World’s Top 10 Longest Single Span Bridges

1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan – 1,991 m

single span bridges Akashi-Kaikyo-Bridge

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan heads the list of the top 10 longest single span bridges in the world. Europe’s longest singel span bridge is the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, although current plans for a bridge between mainland Italy and Sicily across the Messina straights would surpass it if given the go ahead. The Tsing Ma (Hong Kong to China), has the longest span for a bridge with both road and train traffic.

2. Xihoumen Bridge, China – 1,650 m

Single Span Bridges Xihoumen Bridge

3. Great Belt Bridge, Denmark – 1,624 m

Single Span Bridges Xihoumen Bridge Great-Belt-Bridge

4. Runyang Bridge, China – 1,490 m

5. Humber Bridge, England – 1,410 m

6. Jiangyin Suspension Bridge, China – 1,385 m

7. Tsing Ma Bridge, China – 1,377 m

8. Verrazano Narrows Bridge, USA – 1,298 m

9. Golden Gate Bridge, USA – 1,280 m

10. Yangluo Bridge, China – 1,280 m




21 thoughts on “World’s Top 10 Longest Single Span Bridges

  1. And the Mackinac Bridge is not in the TOP 10????

    We were Number ONE not too long ago.

  2. I wish the ‘Industry” would start calling this stuff HDR Imagery instead of Photography.

  3. Magnífico, maravilloso, e increíble .. !! ojala hubiera mas fotos con detalles de su- construcción e historia.

  4. 5 of them r in china….at present india is no match for china but soon it will surpass china

  5. Nice list of bridges, I would recommend to add another one – Öresund Bridge with tunnel – that is longest bridge in Europe

  6. 初めてコメします。あみcタメ口大丈夫ですか?これから、質問もしたいんですけど、質問おkですか??お友達になってくれると、とってもうれしいです!!

  7. These are suspension bridges, the that wrote this article should know what a SINGLE SPAN bridge is. This is an article read all over the world, they should care about the difference a single span bridge and a suspension bridge.

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