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Beautiful Arab Women – Top 50 Most Desirable Arab Women of 2010

50. Marielle Beainy Tanios, Beautiful TV Presenter from Lebanon.


Here are pictures of top 50 most desirable and beautiful Arab women. We have compiled this list with popularity, talent, charm, sense of style and most web searches of these beautiful Arab women. Feel free to let us know if you are agree with the rankings or not!

49. Waed, Beautiful Singer and Musician from Saudi Arabia.


48. Rania Sabeh, Model and Television presenter from Lebanon.

Rania Sabeh

47. Afef Jnifen, a Showgirl, Model and TV Presenter from Tunisia.


46. Leila Bekhti, Movie and TV Actress from Algeria.

Leila Bekhti

45. Arwa singer, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

Arwa singer

44. Anabella Hilal, Model and TV Actress from Lebanon.

Anabella Hilal

43. Amina Kaddur, Supermodel of Algeria.

Amina Kaddur

42. Myriam Benzerga, Very Beautiful Model from Algeria.

Myriam Benzerga

41. Manel Filali, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

Manel Filali

40. Zahia Dehar, Famous Celebrity of Algeria.

Zahia Dehar

39. Wafaa Kilani, Television Presenter from Egypt.

Zahia Dehar

38. Dana Halabi, Singer and TV Model from Kuwait.


37. Nadine Njeim, An Actress from Lebanon.


36. Yasmine Hamdan, Beautiful Singer from Syria.

Yasmine Hamdan

35. Dima Sadek, Beautiful Television Personality of Lebanon.

Dima Sadek

34. Carole Samaha, Most Beautiful Singer from Lebanon.


33. Brigitte Yaghi, Young Singer from Lebanon.

Brigitte Yaghi

32. Nadine Aghnatios, Television Host from Lebanon.


31. Karina Eid, a Beautiful Singer, Pianist, Music Arranger and Composer from Lebanon.


30. Madeleine Matar, Famous Pop Singer from Lebanon.

Madeleine Matar

29. Maya Diab, A Singer from Lebanon.


28. Booby Julia, Model and Belly Dancer from Egypt.


27. Nicole Saba, Pop Singer and Actress from Lebanon.


26. Rania El Hussein also known as Ruby an Actress and Singer from Egypt.


25. Sofia Essaidi, Famous Singer from Morocco.


24. Nadine Labaki, a Dircetor and Actress from Lebanon.


23. Dominique Hourani, Beautiful Model and Singer from Lebanon.

Dominique Hourani

22. Imane El Bani, Beautiful Model from Morocco.


21. Rima Fakih, Lebanese American Beauty who was crowned as Miss USA 2010.

Rima Fakih

20. Karima Adebibe, Cute Actress and Model from Morocco.

Karima Adebibe

19. Nivine Nasr, Hot Singer from Egypt.


18. Rola Saad, Beautiful Arabic Model and Singer from Lebanon.

Rola Saad

17. Lamitta Franjieh, Beautiful Catwalk Model from Lebanon.


16. Melissa, Famous Lebanese Arabic Pop Singer.


15. Shakira, World’s Most Famous Female Singer from Colombian, (Lebanese).


14. Amina Al Alam, Beautiful Model from Morocco.


13. Sandy Singer, Beautiful Egyptian Female Singer.


12. Myriam Fares, Arabic Pop Star from Lebanon.

Myriam Fares

11. Nawal El Zoghby, Famous Arabic Singer from Lebanon.


10. Miriam Clink, a Beautiful Model from Lebanon.

Miriam Clink

9. Amar singer, Beautiful Pop Singer from Lebanon.


8. Mona Abou Hamzeh, Beautiful TV presenter from Lebanon.


7. Amelia Zidane, Famous belly dancer from Algeria.

Amelia Zidane

6. Nancy Ajram, Arabic Pop Singer from Lebanon.


5. Elissa, an award winning Arabic pop singer from Lebanon.

Elissa, Lebanon

4. Cyrine Abdelnour, Lebanese actress, model and singer.


3. Rouwaida Attieh, Syrian Vocalist.


2. Hayfa Wehbeh, Most beautiful pop Singer from Lebanon.


1. Sofia El Marikh, an Arabic pop singer from Morocco.

Sofia El Marikh, Morocco



98 thoughts on “Beautiful Arab Women – Top 50 Most Desirable Arab Women of 2010”

  1. They are all very, very beautiful but to my opinion Nancy Ajram is the preetiest…just my opinion, lol.

  2. I’m sorry but most of these women have caked on make up and some look like men with a lot of make up, not to mention overly airbrushed. This list looks disgusting. How about some without make up or very little.

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  4. I think it is pathetic that around 45 of these 50 women have nosejobs (horrificaly bad ones at that) fake sausage looking lips, fake boobs , cheek work (whether inplants or fat grafting) and several are wearing colored contacts. Some of the nose jobs / cheek jobs are so horrific they look like transvestites. That is the Lebanese ideal of beauty? whatever happened to a beautiful “Lebanese Looking” woman? These woman are mostly created and look like Gay Transexual Prostitutes!

  5. I am from Turkey.I enjoy arab music.There was a arab women singer whıch wonderfull says a song ” YA BEYRUT “. I think , her name is ” AYÅžE “.Please assistance to me,I want reel her name. I wish lissen her on Ä°nternet .Thank you .

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  10. Each, of what I just observed, I treasure, to make a point, each of you are not sexual objects, you are women, beautiful, and stunningly beautiful to my eye’s, yes, in this space, without bothering, each of you are appealing to all of my senses, I dream, in color, never of anyone as beautiful as you, I love to watch internation women, just to watch, likened to watching and observing the free bird’s, that fly, as Monarch Butterflies, as elusive as the driven snow, each being tiny snow flying, like cotten, from the oceans of the sky, in blue, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and I do not wish, nor care to touch, but to bring happiness to my two eye’s, and to explain how beautiful and wonderful you cause my heart to beat, could, nor would ever, be an easy thing to explain, to an individual born, from birth, literally blind, thank all of you, thank you, and thank you, Jehovah’s God, for creating women, off all nation’s, and all women are women, and the point is, is that gay is not good, not proper, homosexuality is abnormal, and not a natural blessing, it can be a curse to be gay, but to by pass someone, as beautiful as each of you, I didn’t, I just crossed th is way, passed, and say, to each of you, women were made for a purpose, and men, were made, both, women and men, being, thus, a purpose of sole spiritual directive, which is, God created man, and the first woman, was created from the rib, of Adam, point made, as I have reason, and sole subjective, to believe, on the strenth by the virtue of Jehovah, our heavenly Father, that the mother of Jesus Christ, was a woman, born without the seed of man, but Jesus Crhist was brought on by holy spirit. Love, & Respect, Luis M. M. Rodriguez.

  11. This is not real Arabic beauty I see better looking women in the street every day this pic just make me embarrassed four being an Arab and having these women representing us they r ugly and don’t represent us in any way and one thing else must Arabic women don’t dress like this they have more dignity then these women by showing of there body

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  14. Its hard 2 tel who among these women have natural beauty.some only look beatyful wit make up,bt lukin at these picturers I wil say haifa wehbi is d most beatiful,folowed by cyrine abdulnour,nd den rania sabeh!even I wil say some of dem are misin.I tot Maya Nasri,Najwa Karam,nd Sherine wil b on dis list.I must say am disappointed nt 2 see their names,2 top it,Sofia being the 1st??????????impossible!

  15. I forgot 2 mention Pascal machellani,I realy admire her.what about d men?hahahahah.I tink it would also be a great idea 2 have their list.

  16. even nose surgery didn’t help, so obvious they made themselves uglier by cutting and shrinking their big noses and pumping thin lips, very disappointed, ugly as hell

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  18. 1 Most of their names and nationalities are wrong!!
    2 Shakira is a Lebanese Colombian, i don’t think she’s considered arabian!!
    3 And not 90% of them are not muslims?!
    Im muslim and im not 100% covered like saudi women!! Law in Kuwait gives women the freedom to wear like any other human beings.
    4 Arab women are truly beautiful, we just need to show the natural look. These women have too much make up on their faces which makes them look unnatural.

  19. as a white European man I always was fascinated by exotic looking women and have found them usually more attractive than white women but every race has its own features that makes them attractive and preferences can differ. Arab women have a very unique Attractiveness and I find them very appaeling and like also their behavior, eyes etc. but what I dont get. Why are the woman above picked look almost all very non-arabic to me. Most of them look like white woman but what I want to say: Arab women who look non-white and “very arabic” are also very attractive (more attractive to me)

  20. as a white European man I always was fascinated by exotic looking women and have found them usually more attractive than white women but every race has its own features that makes them attractive and preferences can differ. Arab women have a very unique Attractiveness and I find them very appaeling and like also their behavior, eyes etc. but what I dont get. Why are the woman above picked look almost all very non-arabic to me. Most of them look like white woman but what I want to say: Arab women who look non-white and “very arabic” are also very attractive (more attractive to me)

    My first choice to select a beautiful lovely woman ———– non other than Beautiful Arab Girl/Woman.
    Thanks for giving me a chance to comment here.

  22. U said shakira half colombian half lebanese and doesnot say haifa half lebanese half egyptian plus u miss much more naturally beautifull girls in arab world. Most of those ones had lots of plastic surgeries.

  23. They are JUST eFFing BEAUTIFUL!! And seemed most of Lebanon. But WAFAA from Egypt is Most Beautiful to me.

  24. ايها سافل لاحمق كاذب مخنث

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