take your baby onto the ice with you while playing ice hockey. (Invented by Jack Milford, a player with the Wembley Monarchs ice hockey team.)

23. Flying Harness

Birdman Leo Valentin’s flying harness led to a disastrous flight.

24. Anti-Bandit Bag, 1963

The anti-bandit bag, invented by John Rinfret to prevent theft, fails to work well as pulling a chain causes the bottom to fall out, scattering belongings on the floor and making them easier for thieves to grab.

25. Cup Bras

The cup bra was invented by Charles L. Langs and is wireless, strapless and backless, staying on with adhesive. But how does it give support?

26. Rainy Day Cigarette Holder

Robert Stern invented the rainy-day cigarette holder, but it was created in the 1950s when people smoked inside. Why not just use an umbrella and go outside for a cigarette?

27. Rocket Belt

The Rocket belt, invented in 1961, is pretty self-explanatory just by its name.

28. Mechanical Cat Can

The mechanical cat can, invented in 1963, was designed to scare away rats and mice with its meowing sound and flashing eyes.

29. Hubbard Electrometer

L. Ron Hubbard used his Hubbard Electrometer to determine whether tomatoes experience pain and concluded that they do ‘scream when sliced.’

30. External Turkey Roaster

The external turkey roaster is a massive device, so is it really worth having just roast a turkey at home?

Stupidest Inventions Ever External turkey roaster


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