5 Weird Phenomena You Might Have Seen

Natural phenomenon are tremendous, both as beautiful and horrifying events. Many such events occur daily in different corners of the world, treating us with mind-blowing scenes. Here are 5 weird phenomena only you might have seen.

1- Mother of Pearl clouds

Mother of Pearl clouds

Also known as Nacreous clouds they are polar stratospheric clouds

that occur high in the stratosphere in regions close to the arctic circle This phenomenon can be best observed within the first two hours after sunset when rays of light illuminate the clouds from below the horizon.

The colors can vary from luminous and vivid to the familiar pastel colors that are so unique and contributes to the surreal effect of this phenomenon.

2-Asperitus clouds

Asperatus clouds

Also known as Undulatus Asperatus waves in the cloud base, either smooth or dappled with smaller features, sometimes descending into sharp points, as if viewing a roughened sea surface from below. Varying levels of illumination and thickness of cloud can lead to dramatic visual effects.

3- Fire Rainbow

Fire Rainbow

Seems like to me Rainbowdash has come to earth.

It’s basically a cloud that’s taken on the colours of a rainbow.

Known as a “circumhorizontal arc”, these amazing visions can occur when the sun has risen higher than 58 degrees in the sky. The rarity of this gorgeous event is dependent on the latitude of where you are in the world, and weather conditions.

4-White Rainbows


Like rainbows, fogbows can be seen when the sun is at your back. Fogbows and regular rainbows are both made when sunlight hits water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.

To form a rainbow, that light bends, or refracts, as it travels from air into the water droplet, separating into different colors. Some light is reflected against the back of the droplet, sending it back the way it came (i.e., towards your eyeballs). On its way out, the light bends again as it passes from water back into air.

Due to the small size of the droplets, the light waves don’t spend enough time within the droplet to refract enough to separate cleanly and focus into colors. So, they mostly continue to overlap, and appear white.

5-Water Tornadoes

Water Tornado

Usually occurring over warm tropical ocean waters with light winds, waterspouts often appear as a funnel-shaped cloud that descends from the stormy sky. According to National Oceanic, a waterspout or water tornado is a rotating column of air and water that contains an intense vortex.