The Happiest Polar Bear Family

The Happiest Polar Bear Family

The Happiest Polar Bear Family

You are looking another portion of tenderness. This time the main subject of admiration are two beautiful and cute polar bears cubs and their charming mother who are romping in snow and this makes them the happiest and the cutest polar bear family of all time. That’s what we understand, it is an amazing winter fun!

Winter Fun with Polar Bear

1. Photographer Keren Su made these wonderful pictures in the National Park Wapusk in Canada at 20-degree frost.

Winter fun white cubs and their mother

2. Keren Su says “It is a real paradise for polar bears, but not for men. You can wait for the Bears a few days, but did not see them.”

The Happiest Polar Bear Family

3. But Keren lucky triple with this pair of mischievous bear cubs and their doting mother.

The Happiest Polar Bear and Their Cubs

4. For such photos Keren Su is ready again and again tolerates frost at 20 degrees.

Polar Bear Family Resting Photos

5. After an exhausting game cubs need to rest and the mother was right there with her warm “pad” on the cold snow.

Polar Bear Photography by Keren Su

6. A mother feeds her young cubs. After that, she licks them, especially the tummy to milk good to learn and digest.

Polar Bear Photos by Keren Su

7. Keren said that they had to wait until the bear get used to the presence of people. After a while she allowed him to observe them from a distance.

Winter Fun White Polar Bear and Their Mother

8. It seems that these two have conceived some mischief while mom having fun in the snow.

Winter fun of white cubs and their mother

9. “I love the winter; it’s my favorite time of year because the winter is very romantic. A photograph of animals at the time – it is a pleasure, ” says Keren.

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  1. Chidambaran.K Avatar

    Will these animals be rendered extinct by Man’s ruthless, merciless and insensitive exploitation of Mother Earth ? Will Man never change his ways ? Will Global Warming kill them all ?

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