15 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Like You

It all starts with little signs. First, you wonder what’s wrong, and then awful thoughts come to your mind. You try to push them away. Gradually you start observing and picking up little clues that might just tell you that what you were thinking was right all along.

If you are new at a workplace, this sometimes tends to happen if you pose a threat to the position someone else, who has been working for a long time now, was expecting to get. Or maybe you are new but just as brilliant at work as anyone else. This is something common among all of us. We see this dislike from the day we start school. There is always a rival, trying to beat you at every step and competition. This rivalry, however, is mutual at a certain age. With time, as you gain maturity, you let go of this hatred towards each other over work. Being friendly is the way you can make your professional life peaceful.

Nonetheless, there are some people who refuse to grow up. It is easier to cope with such people during your studies, but when it comes to the workplace, it is usually difficult to identify those who despise you. Colleagues may be diplomatic- keeping a smile on their face when they actually completely hate you. And then there are those who will make it plain obvious but you are just as plain dumb, to not realize that. This will create problems for you.

Go through this factual list to know whether your colleague(s) have been creating problems for you or not.

1. You are getting strange vibes

If you have been getting a feeling that one of your colleagues does not like you personally, trust the vibes. You may be getting this feeling due to some small acts like, no warm welcome and no smiles from him/her or consistently terming your work abilities as below average, so you already have a solid reason to believe that they dislike your mere presence. Try to look for more signs to be sure about this.

You are getting strange vibes

2. They are not friendly towards you

Some people find it difficult to hide their feelings, whether they are positive or negative for someone. Do not judge anyone right away; take some time to observe. While some may hate you from the bottom of their heart but pretend to have your best interests, others may just make their hatred towards you outright obvious. If they give you a cold shoulder every time you try to initiate a conversation, you may want to consider ignoring them.

They are not friendly towards you

3. They do not interact confidently

Someone, who can’t even endure your mere presence, will certainly not look into your eyes whatsoever. This is a psychological fact that might help you discover who likes you and who does not. This is why, as soon as you get into a new workplace, your first aim should be to interact with as many of your coworkers as you can. Initially, it may be hard to form a decision but with the passage of time you will come to know the true colors of each and everyone.

They do not interact confidently

4. They avoid interacting at all

If you find yourself less in contact with someone, despite your efforts to interact with him/her, there is a fat chance that he/she is actually avoiding interaction with you at all costs. There will be simple signs- short conversation, leaving the table at lunch if you ask to share it with them, asking everyone for suggestions over their work except you or choosing to ascend the stairs if they find you taking the elevator. Clearly, they are not interacting with you because they dislike you.

They avoid interacting at all

5. You hear rumors about yourself

Walking through the corridor you happen to overhear some ridiculous things about you being discussed by fellow workers, which are totally false or some of the ‘bullies’ at workplace, tease you randomly over something you have no idea of, then you should know that someone is spreading rumors about you at workplace. And the reason behind such act could most probably be strong dislike regarding you.

You hear rumors about yourself

6. They ignore you

As soon as you enter the office, your coworkers look up at you and greet you a good day ahead with smiles on their face, IF they are friendly. If they look up at you and choose not to greet you or reply to your ‘How’re you doing?’ then something is fishy. Not invited at the ‘office-party’? Ignored at every other thing? They definitely do not like your presence around themselves.

They ignore you

7. Short conversation

This is a big hint pointing towards the fact that your co-worker does not like you. Obviously those who do not like you, try to remain less in contact with you. However, in a situation where they have no other choice but to talk to you, they make a short work of it. The shorter their replies get, the more you are getting on their nerves. It is, therefore, best not to test their patience with you and vice versa.

Short conversation

8. Weird expressions

Body language sometimes reveals the thoughts of a person quite accurately. If they tend to keep a straight face whenever you are around, seldom roll their eyes when you speak or do something at the workplace, hardly ever smile or at least nod at you or treat you like you are not there, then this is enough to tell you that the particular colleague does not really like you.

Weird expressions

9. You don’t know about the work-related events

From not letting you share the table at lunch or join you for some gossips over coffee break, to not informing you about event that is going to be held the nest day at work, coworkers who hate you will do their best to not only avoid you but also not keep you updated regarding work. If they make sure you get to know about the recent, amazing office party where you were definitely not invited, then you are off their list as a friendly colleague.

You don't know about the work-related events

10. They avoid direct communication

His cabin is right next to yours and instead of talking on a daily basis, he prefers to only send you precise emails regarding work. This lack of communication on his behalf is a sure sign of dislike towards you. Limiting conversations as much as possible is their way of ignoring you or not giving you the hope of getting friendly advice regarding work. Perhaps you should change your cabin next to someone who is better at communication for your own benefit.

They avoid direct communication

11. Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

Whenever you come up with an idea regarding work or office, they do not enthusiastically support you. In front of seniors at the work place or the boss, they may frequently term your work as poor or your advice as foolish. This is a completely biased and prejudiced behavior towards you and it is basically because they hate you and will not really like you to prosper at the work place. Their way to not let you success is simple- to de-motivate you at every step.

Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

12. They do not want to know you on personal level

Friendly colleagues at work usually know a lot of stuff about each other which sometimes works in your advantage. They cover up for you or sometimes encourage and support you towards what is best for you. During your tough times at home, they can even make sure that it has no adverse effect on your work. However, if they do not seem interested in knowing you at a personal level, you might as well also know that they hate you.

They do not want to know you on personal level

13. You are not a part of them

Coworkers that do not like you do not include you in their group. While most of them joke around and even have inside jokes, they will not share it with you. If you forcibly try to indulge into a healthy conversation, they either ignore you or disperse. They do not consider you a part of them in any way and ensure to make you feel as an outcast. Things will not work in your favor at workplace as long as this goes on and they know it perfectly well.

Businessman peeking over cubicle wall

14. They cannot see you succeed

They will constantly discourage and motivate you whenever they get the opportunity to do so. Even if you come up with a brilliant business prospect, they will try their best that does not get approved. If by chance it does, and you are more likely to be appreciated by the boss and other colleagues or worse, promoted, then they will try to get the credit of your hard work.

They cannot see you succeed

15. They boss you around

Just because you are new at work does not mean that they can boss you around, especially when they are at the same position as yours. They will exercise authority over you and approve or criticize your work as if they were the boss. This is their way of telling you that they are better off than in you in terms of work. Do not think like that. It is merely a complex that they have gotten into due to their hatred towards you.

They boss you around