How to Improve Your Life? The 15 Best Self Improvement Tips of All Time

We struggle all our lives in order to attain that ultimate happiness till the day we die. What for? To make the experience of living this one life that we have on Earth, the best we can. First it is about studying hard and then it all about earning enough to live a luxurious life. Very few of us give attention to our body, not knowing that it is probably the first and the last way of feeling out of the world. Working hard to attain happiness is definitely not the same as working on ourselves to feel happy. Either we have confused the meaning of real happiness or in the pursuit of happiness, we actually lost our sense of direction.

The light often dawns upon us as we enter the old age- when it hurts to move just a little bit around, when you give in to diseases like diabetes, heart attacks and high levels of cholesterol leading to obesity. Neither do we look good nor we feel good.  Ask any elderly man or woman and they will give you an expert advice- to live your life and work on yourself while you have the time and energy to do so. Or else you will end up with bad results, just like majority of the people. Do not take it lightly. They have been through that and it is actually their experience doing all the talking. Your first and foremost priority should be your health and body. Remember, if you look good, you feel good too. Here are some ways to do precisely that:

1. Start Loving Yourself

Once in a while you should take a back seat and ponder over how the course of your life has affected you. In the struggle to achieve so many things, somehow we forget to look after ourselves, which definitely have a lot of adverse effects on us. Scientific studies over human beings have concluded after thorough survey and observation that a person is more likely to fall prey to depression, if he/she does not do certain things to divert their attention from the day-to-day routines. Working out and eating healthy are one of the best ways to attain relief from day-to-day relief.


2.  Don’t Workout Alone
Working out is difficult for all and for people with low determination, it is next to impossible. Nevertheless, it is important, and so to exercise easily you should try to do it with someone who’s company you enjoy. Take your best friend on a walk with you daily. While catching up on your daily chores, you will be able to walk miles without realizing! Not only will you spend some quality time with a loved one, but the task of working out will seem much more fun.


3. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

A lot of sugar intake is highly responsible for you depression and deteriorating health, as per scientific research. Many people prefer downing carbonated drinks over water, just because they think that sugar gives a boost to their metabolism. Which is untrue. It is extremely detrimental for anyone, as it increases the amount of calories way faster than you think. Cutting down on your sugar intake will make you feel much better. Got a sweet-tooth? No worries. Fruits have all the sweetness you want.


4. Do not waste time

Who said to slim down you have to exercise 3 hours on the go? According to instructors, a fifteen minute rigorous exercise is enough to tone your muscles and lose all those excessive calories.  These small exercises are intense and performing these 5-8 times without any rest equals the exercise routines that consume most of your time. This will take you less time and all the while you will be sweating as much as you did after 3 hours.


5. Develop new habits

There are many kinds of addictions. Some need energy and carbonated drinks, some have intense craving for sugar and then there are the chain smokers. These are all unhealthy addictions that are doing nothing but worsening our life-style. If you are need a positive change, just look for addictions that are good for you. Develop a habit of eating good, exercising daily and getting a few hours of good sleep.


6. Keep yourself hydrated

A dehydrated body is like poison to your immune system. Do not destroy your body like that. Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated. A minimum of 8 glasses per day is termed good enough for every living being. Scientists believe that drinking 4 glasses of water before breakfast in the morning, prevents you from a lot of deadly diseases. Also, urinating frequently helps your body get rid of all the poison that may accumulate inside, otherwise.


7. Keep a track of everything

First thing in the morning, weigh yourself. Put it down in your diary. Keep a track of everything- what you eat and how many calories you take each day. This will motivate you as you watch the nice changes in your body as the days go by. This has proved to become a source of increasing determination and knowledge for a lot of people who did not have any clue as to what was happening to their body and why. Next time you gain weight, you know exactly where the fault lies.


8. Plan everything before-hand

Sunday is an excellent day to keep your week coming ahead in total order. Go through your routine for the whole week. Prepare for everything- make your diet plan, if short of supplies, visit the grocery shop, cut all those vegetables and fruits you need for your salad, store it beforehand- so that you do not counter any problem as you go on your diet.


9. Trust your abilities

Do not compare yourself to someone else. This is the first step towards de-motivating yourself. Success is achieved by everyone at different times and in a different way. What may be easy for someone else may not be easy for you and vice versa. Just focus on your own being and choose a way you find better, but do not forget to research regarding your plans before you implement on them.


10. Take care of your health

We all listen to what our heart wants when it is the body we should be listening to. Each body has different needs. Our bodies are tuned to different eating habits and work out routines at different types. Do not think that what worked for the other will work for you as well- it may not. Consult your nutritionist to know what is best for your body and work on what is prescribed.


11. Do not wait for things to happen on their own

Make decisions wisely. Do what you need to do in order to make yourself feel better instantly. Turn your body into a priority. Work on it as hard as you can. Hire an instructor or a trainer and visit you nutritionist weekly/monthly. Set a deadline and make sure you achieve your goals by that time. Hold yourself accountable.


12. Manage your time

Divide the time you are supposed to be working into 30 minute intervals. Try to complete a given task according to that. With so much work and time running short this is the best way to deal with things easily and effectively. This will help you form a routine and following it will feel effortless in no time.


13. Start slowly and steadily

Do not challenge yourself with huge activities all of a sudden. This will break your motivation and determination. Start from doing little things. If you are planning to work out, say 1 hour every day, start with 15 minutes and increase 5 minutes gradually. When going on a diet, do not completely zip your mouth. Start by lessening your food and then slowly turning towards healthier items.


14. Begin the day right

Try to wake up earlier and start working on your plans right away. Drink a few glasses of water to hydrate yourself and take a jog in the park. This way your body will feel active and fresh throughout the day. Also, with so much time at your hands with a routine like this, you will be able to accomplish a lot more than usual. Trust me, that will be a great feeling when you lie in your bed the following night.


15.  Perform a Daily Positive Conditioning Ritual

Start your day with something that boosts your morale. It will wake you up in the true sense. Read something inspirational or listen to upbeat music. What a wonderful way to kick your day off! It will provide you the motivation to get up and do more stuff that makes you feel all the better. Nothing more can make you feel super active and fresh in the morning other than that.