22 Baby Animal GIFs That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Happy

 1. This cute kitten gif.

When cats forget how to cat

When you are feeling down because you didn’t get what you wanted. Just sit tight and be happy because these baby animals are enough cute to make you forget all of your worries.

2. This cute penguin gif.

The time this baby penguin rejoiced

3. This cute boop gif.

These Non Stop Boops

4. This cute mother love gif.

This Bad Dreams Moment

5. This cute letter opener rabbit.

This Cute Letter Opener

6. This cute reaction of play dead kitty.

This Cutest Boop

7. This cute puppy hug.

This Cutest On Demand Cuddle

8. This cute lamb feeding gif.

This Feeding Moment

 9. This bathing monkey.

This Having Bath Kid

 10. This adorable reaction of hamster.

This Mouse Reaction

 11. These corgi puppies.

This Pair Of Corgi Pups

 12. This bathing in the sink piglet.

This Piglet Having Bath

 13. These kissing each other puppies.

This Puppies Love Moment

 14. This rolling over puppy.

This Rolling Over Puppy

15. This cute crazy kitty.

This Seriously Non Stop Pop Up Kitty

16. This terrified of stairs corgi puppy.

This Stairing Down Corgi Puppy

17. This sleepiest kitten.

This Suddenly Falls Asleep Kitty

18. This feeling sleepy duckling.

This Trying Not To Sleep Chicken

19. This cute koala cub.

When A Baby Koala Hugs A Stuffed Koala

20.  This fennec fox mother and cub.

When A Fennec Fox Kisses Her Cub

21. This fluffy puppy who got things totally out of control.

When A Puppy Stucks In Mixing Bowl

22. This orange eating sugar glider.

When A Sugar Glider Eats Orange

all gifs via: tumblr, 4gifs, giphy and buzzfeed.

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