Monica Lee Does The Most Stunning Photo-Realistic Drawings We’ve Ever Seen

Realistic Graphite Drawings-01

“I like to challenge myself with complex portraits especially people with freckles or beard,” says Lee, who often works from photographic portraits to create seemingly identical drawings. Surprisingly, Lee worked in the digital world for 12 years before making the jump to illustration. But it certainly doesn’t show. She now spends 3-4 weeks on a single drawing. The artist attributes her love for hyperrealism to her father, who worked in the field of photography.

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Realistic Graphite Drawings-09


Realistic Graphite Drawings-02

Realistic Graphite Drawings-03

Realistic Graphite Drawings-04

Realistic Graphite Drawings-05

Realistic Graphite Drawings-06

Realistic Graphite Drawings-07

Realistic Graphite Drawings-08

source: colossal

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