Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography

Creative drawing and photography are both mediums of visual art that allow individuals to express their creativity and capture the beauty of the world around them. While they may seem like different forms of art, they both have their unique qualities and strengths.

Creative drawing involves using pencils, pens, paints, or other artistic tools to create images on a canvas or paper. It gives artists the freedom to express their imagination and create something unique from scratch. Through drawing, artists can experiment with different colors, styles, and techniques to create something truly original. It allows them to capture not only what they see but also what they feel, making their work a personal expression of their emotions.

On the other hand, photography allows artists to capture a moment in time and preserve it forever. It involves using a camera to take pictures of people, places, or things, and then editing them to create a final product. Photography is a great way to capture the beauty of the natural world and human emotion. With the help of modern technology, photographers can capture images with greater detail and clarity, creating stunning visuals that are impossible to replicate with traditional drawing methods.

Drawing Vs Photography

A talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist, and photographer by the name of Ben Heine is responsible for this wonderful work. Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, he pursued studies in graphic arts, sculpture, and journalism. Heine’s incredible series, which he calls “Drawing Vs Photography” or “Imagination Vs Reality,” is worth taking a look at. These amazing works showcase his creativity and unique artistic perspective.

Drawing Vs Photography

In conclusion, both creative drawing and photography are valuable mediums of art that allow individuals to express their creativity and capture the world around them. While they have their unique qualities and strengths, they both serve as a means of expression and are essential to the art world. Whether an artist chooses to draw or take photographs, both mediums offer endless opportunities for artistic expression.

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  1. shanna Avatar

    that was badass \m/ <3

  2. Lyzzie Avatar

    These are absolutely amazing! SO COOL 😀

  3. Sonia Avatar

    They are AWESOME!!!!=D

  4. priya Avatar

    realy fantastic…………………….

  5. Bill Avatar

    Wow – some of those are truly amazing. The four-eyed cat messes with my head – like my brain is convinced that I’m seeing double and it has to do something about it but can’t.

  6. m Avatar

    Ken Josephson was doing this over 30 years ago while teaching at AIC. Probably the photographer/plagiarist (he/she) didn’t have a clue, or if they did, it makes it only worse.

  7. effik Avatar

    really nice. I wonder if it drew on a PC or on paper and then photographed.

  8. jake Avatar

    @ effik

    It looks like a mix of how they were done. Most of them look like they were photographed first, and then drawn on. Maybe not though. I’m just saying this because the boat with people in the boat canal one looks a little too convient unless it was all staged. Either way—these are still pretty neat.

  9. photoshop stuff Avatar

    Truly unique, I think that is quite the inspiring collection. The one in heaven (near the bottom) made me chuckle


  10. grammarpolice Avatar

    You go from 3rd person to 1st person in your copy (is it Ben Heine who has a degree in journalism?)

    Beautiful artwork!

  11. dom Avatar

    looks great.. but most of them are fake for sure.. the light gets the wrong direction.. sry.

  12. melissa Avatar

    Um, all i can say is: AMAZING!

  13. kayte Avatar

    amazing, I stumbled on this and I think it’s one of the few sites it brought me to where I looked at each and every picture.
    @m are you saying no one can have the same idea? or use someone’s thoughts and build on them? that’s narrow minded. art is still art even if the concept is similar, unless he took the exact same pictures and used them, then it can be called plagiarism

  14. Damian Avatar

    I put a couple of these together and made it my wallpaper ^^

  15. maria Avatar


  16. jaime m Avatar
    jaime m

    brilliant. absolutely brilliant. i enjoyed every bit of it. its really amazing, every single one

  17. Jonathan Ouaknine Avatar
    Jonathan Ouaknine

    Ben Heine is a genious! 😀
    I watch him on deviantART.

  18. me Avatar

    While I agree that these are amazing, they ARE shopped. You’ll notice if you pay attention to the hands & that the paper isn’t exactly shaded and that the lines are clearly not photographed. Still, pretty cool.

  19. Benin Avatar

    The first one could work without, but the rest would require different focuses for the background and drawing (combined with Photoshop at a minimum, if not completely fabricated).

    Lighting on the hand doesn’t match with the scene, even though they did correct for colour in some pictures.

    So, most likely the pictures were taken, then the hand/drawings were shot in a studio and edited in.

  20. Dertive Avatar

    This is getting tired. Should we mention also that they involve a camera, a pencil, probably an eraser. I bet the camera also has a neck strap, why don’t neck straps get any love?

  21. Sean Avatar

    The point is that he missed the point.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, iNNeRKaoS, all drawings are fake. That four-eyed cat isn’t real either.

    This is very interesting and an awesome break from all this crap-art I see. Just thank god no spaghetti-os were harmed in the making of this portfolo.

  22. Chuck Avatar

    Showed this to my kids and they ran out to take pictures and draw. This is the kind of art that makes my kids want to mess around with art — thanks!

  23. Priyal Avatar

    this is outstanding i wish i could do that

  24. Vladimir Bundalo Avatar

    Totally amazing. Great work 🙂

  25. Kaybi Avatar

    It’s Fake, I mean the drawings are cool, and perfectly fit, but the picture of the place is not taken with the drawing, it’s taken apart, the made the drawing then take a picture of a hand holding the drawing on top of the picture of the place.
    I can tell because the light/shading on the place is not the same as the one on the hand.

    But awesome drawings =3

    ~ ~ ~ ~ K a y ~ ~ ~ ~

  26. padam purohit Avatar
    padam purohit

    This is very interesting and an awesome work i like very much…..

  27. Paranoias Avatar


    Imagination 😀

  28. Mifune Avatar

    I wonder if these are derivative of “Paper Children” which are hand drawn paper cutouts that break the fourth wall. NSFW link:

    h t t p ://

  29. Tomas Avatar

    That charms and inspires. I admired the artworks. Your wonderful page taught me to appreciate more the creative work applauds the hot and sends best wishes. Thank you

  30. brck psk Avatar
    brck psk

    crazily good!
    omg, absolutely creative. so huge talent!

  31. Blake Avatar

    He never said that he was taking the photos and photos of the drawings all at the same time, just look at the work and appreciate it! its art, its fantastic, and its brilliant! Leave it at that. Great work Ben!

  32. dan Avatar

    its really cool but like someone else said, the drawings were done afterwards. especially in the moving shots like the one with the llamas etc. theres no way he could draw that and then get the animals back in the exact position he needed long enough to snap a pic. i think some were taken with his hand holding blank paper, and others had the whole hand edited in.

  33. khushbu parmar Avatar

    i just want to say these all pictures are mashmerising .

  34. cornelius Avatar


    Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography? i don’t really see how this can be creative when u start by drawing on your photographs.. then amazing… sorry, have you learned how to fill a drawing with a crayon? i guess i never had a drawing teacher before (no mater for that but before telling that ur work is amazing try to take look around)

    (sorry i didn’t like ur stuff at all so…)

    to end, u should do something for the lights. it look so fake that i’m not even able to enjoy the intention.

    PS: one last thing. if you try once to be creative, don’t still banksy’s ideas 😉
    (ex: woman, painting, gaz mask) YO

    PSII: sorry 4 my english, frenchies…

  35. alice Avatar

    wow. these are amazing, and really inspiring. keep at it – i’d love to see some more…

  36. Christy aka Mamarazzi Avatar

    These are amazing and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Soupy Avatar

    Amazing!! so many ideas spring to mind while looking threw these, freaking awesome!

  38. Fester Avatar


  39. Sean Grate Avatar

    Why do this content jogs my memory of one other the same one I read elsewhere?

  40. Jtb Avatar

    Great job!! Love the pics 😀

  41. Sara Avatar

    Excelent very good picture .

  42. patrick james Avatar
    patrick james


  43. Lola Avatar

    These drawings and photos are just ……Words cant describe it!

  44. Maria Avatar

    This person has too much time on their hands, LOL
    Awesome talent tho!

  45. mazxim Avatar

    this artist have to deserve the attention of your parents

  46. yokotrix Avatar

    wow, creative paint..!! It’s so cool!! 😀 So like this..

  47. Hakim Avatar

    Your work is absoluterly creative. I imagin what good it wuld do in the media industry.

  48. Kyleigh Avatar

    It’s less cool once you realize he’s holding it up to photos already taken…

  49. Dreb Avatar

    Awesome! So creative. You’ve got lots of drawing their. Hope you could draw my face =)

  50. Bakeca Napoli Avatar

    Amazing. really amazing. I especially like the one with the 2 donkeys 😀 made me lol

  51. Shanti Avatar

    that’s super cool

  52. sara Avatar

    cool idea but its not really photography if they are photoshopped together. Some of the drawings are really cool. Would be a cool concept to use in music videos and movie trailers!

  53. Stephenie Avatar

    This is AMAZING! Expecioly the one of the Little Prince in the snow. I don’t know if any one else made the connection but that pretty much just made my night.

  54. Christine Avatar

    You are simply amazing! 😀

  55. Doe Avatar

    Wow I luv them great job love the Godzilla ones!!!!<3

  56. fajas colombianas Avatar

    these are cool! And for me, Godzilla is the best! <3

  57. shakko_kitsune Avatar

    His name is Ben Heine, he posts all his work (or most anyways) on DA.

  58. Sqiiner Avatar

    Brilliant. <3

  59. Kristen Avatar

    I would like this if the drawings weren’t photshopped.

  60. Sorcha Avatar

    Incredibly cool 😀

  61. 社稷sheji Avatar


  62. stephanie Avatar

    that was freakin insane…love it

  63. Moony Avatar

    I love it! Creative and inspring…I love the one with Mario XD

  64. Bear Avatar

    That looks like MLK at the far right of the black and white photo with all the people and the smiley faces drawing.

  65. Eden Avatar

    Is the one with the donkeys with the thought bubble a reference to the band ‘why?’?

  66. Royace Avatar

    Pictures are amazing. I am thinking how creative the person will be. Really, there can be nothing as creative as this.

  67. Nik Avatar

    Awesome! Nice idea.

  68. Emily Avatar

    i thought these were just amazing till i realized there fake. the hands are the same in some pictures. Disappointed? Yes.

  69. Ryan Avatar

    Cool but done before –

  70. Your Mom Avatar
    Your Mom

    Well Balls.
    That Was Some Incredible Shit right there.
    Like Dayyumm.
    Then these Homies tryn comment all this shit bout be nice.
    What the Hell?!
    This Shit be off the chain….them bitches aint got no clue

    Well Anyways.
    What Beautiful ways you captured these delightful moments in time!

  71. Jayden Avatar

    Did anyone else notice that the cat has two sets of eyes?

  72. Светик х) Avatar
    Светик х)

    я одна из первых из Росси)))

  73. luiza Avatar

    eu nao costei dessas fotos eu amei elas…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. OLEYG Avatar

    I think its all photo-shopped. Meaning the guy took a picture of his hand holding a sketch drawing against a white wall or background…then cut and pasted that picture onto these various photos that he already had taken. Still creative though.

  75. liam Avatar

    Really cool idea, love it.

  76. Chovro Avatar

    Fascinating job…keep up the good work!

  77. Jake Gilchrist Avatar
    Jake Gilchrist

    your site may have cool photos and art but i just stayed long enough to tell you that i hate your ads and cant stand to stay and look at your stuff.

  78. Brahma Boots Avatar

    Wow man great art! That one with the pic within a pic really tripped me up. Keep it up =D

  79. Nike high tops Avatar

    Great pics! Was photoshop used for these pics? Some editing was involved right?

  80. ivantheturrble Avatar

    woow.. yeah its cool and all, but the hand and everyhting was photoshoped it.

  81. Amanda Avatar

    My name is Amanda and I´m the international coordinator for Indie Rocks! magazine in Mexico City. We looked at the drawing vs publicity works and we loved them. Is there a way we can get an interview for the magazine of the author?
    Any information you could give us, we will be really thankful.

  82. Irina Avatar

    Healthy invented, where the only people taking their ideas ….

  83. Donna Avatar

    Fabulous artwork!!! Very talented!

  84. Paola Avatar

    this is the deviant of the author

  85. Nando Moura Avatar

    Fantastic work!!!

  86. George C Avatar

    The one with Mario is hilarious :))

  87. Faked Avatar

    creative and all too bad it is faked because look at the hand where the 4 eyed cat is, and where the building with 8 spheres is because you can see the shadow of the hand but i still give mad props to this

  88. dragon Avatar

    realy great work!!!

  89. Airfos1 Avatar

    Anyone who says this is fake is just dumb. Most of these are photos that have already been shot and developed, and then the artist does his drawing overtop the photo. So, you saw a shadow of his hand? Well duh, because his shadow is really there!!! As is his hand, and the

  90. Karri Avatar

    Quite clever 😀 I love stumbling upon site like this.

  91. enzo Avatar

    These are inspired. Really made my day

  92. aAnioz Avatar

    Great stuff, perfect use of pencil work

  93. purpleprussian Avatar

    Of course they’re not being held up against the real thing, but the drawings are still so amazing and creative! Love the demon and the God in the sky!

  94. anna Avatar

    love that pic i would like to learn how do this!

  95. James D'Allio Avatar
    James D’Allio

    Does the cat have two eyes or four? My friends are laughing at me because I can see four eyes but they say there’s only two?! I NEED GLASSES! agggh.

  96. Sian Cole Avatar
    Sian Cole

    There’s definitely two.

  97. Oliver Tuffnell Avatar
    Oliver Tuffnell


  98. Martin Schieff Avatar
    Martin Schieff


  99. Jenn Avatar

    Who cares if it’s photoshoped. It’s very creative and I like it. Oh, and by the way, all art is a con, so get over it!

  100. Riitaa Avatar

    Amazing mind blowing work. creativity does not end

  101. Angela Avatar

    You are a Creative Genius!

  102. Tina Avatar

    wow, your really good makes me wish I was that good 🙁

  103. Fester Avatar

    Yeah, this stuff is awesome, if I send you a pic could you do me? 😉

  104. Chandler Avatar

    Amazing! The Little Prince is my favorite. I love that book

  105. MATHEW CANTER Avatar

    Excellent,you must be very very talented.

  106. Mab Avatar

    Great idea, but I wish the photoshopping was better :/

  107. Oswald Avatar

    The little prince one is cool./ Very Very nice

  108. jocuri Avatar

    Awesome stuff.Very creative and talented !

  109. Teresa Avatar

    I think the two eyes/four eyes one is a cat’s face with a wolf/like mask on top of it (follow the nose).

  110. Overhead Lights Avatar

    These are great.
    I’ve been seeing these images around the web and think they are just fantastic.
    They remind me of the music video for “take on me” by A-ha
    So much fun.

  111. Ellie White Avatar

    I LOVE PHOTOS. like oh my god i just loveeeee it!!!!

  112. dkam Avatar

    whoever said art is a con is repugnant and has obviously never realized how much time and dedication it takes to become an artist of any type. i play music for a living…. dick.

  113. Josh Naylor Avatar
    Josh Naylor

    this is why i stumple ! Amazing.

  114. Josh Naylor Avatar
    Josh Naylor

    this is why i stumble ! Amazing.

  115. Mery Avatar

    Wow ! absolutely creative and i really love it ! If you ever have any interest exhibit in Czech Republic i am here for you !


  116. Clare Avatar

    These drawings are amazing and i love how theyre put into the photos like that…awesome stuff.

  117. Holly Avatar

    Kinda wonder why everyone thinks every single fucking thing is photoshopped. Lol. Great work, I love it!

  118. Jason Avatar

    Very creative. I like the cat pic.

  119. Mariah Avatar

    That’s was so amazing it was some of the cooliest drawings i’ve ever seen and i would like those at my museum to publish them

  120. jesse Avatar


  121. bobo Avatar

    Great sketches and quite ingenious presentation. Really cool stuff. The spoofs are a nice, too.

  122. Brent Avatar

    these are great. great drawings. really funny.

  123. Tanner M. Avatar

    AMAZING this may be the best art ive ever seen!!!

  124. Ted Nelson Avatar

    Such a cool and creative way to blend photography and drawing.

  125. Carol Maloney Avatar
    Carol Maloney


  126. CommanderOfAll Avatar

    Those boggle the mind and the eye. Well done.

  127. Neekiddy Avatar

    This sight gave me and my boys a few ooohs and ahhs

  128. RasheedBari Avatar


  129. Thorhildur Avatar

    Wonderful and inspiring!

  130. Jalal Hameed Bhatti Avatar

    This is really very innovative and mind blogging

  131. Edgar Antão Avatar
    Edgar Antão

    eheheheh awesome! Lisboa and Cape Verde! Lovely! Really enjoy your work!

  132. Sean Prosser Avatar
    Sean Prosser

    I love it. I can’t stop looking at all the amazing photos or.. eh, drawings… or …. COOL!

  133. D Conner Avatar
    D Conner

    Awesome just amazing

  134. Rachel Grima Avatar

    Absolutely amazing!

  135. Claudio Smith Avatar
    Claudio Smith

    THIS IS FAKE. Is not “amazing”. I hate this.

  136. Johnny Wirjosandjojo Avatar

    Cool… The most creative idea…

  137. Will Avatar

    Being a photographer I can tell you these were not taken in one frame, someone has taken the photo, drawn the background and taken a photo of their hand with the drawing then photo shopped them together.

    Still very creative, just think it’s not telling people the full truth.

  138. Kate Avatar

    Thanks Will- I was wondering how he got everything to line up….especially with the donkeys…because animals move around and you can’t make them stand in perfect position!
    Very awesome though!

  139. heather Avatar

    absolutly brilliant

  140. bernie Fun Avatar
    bernie Fun

    i think this is cool, had a few ideas come from this. one would be, when you set first to a piece of paper and the other idea of having a piece of paper with a drawing of a piece of paper. this idea is abit of a question challenge to, how do you get a drawn piece of paper to set alight with out setting alight to the origanal edging of the real piece, i was thinking of cutting a V shape so that the corner of the drawn on is a folding corner and site light to that and take a quick photo before it reaches the origanal, this could be useful for drawing a cave with a person with a torch . i was also thinking about video versions of your picture, draw a flip book and film it with all links connected it would look like someone crossing the road or jumping and it lines up with the background. would be fun.

  141. Will Avatar

    awesomeness wish i could draw this well

  142. konepak Avatar

    Really Awesome…. COol photography and drawing

  143. CriticAl Avatar

    If it were me and I somehow wanted to “fake” the illusion, I would’ve just pictured my hand IN the scene with a blank piece of paper… then photoshopped the drawing… that would have been harder to detect.

  144. Jose Miguel Vasquez Avatar

    I absolutely love this. Its a blend of imagination and real life. Kind of like a kids dream come true. As a kid I remember imagining the impossible, like flying over my school or walking on my hands across the playground jungle gym. Ben Heine makes it happen with this fabulous blend.

    I will follow on to see what else he creates. Thanks for sharing this Tabi.

  145. Bam Avatar

    Great drawings.

  146. Qasim Avatar

    I wonder how this was done. The pictures line up PERFECTLY. Almost like the pics were taken and then the drawings were traced.

    But then there’s the hand in the pics, with proper shading/lighting, which would have stood out of this was done like that. So – I wonder how this was done.

  147. Erik Avatar

    Absolutely wonderful work! Please keep sharing. So very impressed.

  148. Jemma Avatar

    I noticed you have your name on your pictures. Could you please give me a clue how to get that. I’m new to painting and would like to have my name on my works.
    Thanks a lot!

  149. Joice Rosa Avatar
    Joice Rosa

    Parabéns, sua arte é sensacional.

  150. Lorin Avatar

    So I’m trying to figure out how these were done, and I think I might have figured it out, although PLEASE correct me if I’m mistaken. It seems that the majority of the images are actually a combination of a photo of a scene, a photo of a hand holding a piece of paper, and then the art that is portrayed on the piece of paper. If I had to take a guess at how its done, I would say that the first picture is taken, followed by a picture of the hand and piece of paper. These two images would then be imported into photoshop, where the picture of the hand is then isolated, cropped (very well I might add) and then placed over the other image at the desired location. This version would then be printed out, drawn on, and then scanned back in to produce the images seen here. This is a guess, and in my mind probably the easiest method in which to produce these results.

  151. one2phree Avatar

    photoshopped….not really that impressive

  152. Abhash Bikram Thapa Avatar

    This is AWESOME!!! I just dropped my jaw on the table! I liked the one where the artist clicks himself.

  153. april Avatar

    i think that is amazing!!!!!!! im going to try to do that but just without the hand because that would be hard and i dont like my hand in the dang picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Madz4You Avatar

    that is what people call art work 😀

  155. m Avatar

    these r so cool, why can’t i draw like that???????? : /

  156. Nuno Avatar

    tanks for those wounderful pieces of art

  157. Zombette Avatar

    pretty cool stuff. i am in school for graphic design right now and we are just starting to play with Photoshop. these are really impressive.

  158. dtln Avatar

    Cool!! I like it!

  159. Maigan Avatar

    Wow! Amazing!

  160. Chapurin Avatar

    Cool!! I like it!

  161. beth Avatar

    I absolutely love this. I have often tried to make my drawings appear like they could be part of a real life scene. I LOVE HOW YOU DID THIS!!!!!! 🙂

  162. Kevin L Avatar

    This seems partially photoshopped but still pure talent.

    Most likely scenario for resulting image:

    Camera photography with blank ripped white paper
    +Camera photography without hand and paper for background reference
    Artist drawn picture to match background with artistic additions

    Photoshop highlighted the paper area, contracted 5-10 pixels, feathered 2 or 3. then pasted the image in. I only say feather / contract because all the images have edges that are fading into the edge….something not easy to do by hand. …for all images…for all the edges to have a certain pixel length as a border.

  163. Jessika Avatar

    I absolutely love everything about this. It’s dramatically creative and not to mention far more intricate in it’s technicality. Real talent! Keep up the fabulous work!!

  164. Roman Avatar

    Very creative and impressive! Greate images!!!!

  165. Pau Avatar

    its cool but it would have been very impresive if instead of putting the hand and derawing on top of a picture, it would have been in a real place at a real moment…but, besides that, great imagination¡

  166. Helen Avatar

    Really love your photos/drawings, they are excellent.

  167. Anthony Avatar

    “[…] it’s not telling people the full truth.”
    –Will, 6 May 2011

    That the works resist proclaiming the truth is what makes them all the more brilliant. The works are not presumptuous enough to assume that they are in a position to reveal truth. They conceal truth by the very fact that the drawings hide the reality behind the sheets of paper, and in that act conceal their own truth of their process.

    An amazingly creative title might do more to set the stage for the complexity of collection. Also, the person who has “a degree in journalism” (Tabi, I’m assuming) and who wrote the blurb below it should practice more careful proofreading so that the pictures are given the full justice they deserve.

  168. maggie Avatar

    i hope you copyrighted the sketching of the little prince.

  169. Kyle V. Avatar

    Wow these are amazing, you have great line quality and composition.

  170. asdf Avatar

    with the drawings done AFTER the photographs of pieces of torn paper it’s alot easier than what its appears to be

  171. Teaching With Fun Avatar

    That’s totally brilliant! I have done similar projects with kids in schools teaching them to draw the other side of magazines, but this brings it to a whole new level! It is almost an optical illusion, since it totally looks like the drawings are done first. It would take someone who understands photographing paper, to comprehend that the charcoal in the drawings would reflect light in different ways. Very cool work, I will pass it along!

  172. Dave Avatar

    “the little Prince” reference was pretty sweet.

  173. grace martin Avatar

    Very nice !……….

  174. dizze Avatar

    WOW! This looks amazing.. you’re very talented! keep up the good work 😀

  175. arva Avatar

    just one word “AWESOME”…

  176. Paul Avatar

    Those were amazing! Nice work.

  177. JoeNo1 Avatar

    Out of box imagination! Amazing work.

  178. Rob Avatar

    Those are amazingly well done!

  179. Lydia Wilson Avatar
    Lydia Wilson

    Amazing artwork, so creative!

  180. kaitlin Avatar

    AMAZING! Your work has me mesmerized!

  181. Paul Byrnes Avatar

    Man these are soooooo good. I love them. I’m really getting into stumbleupon, where I found this. I’m going to post your work all over the net and share your creative genius.


  182. jackie reeder Avatar
    jackie reeder

    Absolutely very cool. Made me smile from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing.

  183. thealligato50 Avatar

    THIS IS freakingly awesome dude I adore ur drawing really u r a pro ”bro” 😉

  184. katheeja Avatar

    wow. amazing. fantastic work.

  185. anniescarlett Avatar

    This is beyond amazing…

  186. stefani Avatar

    these are amazing drawings/photography! great talent (:

  187. Emily Avatar

    These are absolutely amazing, I’m very impressed. You are very talented thank you for sharing this with the web!


  188. Jagjit Avatar

    This guy is amazingly creative.

  189. sarah Mehan Avatar
    sarah Mehan

    these are great! such a unique way of combining drawing “into” real life!

  190. Sabeen Avatar


  191. Julito07 Avatar

    Wooow.. Amazing lines!! And the idea just kicked some other jobs out there.. Really impressed!! Congrats.. =0)

  192. RitZ Avatar

    Only one word comes frm my Heart “Woow”…!!!(^o^)…

  193. deborah Avatar

    Hey I like this website I wont to know if you can put the same pitchures on the website.

  194. deborah Avatar

    I just wont to know if you can save this note.
    why cant you leave the same pitchures on this website.
    I like this website because you can look at pitchures.
    why can you text me back.

  195. chari Avatar

    I love your drawings, you are the first person I am following on here!

  196. Olivia Lane Avatar
    Olivia Lane

    I ditto everyone who said these are really, really cool … and creative!

  197. Alexis Avatar

    wow this is reallly reallly cool! im not a real art person but i loved this!

  198. Mari Mello Avatar
    Mari Mello

    Inspiring. I am not one you is interested in photography but I love art and sketching. This takes two beautiful concepts and makes them one. Keep it up!

  199. Keri Avatar

    WOW! Amazing work. The blend of sketch and photography is wonderful. I have never seen anything like this before. The great talent needed to keep the proper depth perception was just incredible!

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    WoW! i like your drawings….. amazing!!!

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    But really cool photos all the same.

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    By far the most creative thing I have ever seen. Absolutely blew my mind- great artwork.

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    Truly inspiring. They are breathtaking pieces of art that are original and one-of-a-kind. As a young artist, I draw inspiration from everything I see, and this is definitely something I’ll remember. 🙂

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    Amiud Efrain Alvarez Rodriguez

    espero me aceep

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  220. Deirdre Rosinski Avatar
    Deirdre Rosinski

    i am a high school art teacher and would love to do a project like this that combines photography and drawing. Would you share the steps you take to create these images?

  221. Nimja Avatar

    Simply amazing, art at its best. Why? Because it evokes emotion AND displays technical prowess.

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    I just didn’t get what the picture with the fetus attached to the girl’s head was supposed to represent… disturbing…

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Just want to say how much I admire and love your artwork. Saw it on flickr a while back and its lovely to see it again. Amazing!

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    I like it 🙂

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    Ruby Moya

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    Awesome work!

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    Bri french

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    Loulou Nassif

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    Hope there’s more to come.

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    Terry Mathis

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  276. PVC Bending Avatar

    These are amazing. The sketches themselves are perfect, and the photography is great as well. The combination is striking.

    I hope you do gallery shows, and if you don’t, START NOW!


  277. brianna Avatar

    I am a good artist too. i did something like that when i was about 20. i am trying to do it again on my baby.

  278. Glenn Avatar

    Very clever,very clever indeed,quite original and surprising, well done.

  279. anglemmy Fallon Avatar

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    loved the Mario-land picture the best. Amazing!!

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    And good work to the artist who created it (:

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    Just out of moderate curiosity, are the drawings done digitally? I have an idea on how the process could be done with Gimp.

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  286. T Avatar

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    A talented artist

  287. LxrKan Avatar

    I dont know if anyone noticed, but the only images in that whole collection that are not composited is

    the rest are studio lit hands with drawings composited of the original photographs, meaning the drawings are traced pretty much. just go back and look, youll see what i mean if you didn’t notice.

    im not saying its fun idea our its badly done, just something that you may not have noticed.

  288. Madhu Sudan Sigdel Avatar
    Madhu Sudan Sigdel

    Awesome work..Keep it up

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    Atit Shah

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    Atit Shah

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    I haveta say.
    Look up my sister.

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  317. James McCarthy Avatar

    or Rene Magritte but taken to another stage: reality.

  318. Eithne Avatar

    Fabulous drawings my favourite is the one with the chids view of My House. Very thought provoking to see the world through different eyes.

  319. Lily Avatar

    Amazing work! Like your style!

  320. Christie Avatar

    These are lovely, especially Le Petit Prince. Call me a part pooper, but I can’t help but feel that some are computer drawn or the hand is photoshopped into an existing photo… because they’re sooooo perfect. If they’re all genuinely pencil drawn, then that is a huge compliment.

  321. Vitt Avatar

    Like your style.

  322. roberthw Avatar

    This is some amazing work, well done, very creative.

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  325. Floetry Avatar

    Wow now that is amazing

  326. Judi Jordan Avatar

    Love the concept of combining a drawing within a photo. I especially like the ones where the paper drawing is burning up. You have the best of both worlds. Digital is great, when someone knows how to use it.

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    Awesome! The idea is very good.

  329. Sonia Avatar

    Amazing artwork and what a genius idea!! Keep it up!!

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    Super y Gracias Ann!

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  336. Livy Sophie Avatar

    This is absolutely incredible! Wow! Your work is so amazing! You are very talented 🙂

  337. Livy Sophie Avatar

    This is absolutely incredible! Wow! Your work is so amazing! You are very talented 🙂

  338. Trip Avatar

    Absolutly stunning, I wish I could do this, this could be so cool to have pictures like this around a room like taking pics of the walls and drawing these pictures and then putting up pictures like this up on the wall after

    I dont know I just think that that would be really cool

  339. Ladida Cafe Avatar

    Wow.. very amazing 🙂
    I’ll try to make something like that soon 😀

  340. Zen Avatar

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    Nice blog.. actually i appreciate these kind of blogs. Thank you for these lovely pics

  342. Cynthia Avatar

    Wonderful work! One of the most creative, skilled and unique displays of artwork I’ve seen in a long time. Keep up the good work! God bless and thank you for sharing your art with us.

    aka anitalite

  343. SABRINA Avatar

    cool i do this some times but thier terrible and + thier only stick figuers and i’ve only done them 3 times during classes

  344. Jim Avatar

    Incredible, your work gives me inspiration !!!

  345. Vedette Avatar

    Whoever made this has wide perception and an insane talent.

  346. susan Avatar

    This is one of the most creative things I’ve seen done with photography.

  347. Melody Avatar

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  352. Pinky Avatar

    Haha so nice. I am looking forward to see more of these drawings. 🙂

  353. Solopress Avatar

    What an incredible display of pencil vs photography. I want to know more about how it was done because these are truly artistic pieces of work. Very impressive!

    Did they take a photo of the torn up pieces of paper first and then draw them in or did they draw it first and then take a photo whilst holding the paper. The first option would be the easier method I guess.

    It just amazes me how you can get one scenario and put a bit of a blank canvas over it then create it into whatever you want. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this.

  354. ryan newby Avatar

    Unreal awesome, best I seen on the net so far, great thinking too

  355. abstracto Avatar

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  356. Trick Photography Avatar

    Awesome! These are the most creative sets of illustrations overlaid on real life I’ve seen!

  357. Dan Bonser Avatar

    Great finds all. Amazing how every time I find a site that collects them, there seem to be more. Always nice to see these two things mixed together, and brought to a new kind of art form.

  358. Robert Lowdon Avatar

    Neat idea. Hmm that gives me an idea about using statues in landscapes.

  359. Julio Avatar

    Amazing. Just a great work.

  360. Name (Required) Avatar

    I love your artwork, Keep making it!

  361. Dakesy Avatar

    Great art work! The photography and the conceptualization aspects are as equally impressive. Look forward to seeing more.

  362. Jay Avatar

    Great work!

    *You should try to do videos, as well.

  363. Zaim Avatar very good in imagination..awesome..

  364. sparta Avatar

    That’s awesome! It almost looks real!

  365. Roshan Avatar

    I found a creative word for your creative talent. You are an ULTRA-TALENTED person man…:)

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    OMG these are SO incredibly good!

  367. Kim McDonell Avatar

    You have a beautiful imagination. I like your art work.

  368. veganised Avatar

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    Bardzo podoba mi się twój post. Zdjęcia są super. Podziwiam bardzo mocno. Masz bujną wyobraźnię i talent. Brawo dziewczyno. Tak trzymaj. :)Salut.

  370. Rob Summers Avatar

    Might be the most creatively cool thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Great stuff!

  371. weteca Avatar

    Unreal… great

  372. Nellez the Creator Avatar

    It seems like you would need amazing visual spatial skills to put a concept like this together. Very creative.

  373. Thomas Avatar

    I love how you use your talent to bring your imagination to life. Bravo!

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    That was AWESOME!!!!!! You really had me going like if you took the drawing away, that image would still be there!!! Really awesome dude!!!!!!!

  377. Nomad Avatar

    Awesome art! I had wished there were alot more, I was enjoying that 🙂

  378. Azimli Fare Avatar

    Amazing mind excellent work.

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  381. Danielle Avatar

    This is wonderful, keep it up! Very inspiring for other artists like myself.

  382. Rob Avatar

    Dude, you are incredible. My girl is an artist so I forwarded this to her. Love your creativity! Keep it up. I’m watching.

  383. Sami Haddad Avatar

    The invention of photography invoked an outrage and was seen as a threat by many artists of that period. Some of them ceased to make money from their practice, while others took up the new invention. The selection of work highlight the combined practice can exist without any constrains or division between the two media.

  384. ZeeJay Avatar

    Very nice collection. Really incredible effort.

  385. Tamica Avatar

    Incredible artwork. I’ve seen nothing like this before.

  386. ana Avatar

    WOW, simply wonderful…

  387. Marie-Latifa Follea Avatar

    This is truly, truly, truly awesome! I am also from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire! Proud to see some nice artists from there. Keep up the good work!

  388. Android Avatar

    Can not believe this you did that much. Really cool magazine.

  389. Facts Avatar

    Its a huge collection. Ammazing!!!

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    this collection is just awesome!!

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    Congrats!!!! it´s amazingly beautiful !!!!

  392. Elaine Dantzler Avatar

    You are such a talented artist with a wonderful imagination. Shared a link on both my FAA FB Fan Page: Andrew Govan Dantzler and my own FB Page.

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    INCREDIBLY GOOD. Im loving it, truly!!!!! LOVELY

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    Wow, too cool… you are amazing Ben.

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    Epicness overload..!!! Loved this!! 😀

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    Great work Friend . keep it on…..

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    Oh My God, what a Creativity, my sister is an artist I gave her link, keep it up

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    Really great work. You should check out the Flickr profile of him for even more awesome stuff.

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