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10 years ago

Humorous Egg Art [20 Pics]

The egg is probably the most versatile and economical ingredient one has on hand to make some wonderful dishes. But in this post you will see funny egg art that shows the real emotions of eggs when you go to make a dish with eggs.

Funny Egg Art humor with eggs

Funny Egg Art

Amazing and Funny Egg Art

Photo credit: 1 to 4: XxdrummerxX

Funny and Cool Eggs Art

Photo credit: lilineko

Photo credit: razorscarred

Photo credit: Ive-got-soul

Photo credit: faerie191

Photo credit: RiouMegumi

Photo credit: MaryElizabethMcClain

Photo credit: ainekatt

Photo credit: Magic-Fox

Photo credit: ~xMimi-Madnessx

Photo credit: Vegasbride

Photo credit: darklanternssee

Photo credit: one-slip

Photo credit: Trousy

Photo credit: MarioMastr

Photo credit: pop-the-bubbles

Photo credit: Al-Maaida-Arts



23 thoughts on “Humorous Egg Art [20 Pics]”

  1. The imagination of egg life is very amazing .And the artist is very well experienced and good skilled. The artist deserves rewards.

  2. has no one said it yet… these pictures are egg-cellent!
    oh man, gotta love a cheesy pun! … or a cheesy egg, hmmm……….

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