40 Most Beautiful Mosques Around The World

Khana kaba

Khana Kaba

The beauty of a Mosque’s architecture is often breathtaking. Here are some pictures of most beautiful mosques around the world.

40 Photo

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Mosque

Masjid-e-Nabwi Beautiful Mosques

photo by Jamalaly

Beautiful Mosques

Beautiful Mosques

Beautiful mosque in Borneo

Wonderful mosque

photo by Samer

Grand Mosque Bahrain

Lightful Mosque

Photo by Faisal Saeed

Beautiful Mosque

photo by Tylerdurden1

Faisal Mosque

photo by M.Rizwan Rafique

most beautiful mosque

photo by Featuredstar

Putrajaya Mosque

Incredible Mosque

photo by Innusa

Grand Mosque Al-Mashun

White Mosque

photo by Hophoptuing

Beautiful Brunei Mosque

Mosque In Water

photo by Al-HakiZah@Hakim A.R

Mosque Art

photo by Shaharban


Incredible Photo

photo by Melissa Maples

Amazing Picture

photo by Sarawak State Mosqu

Beautiful Mosque In Brunei

Beautiful mosque

Photo By Asifpk

Wonderful Photo

amazing pictures

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Art Work

Most wonderful Mosque

World beautiful mosque

Pray here

mosque photo

mosque picture

beautiful mosque photo

mosque for prayer

incredible mosque photo


amazing mosque


amazing mosque art

wonderful photo

Most beautiful mosque of the world

Mosque of the world

Photo by Asifpk

Masjid Picture

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

photo by Philip Perfect

Grand Mosque Bahrain



173 thoughts on “40 Most Beautiful Mosques Around The World

  1. Nice! Some nicer than others with the nice art work to it, not just walls and windows to them. Like the ground platforms, so shinny and rich looking. Hopefully what Heaven shall be like!

  2. All masajids are mashallah very very beautiful, may Allah SubhanaTalla reward them who build such wonderful architectural designs.

  3. MashaAllah,
    All the mosques are too beautiful, but the real beauty of a mosque is its population.
    A mosque is not a name of a beautiful building, it is a place of our worship,
    So, we should have to pay our whole attention to populate it, instead its beautiness.

  4. Subhan allah! sach-much in masjidonko bahut khubsurtise banaya gaya hai.lekin ager jindagine hume vaha janeka moka diya ya hum va ja paye to hum apane aap ko bahut khushkismat samzenge.


  5. Amazing and wonderful work of Allah,may almighty Allah reward the builders of the mosque .we need more from our leaders.Thanks,ma salaam.

  6. Masha-Allah……………………………..

    Jo sati masjid ke leya mehenat aur dua ke hai Allajallajalalau-Amanawalahu O sati ke gharo me khyr aur barkat ke physle pharmaya


  7. Assalam-o-Alaikum, to all Muslim,

    Mosque is a so beautifull same like other person i dont have also words to describe about moque,

    i just wanna say “god” give bless to all muslim in the world

    say Aamin……………

  8. Dear your collection is so amazing and awesome.Photography is also spectacular…
    May Allah Bless you…

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