10 Interesting Facts About Pelicans

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

Today, let us be closer to nature and learn a lot of interesting facts about pelicans. Here are 10 interesting facts about pelicans. Happy reading!

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Interesting Facts About Pelicans

1. Pelican is a giant bird, which has a wingspan of five meters, so that they are able to fly up to an altitude of 3000 meters.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

2. Pelicans live on every continent except Antarctica.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

3. There are eight species of pelicans, the majority of which live in warm regions, mainly near the coast and estuaries.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

4. Pelicans eat fish, tadpoles, crustaceans, and sometimes even turtles.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

5. After catching the pray, the pelican pushes water to the sides, then moves the food into the throat and swallows it.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

6. Pelicans like to hunt in groups. They can send the fish in shallow water, flapping on the water. A small beak at the top of the bill is needed to fix the slippery food. Sometimes it also helps to catch the big fish and threw it over, swallow.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

7. Compared to all the world’s birds the most spacious pelican’s beak, which can hold 3 buckets of fish.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

8. Pelicans are among the heaviest flying birds, but, despite this, their skeleton is 1/10 of their body weight.

Interesting Facts About Pelicans

9. Provide additional buoyancy airbags located among the bones, chest, neck, under the skin, and wings. These bags help to swim better and improve the aerodynamics of flight.

Facts About Pelicans

10. Pelicans have no nostrils and they breathe through their beaks.


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