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22 Things You’d Wish To Have In Your Home

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  01. Stairs You Can Walk Under Your home is one of the most precious possessions you could ever have. And adorning it is one of the major tasks you need to do to make it more pleasant and much enticing to look at and better to live in.

Astonishing Room’s Glass Floor Reveals Underwater Wonders

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This bedroom may claim to be the world’s most stunning room. It is equipped with a glass floor that allows you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the tropical underwater world. The bedroom is located in the house “Udang House” (or Shrimp House), which is part of a luxury

Architectural Photographer Victor Enrich Reshapes an Existing Hotel, 88 Times

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Victor Enrich is a professional artist and architectural photographer from Barcelona. Though he is self-taught, but carefully studied both architecture and photography, and design. He wonderfully created intriguing works of art through a combination of photography and 3D digital rendering. His recent series contains on one building with 88

Ufogel: Compact Home Designed for Breathtaking Views of the Alps

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Austrian architect and designer Peter Jungmann is the author of this unusual Ufogel house, a total area of 45 square meters. This house is fully-furnished and functional home set on a hillside in the village of Nussdorf just outside of Vienna. Original title of Ufogel house contains on just