Amusing 3d Drawing Art By Joao A. Carvalho

3d drawing pad

pencil art

João A. Carvalho, aka J. Desenhos has full command in illusions, fine art and 3D drawing art. He transforms normal pieces of lines notebook papers into magical illustrations that look like would jump off the page in any moment. While creating this 3D drawing art he uses intense shadows and creative perspectives, and even draws in the blue lines to produce visual distortions across the flat surfaces.

The detailed, monochromatic works feature everything from animated characters like Homer Simpson and Scooby-Doo to ripples that look like the paper is morphing into flowing water. Carvalho achieves such realistic detail that viewers may find themselves believing the objects are actually tangible.

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2 responses to “Amusing 3d Drawing Art By Joao A. Carvalho”

  1. tyler Avatar

    You have the best 3D drawings, but you should take it to the next level

  2. Awsomeman Avatar

    Freaking awsome i wish that I can draw like that

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