18 Horrible Sports Injuries Ever

Its not easy to become a sportsman. It needs a lot of care and attention otherwise anytime a certain injury can be happen. Lets take a look at most horrible sports injuries ever.




horrible injuries 4

Horrible sports injuries_5

Horrible Sports Injuries_6














25 thoughts on “18 Horrible Sports Injuries Ever

  1. I am a professional soccer player .And recently in was playing match and i got injurd .my right knee and hv ligament problem.Plz give me some suggestion for recovering.thankyou

  2. ouch….OMG…..I cant see them again……I can feel the pain in my feet………….hats why i’ve stopped playing games and im concentrating on my studies

  3. They did not include anything other then broken bones ,cept the jugular cut.
    WHere are the real injuries, the horn thru the gut a bullrider gets, the race car accidents, etc
    I am let down,these are just silly lower leg breaking mostly, not a big deal

  4. Injury in sports is inevitable. This calls for more attention on prevention than treatment and/or management

  5. Actually the worst one I’ve seen was the hockey player poor guy got his throat slashed open by another guy’s skates… it was awful

  6. Title says 18 injuries. There are 16 photos, 4 of which are duplicates. Seems the author doesn’t know how to count.

  7. kickboxing has the worse injuries… Break ribs, legs, arms, jaws. But i don’t care i like kickboxing and it worth the risk for me but dang all those injuries look painful.. I seen a guy break his leg on football (he was my friend) kind of like on the pic but he didn’t even make a sound he was just laying there….

  8. hooohhh…..horrible…i think i should think before i go to play….m disturbed by these pictures……

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