Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the World

10. Miesha Tate, MMA


We all know that female athletes always appear to be hotter just because they are able to do the things that many of us are not able to do. Here is count down list of world’s top ten most beautiful female athletes.

9. Danica Patrick, Car Racing

Danica Patrick

8. Maria Verchenova, Golf

Most Beautiful Female Maria Verchenova

7. Liv Boeree, Poker

Most Beautiful Female Liv Boeree

6. Leryn Franco, Javelin

Most Beautiful Female Leryn Franco

5. Lacey Jones, Poker

Lacey Jones

4. Anna Kournikova, Tennis

how old is Anna Kournikova

3. Blair O’Neal, Golf

Blair O'Neal

2. Jenn Brown, Softball

Jenn Brown

1. Victoria Vanucci, Tennis

Victoria Vanucci, Tennis



9 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the World

  1. Mostly blondes, and mostly caucasian. What, there are no beautiful latina, african, indian, etc. female athletes.

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