18 Horrible Sports Injuries Ever


Horrible Sports injuries are an unfortunate reality in the world of athletics, and some of them can be downright horrifying. These injuries often occur suddenly, leaving athletes and spectators alike shocked and saddened. From bone-crunching fractures to gruesome dislocations, the sight of a horrible sports injury can be jarring and heart-wrenching.


One common type of horrible sports injuries is a compound fracture, where a bone breaks through the skin. The sight of a bone protruding from the body can be stomach-churning and can cause distress for both the injured athlete and those witnessing the injury. Another gut-wrenching injury is a dislocation, where a joint is forcefully displaced from its normal position. The contorted appearance of a dislocated joint, with bones visibly out of place, can be deeply disturbing.

Injuries to the head and neck are also particularly distressing. High-impact collisions or falls in sports such as football, rugby, or gymnastics can result in severe head and neck injuries, including concussions, spinal cord injuries, or even paralysis. The immediate aftermath of such injuries can be chaotic and emotional, as athletes are rushed off the field or court for urgent medical attention.

Witnessing these kinds of horrible sports injuries can leave a lasting impact on athletes, spectators, and even those watching from home. They serve as a stark reminder of the physical risks involved in competitive sports, and the importance of safety measures and proper training. While these injuries are indeed distressing, they also highlight the resilience and bravery of athletes who overcome such challenges on their road to recovery.

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25 responses to “18 Horrible Sports Injuries Ever”

  1. SLRM Avatar

    Ouch, must be painfull..

  2. baba2 Avatar

    …that’s why i play chess!!!

  3. woble chenzif Avatar
    woble chenzif

    Stick with poker

  4. Body Shave Avatar


    what an injury

    that is painfull

  5. prityjoe Avatar

    ohh my god, while seeing itself, i can feel the pain…

  6. ashu Avatar

    I am a professional soccer player .And recently in was playing match and i got injurd .my right knee and hv ligament problem.Plz give me some suggestion for recovering.thankyou

  7. Ehtesham Avatar

    ouch….OMG…..I cant see them again……I can feel the pain in my feet………….hats why i’ve stopped playing games and im concentrating on my studies

  8. zhinka Avatar

    They did not include anything other then broken bones ,cept the jugular cut.
    WHere are the real injuries, the horn thru the gut a bullrider gets, the race car accidents, etc
    I am let down,these are just silly lower leg breaking mostly, not a big deal

  9. mac Avatar

    all photoshop’t only real one is broken finger

  10. Tony Dansu Avatar
    Tony Dansu

    Injury in sports is inevitable. This calls for more attention on prevention than treatment and/or management

  11. Jesus Avatar

    Joe Theismann’s leg snap? Much worse than these.

  12. musical-soul Avatar

    Actually the worst one I’ve seen was the hockey player poor guy got his throat slashed open by another guy’s skates… it was awful

  13. driver#66 Avatar

    not so bad, i got a broken SPINE and my leg was broken into FOUR STICKING OUT.

  14. GT5 driver Avatar
    GT5 driver

    Henke Larsson, one of the best players to ever come out of Sweden, broke his leg in 2000,
    but after only 8 months he came back and scored 53goals! for Celtic in 2001.


  15. 24601 Avatar

    Title says 18 injuries. There are 16 photos, 4 of which are duplicates. Seems the author doesn’t know how to count.

  16. vasiliy Avatar

    kickboxing has the worse injuries… Break ribs, legs, arms, jaws. But i don’t care i like kickboxing and it worth the risk for me but dang all those injuries look painful.. I seen a guy break his leg on football (he was my friend) kind of like on the pic but he didn’t even make a sound he was just laying there….

  17. lizZ N DiaNa Avatar
    lizZ N DiaNa

    LizZ: woow dude that must of hurt so baadd!!!
    DiaNa: i knoow dudee.!! ouuuuch :/

  18. Victor Avatar

    That is too terrible! =O

  19. Abhi Avatar

    hooohhh…..horrible…i think i should think before i go to play….m disturbed by these pictures……

  20. Ashanti Avatar

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww im never gunna do a sport like those again

  21. Keri Walters Avatar

    That must be some real pain

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