50 Of The Most Striking Portraits of Homeless People

Homeless People-50

Lee Jeffries is the artist who is capturing absolutely touching photographs of emotional faces of homeless people.

Forty-year-old Jeffries, from Bolton – who’s an accountant by day – first began photographing the homeless in 2008 while visiting London. While walking through Leicester Square he took a picture of a homeless girl in a sleeping bag from a distance without her noticing, but she spotted him.

Since then he’s captured the homeless of east and west coast America including Los Angeles and New York, as well as Rome and Manchester – but he only ever has a few seconds to take the picture, because they sometimes change their mind about posing for the camera.

Homeless People-01

Homeless People-02

Homeless People-03

Homeless People-04

Homeless People-05

Homeless People-06

Homeless People-07

Homeless People-08

Homeless People-09

Homeless People-10

Homeless People-11

Homeless People-12

Homeless People-13

Homeless People-14

Homeless People-15

Homeless People-16

Homeless People-17

Homeless People-18

Homeless People-19

Homeless People-20

Homeless People-21

Homeless People-22

Homeless People-23

Homeless People-24

Homeless People-25

Homeless People-26

Homeless People-27

Homeless People-28

Homeless People-29

Homeless People-30

Homeless People-31

Homeless People-32

Homeless People-33

Homeless People-34

Homeless People-35

Homeless People-36

Homeless People-37

Homeless People-38

Homeless People-39

Homeless People-40

Homeless People-41

Homeless People-42

Homeless People-43

Homeless People-44

Homeless People-45

Homeless People-46

Homeless People-47

Homeless People-48

Homeless People-49

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  1. Mickey Avatar

    Amazing photos. Loved them. And sadness to think what each of these peoples lives have become. They have all been little toddlers at one point in life. Its good reminder to be thankful. /Mickey

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