17 Cute Pet Options For Those Who Don’t Want Cats Or Dogs

 01. A Tree Frog

A Treefrog

If you are thinking about adopting a pet and seriously don’t want a cat or dog to bring in your home. Then we have gathered here some cute pet choices to make you chose an adorable pet like a baby Goat, a Ferret or may be you would love to have a cute little Chinchilla.

02. A Baby Goat

A Baby Goat

03. A Bearded Dragon

A Bearded Dragon

04. A Bunny

A Bunny

05. A Chinchilla

A Chinchilla

06. A Corn Snake

A Corn Snake

07. A Ferret

A Ferret

08. A Gerbil

A Gerbil

09. A Guinea Pig

A Guinea Pig

10. A Hamster

A Hamster

11. A Hedgehog

A Hedgehog

12. A Iguana

A Iguana

13. A Parakeet

A Parakeet

14. A Rat

A Rat

15. A Sugar Glider

A Sugar Glider



17. A Tiny Tortoise

A Tiny Tortoise

images via: buzzfeed, tumblr and flickr.



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