Crazy Yoga Poses – 33 Extreme Yoga Poses Of All Time

Yoga poses will move your body through a variety of postures and will stretch the muscles. One tip for any budding yogis – don’t overeat before a practice as this can upset the stomach and cause discomfort. Well it is said that breathing is a major component to yoga fundamentals. You will need to have control over your breathing during all yoga poses. One never breathes the mouth, instead using the nose to take long, deep breaths and learning to use the full capacity of your lungs. This post features 33 extremely hot yoga poses, hope you will like our collection!

33 photos

Yoga Poses vinyasa yoga

photo credit 1 to 3: Diego  da Silva

photo credit 4 to 7: sunsinger

photo credit: ~attendrexmoi

photo credit: Andrea  Albright

photo credit 10 to 18: Oleg  Yevsyeyev

photo credit: tiarescott

photo credit: cici  carry

photo credit: cici  carry

photos credit 22 to 25: IdiomaticEllipse

photos credit 26 to 30: Stanka  Stoyanova

photo credit: flexkitten329

photo credit: Mike  Block



16 thoughts on “Crazy Yoga Poses – 33 Extreme Yoga Poses Of All Time

  1. Nice beautiful expressive yogis !

    Not really wierd … quite normally joyfully expressive.

    I really like the ekapada (I think that is what it is) on the table.


  2. I’m in my second year of going to twice weekly yoga classes and I only see 17 “extreme” poses. I can do most of these. You title is what’s extreme and probably scared someone off taking some yoga. Shame on you!

  3. What is the name of the pose where the legs come over the arms, like in the last photo?

  4. I see nothing functional whatsoever about these movements. I challenge anyone that does these types of yoga moves to be more functionally fit and strong (unlikely) than someone that does squats and other types of athletic power exercises. Yoga overtaxes the joint receptors making them weaker when the need arises such as immediate and forceful isometric contractions (protection of joints and bones during falls). I find Yoga to be utterly useless.

  5. Yoga has less to do with physical and more with the mental peace / calmness these physical attributes bring into ones personality.

  6. I hate to say this, as it sounds douch-ey, but as a Yoga teacher a lot of those poses aren’t that extreme ( and as someone rightly pointed out, turns people away from Yoga), but worse, a lot of them are being done incorrectly so if someone were to mimic them they would put themselves at risk of injury, which again is why people get turned off Yoga. And, JR, Yoga is a lot about meditation, lifestyle and breathing, rather than ‘overstretching’. Both stretching in the extreme and strength training in the extreme can be dangerous (i.e rabdo) but the point of proper asana (stretching) is to have a teacher who can encourage you to do both strength and flexibility so you don’t build one with out the other. Flatly saying ‘yoga is useless’ seems quite an ignorant statement. And I do crossfit, skin, run and mountain bike and I can still do all these poses, and I have zero injuries so I don’t think your theory is correctly thought out.

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