Top 10 Famous Real Life Assassins Compared (Infographic)

Do you know about real life assassins and their dirty deeds? This infographic tells you a little more about the cold-blooded real life assassins responsible for assassinating people like Caesar and Ghandi.

Real Life Assassins




18 thoughts on “Top 10 Famous Real Life Assassins Compared (Infographic)

  1. This is a joke. I am an assassin and I use better weapons than that!!! Hell, I do a better job at disposing bodies when I’m finished!! If you think I work for the mafia, let me just say this…. I work for the United States Goverment and I have been hired to do several cases in the past few months. No I’m nor like a ninja assassin or anything but I take pride in my work. Don’t backsass me and say I’m not or else I’ll find you and kill you and anyone that has ever been affiliated with you, including your families. End if discussion, got it?

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  4. it would be cool to be an assassin working for the u.s taking down drug dealers/bad guys. and also people need to stop trying to be a bad ass by saying there assassins.

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