Who Were the Mayan Gods?

In the world, there were polytheistic cultures that found ways to personify forces, feelings, and stars in different gods, some of whom are adored to this day. One of them is the Maya Culture.  With between 166 and 250 named gods, the Mayans had a complex and changeable pantheon.

Here are 3 of the major Mayan gods.


Ix Chel is the goddess of medicine and midwifery, also known as the goddess of making children. She is depicted as an aged woman.


A legend tells that Itzamná fell in love with her while weaving on a backstrap loom, of which she was the inventor. Likewise, this passage of history gave rise to one of her most famous representations. Ix Chel was worshiped in a temple located on the Island of Cuzamil, today Cozumel.


This is one of the most important gods of the Mayan Gods.  He is often depicted as a toothless old man with a large nose.

Itzamna is a creator god, one of the gods involved in creating human beings and father of the Bacabs, who upheld the corners of the world.

Itzamna taught humans the crafts of writing and medicine. Itzamna is sometimes identified with the high god Hunab Ku and the sun god Kinich Ahau.



This is the famous Maya rain god. The story says that he carried an ax in one hand with which he struck the clouds to make it rain. Chaac has a four-fold aspect, with each aspect representing the cardinal directions and colors. Chaac brought clouds, thunder, lightning and most importantly, rain.


The Maya Pantheon is the equivalent of Greek and Roman mythology, with countless gods and goddesses who were once worshiped by the great cities that the Maya once inhabited.