Top 10 Deadliest Forces of the World

1. U.S. Navy SEALs

The United States Navy SEALs, also known as the SEAL teams, are highly esteemed for their exceptional underwater operations, special reconnaissance, counterterrorism efforts, hostage rescues, and unconventional warfare capabilities. Notably, a team authorized by Barack Obama successfully eliminated Osama bin Laden in his compound in Pakistan, and three Navy SEALs heroically neutralized three Somali pirates who had taken a captain hostage.

U.S. Navy SEALs deadliest forces

If you are looking for what are deadliest forces in the world then you have just reached the perfect place. Here we have compiled a top ten list of deadliest forces all over the world. Got a war, civil uprising, or special mission you need to be sorted out? Call in these deadliest forces and then hope for the best.

2. Alpha Group

Alpha Group, Russia’s renowned counter-terrorist squad, comprises 700 formidable operatives known for their assertive approach. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, Alpha Group has remained intact since its establishment in 1974. One of their most famous operations was the Beslan school hostage crisis in 2004, where they managed to neutralize 31 terrorists. However, tragically, more than 350 civilians also lost their lives.

Alpha Group Deadliest Forces of the World

3. The Kaibiles

Hailing from Guatemala, the fearless counterrevolutionary commando force known as The Kaibiles excels in jungle warfare and counterinsurgency operations. Founded in 1975, their motto embodies their dedication: “If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me.” In an ill-fated UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, eight Kaibiles lost their lives and five were wounded during an ambush while attempting to capture the deputy commander of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army.

The Kaibiles Deadliest Forces

4. Sayeret Matkal

Sayeret Matkal, the elite special forces unit of the Israeli Defense Force, specializes in small arms, martial arts, and gathering deep intelligence from enemy lines. They frequently engage in counterterrorism assignments and hostage rescues. Operation Entebbe, a notable mission in 1976, showcased their capabilities when they successfully freed hostages held on Air France flight 139 at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport. The operation resulted in the loss of one Israeli soldier, 45 Ugandan soldiers, six hijackers, and three hostages, while approximately 100 hostages were saved.

Sayeret Matkal Deadliest Forces

5. Kopassus

Indonesia’s formidable special forces group, Kopassus, was established in 1952 and swiftly gained notoriety for their involvement in government military campaigns. In 1981, Kopassus commandos swiftly responded to an Islamic extremist group hijacking Garuda Flight 206. Employing a rapid operation, they neutralized three hijackers and secured the freedom of 50 passengers.


6. Special Service Group (SSG)

Pakistan’s highly skilled and well-equipped Special Service Group, known as SSG, excels in unconventional warfare, sabotage, intelligence gathering, close-quarter battle, and espionage. During a 1994 hostage crisis involving an Afghan hijacked school bus carrying 74 children and eight teachers, SSG commandos tactfully used an explosion as a diversion and successfully eliminated the three hijackers.

Special Service Group (SSG) Deadliest Forces

7. Delta Force

Delta Force, officially known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, is an acclaimed US Army special operations force. They played significant roles in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, reportedly entering Baghdad in advance to guide airstrikes and disrupt Iraqi communication lines.

Delta Force Deadliest Forces

8. British SAS

The British SAS (Special Air Service) excels in close-target reconnaissance and counterrevolutionary warfare. They are renowned for their adaptability in diverse terrains such as mountains, jungles, deserts, and urban environments. After a 1980 hostage crisis at the Iranian embassy in London, SAS troopers effectively employed stun grenades to disorient the terrorists, resulting in the elimination of five out of six terrorists and the rescue of 19 hostages.

British SAS

9. Eko Cobra

Eko Cobra is Austria’s crack counter-terrorism unit, consisting of 200 highly trained operatives. They have earned great respect for their expertise in climbing abilities and are known for their remarkable Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

One of their most notable operations involved ending a plane hijacking while the aircraft was still in the air. In 1996, four Eko Cobra members were on board an Aeroflot Tupolev 154, escorting deported prisoners to Lagos. During the flight, an escaped Nigerian prisoner brandished a knife and demanded to be taken to Germany or South Africa. The skilled Eko Cobra commandos swiftly incapacitated the individual and handed him over to authorities upon landing.

Eko Cobra

10. Special Air Service Regiment

The Special Air Service Regiment, commonly referred to as SAS, is the elite special forces unit of the Australian Army. It is divided into three squadrons, each specializing in counter-terrorism, surveillance and reconnaissance, and other assault operations.
Two SAS troopers, Mark Donaldson and Ben Roberts-Smith, were awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for their courageous acts during their service in Afghanistan.

These forces, ranging from the U.S. Navy SEALs to the Special Air Service Regiment, represent some of the deadliest and most skilled special operations units in the world. They are called upon to tackle high-risk missions, including counter-terrorism, hostage rescues, and unconventional warfare. Their expertise, bravery, and relentless dedication make them invaluable assets in maintaining global security.

Special Air Service Regiment


66 responses to “Top 10 Deadliest Forces of the World”

  1. ADHD Avatar

    the SAS is the worlds number one by far………the SEALS are good but not too sure if they are in the top 5….yes yes they killded Bin Laden great but this doesnt make em the best….propoganda????

  2. Ian Avatar

    I would say Brit Special Services (composed of the SAS and SBS) are wicked good and should be higher on the list, but SFOD/D and the SEAL teams,heck JSOC has them beat by far. ADHD, the OP that resulted in the death of OBM was one of thousands the SEALS undertake each year and just the very tip of what they can do, so no, it isn’t propaganda, its the cold hard truth.

  3. aras Avatar

    aras in lithuania is the best :)))))

  4. doc Avatar

    what about GROM? The only special unit that never lost a single man in 500 ops.

  5. JDoe Avatar

    I think this post just shows a total lack of research

    Case and point: The SEALs are not the best America has to offer. DEVGRU and Delta are. Seal Team 6 is known as Devgru, they are the handpicked best of the SEALs (who are themselves already best of the best). Delta too are aces from the Rangers, Special Forces and elsewhere.

  6. commander Avatar

    Hey don’t forget USAF Pararescue, they are essentially by Seals but go in specifically to get the injured out

  7. Endin Avatar

    I think Kopassus is number 1 XD

  8. zoekhrie Avatar


  9. Qleif Avatar

    Kopassus is number one, they can to be tigger in second.

  10. Qleif Avatar

    i see koppasus in youtube. they just poor in weapons only. if mybe all of army using same guns, i think they can be number one or number two.

  11. Qleif Avatar

    you can see in picture, they just use a stick 🙂 “lol”

  12. donato santos Avatar
    donato santos

    Philippine Army Special Forces

    On April 6, 1990, Capt. Arturo B. Ortiz led five teams of the 606th Special Forces Company, Philippine Army in a raid against a large Communist Terrorist training camp in Negros Occidental. Under cover of darkness, Ortiz led his troops on a grueling 11-hour cross-country foot march, scaling a 1,000-foot high cliff, enabling his units to infiltrate the enemy position while avoiding booby traps and Claymore mines. Aware that air support and artillery fire would be futile due to the dense forest cover, Ortiz instructed his men to move as close as 10 meters from the enemy periphery before launching the surprise attack. Moving from one team to the other, he encouraged his men, directing their line of fire in order to spare the women and children in the encampment.

    The two-hour gunbattle resulted in 84 terrorists killed and eight captured. Recovered from the enemy were 33 assorted firearms, 21 rifle grenades, several hand grenades, five ICOM radios, and other enemy equipment.

    Friendly Casualty : 1 slightly wounded

  13. faisal saleem awan Avatar
    faisal saleem awan

    Special Service Group (SSG) is the no 1.

  14. chank Avatar

    I love KOPASSUS…..Bravo…..

  15. Aldy ardyansah Avatar

    Indonesian Kopassus the best special forces in the world!!!!!

  16. 75th Ranger Avatar
    75th Ranger

    Delta Force and SEALs go hand in hand and they are the top 2 SAS is up there too but they just dont quite make the cut

  17. ghost recon Avatar
    ghost recon

    pakisthani spacial force is much more lowered ranked in world…and indian special force is more courageous and tactful then them.

  18. yasir Avatar

    pakistani forces should be on the top of list

  19. nebula Avatar

    paksithani forces are low ranked sas is the best of all

  20. kabar pendidikan Avatar

    Kopassus is the best. even they elite force from third world

  21. Edu Article Avatar

    Kopassus is the best. even this elite force from third world…

  22. Vandals Avatar

    Kopassus is the best skill…. No high technology.

  23. Frank Avatar

    China SF Most advanced
    Vietcong Regular Soldiers beat U.S SEAls Won vs. USA
    N. Korea SF won war vs. USA
    Spetsnaz low trigger time
    Israel Commandos Most time in hostile area
    German SS
    British SAS
    U.S SEALs & S. Korean SEALs Same training, tied
    Spain SF
    Green Berets Sloppy operators
    U.S Army Ranger equals others regular infantry
    Kaibiles Guatemala
    French Navy Commando

  24. Frank Avatar

    The #1 best & most advanced is China SF’s followed by Vietcong’s regular Army which is more fierce than the all others including U.S SEALs whom they beat. #3 is North Korea because N.K beat the U.S in the Korean War.

  25. Unknown Avatar

    Dont even take it Seriouly the fact seals are at top show who every wrote this has no idea what their talking about

    1. CIA SAD / MI6 ( not militray units but innovative operators who were in tier 1)
    2. SFOD-D ( delta force ) / SAS
    3. DEVGRU / SBS ( these groups have less experience then Delta / SAS )
    4. GIGN
    5. Australian SAS

  26. ImTheMan Avatar

    The real list:
    1) Delta Force
    2) Seals
    3) SAS
    4) SBS.

    US special forces r the best in the world. without a doubt.

  27. SRJ Avatar

    -Delta Force (CAG, ACE) A Squad, B Squad, C Squad
    -DEVGRU (Team Six)
    -24th Special Tactics Squad (USAF)

    These, among others, make JSOC. The world needs to be thankful we have these teams, they are all excellent.

  28. Top Ten Armies Avatar

    Sayeret Matkal
    Delta force
    Thanks a lot you guys for bringing peace.

  29. James Avatar


  30. India rox Avatar

    LOL, how did SSG even come on this list? In 1965, they went into Kashmir with 120 men, came back with 18, in 1971, they did some damage to our posts, but their commander surrendered, in Kargil, they got owned completely, and a bunch of students in Lal Masjid was so hard for the SSG to clear.

  31. Riz Avatar

    U.S. SEALS and U.S. Delta Force are the best with out a doubt.

  32. Steven Avatar

    The SAS/SBS are the worlds original Special Forces, whilst the US Delta was formed as a direct result of their British counterparts. In fact they run crossover/parallel training exercises together. The New Zealand and Aussie SAS are at the same level. Similarly, the South African ‘Recces’ (now SF Brigade and arenot employed by the SA army) employ similar training skills – back in the day they even shared a military unit (see the retired C Squadron and 3 Recce – which also included the Rhodesian Selous Scouts). Spetsnaz Alpha is near the top because soldiers are known to be killed during live fire training exercises. The Israelis are also not feared for nothing – Shayatet 13 as well as Sayaret Matkal (and then there’s the close relationship shared by Israel and ‘old’ South Africa since the early 70’s). As has been mentioned somewhere, the current Ghurkas are excellent as well – their selection course is tough with an average of 1.5% qualification rate from applicants (avg: 15000+) to final recruits (200+), although they’re more of a conventional army than an elite force.
    Just because a Special Forces unit is NOT in the public eye such as the SAS and Navy SEAL’s, doesn’t mean they’re any less good. A country’s politics and even names and ranks may change, but the military structures usually remain. Let’s not discount the French Foreign Legion (most of their units are Commando trained, plus they perform the duties and are sent to places that no one else wants to, or can afford to go to – because they don’t have an allegiance), then there’s the German KSK (1100 members), the French GIGN (420 members), the Brazilian GRUMEC’s (very small in number but whose training mirror that of the SEAL’s and SBS) …
    Standards are usually shared across alliances with training exchanges and joint operations – it’s very hard to pick “the best”, as collectively they all are, or are marginally better suited than anyone else on their home turf (ie. Some are better in the jungles, some in the snow, the veld, desert or sea, depending on what country they’re from)

  33. abbaz Avatar

    MARCOS the marine commandos of indian army is the best

  34. Kris Chottemanda poovaih Avatar

    There are no proper yard sticks to measure the performance of the commando forces ….but buy considering the real time performance …I think Israeli commandos stand on the top …followed by merciless Russian commandos ..example :daring Israeli rescue of Air France passengers. ….

  35. roni Avatar

    I think KOPASSUS is the number one deadly force in the world, not number 5.
    my my, see that picture, they used weapon only stick for kill the hijackers, just think what if they used machine gun. ha.. ha.. ha.. LOL :))
    I Love KOPASSUS!!! Bravo KOPASSUS!!!

  36. shay Avatar

    1. Delta Force failed in Somalia the Pakistani and Malaysian who saved them.
    Conclusion: No Rank.
    2. Navy Seal was treat like delivery boy by SAS so failed
    Conclusion: No Rank
    3. Israeli special force shot one of their own when other country try to send medical team to Palestine.
    Conclusion: Worst then normal soldier. WTF commando????
    4. SAS yes this is really fucking good team. A teacher to a lot of country for special operation but I more Prefer SBS.
    5. Kopassus try to strike the new independent country which is Malaysia but failed.
    Conclusion: No rank
    6. Alpha Group not as good as Vymphel. So in Russia Vymphel is the best even when they got tiny operator who operate as Vymphel.
    7. Takavar, the latest news they captured the British Royal Marines.
    Conclusion: A commando capture the enemy commando, definitely had to be at top of rank.
    8. Paskal, as I refer this team is from Malaysia. Where no country is able to capture a pirate but this team is able to do it. The new said South korean and Philippines are try to learn from this team.
    Conclusion: Definitely in top 5.

    This the only force that i have watched for years, the SSG and MARCOS is still undetected under radar so i can’t comment anything. Maybe there are really good. To think there are Navy SEAL and Delta Force in the rank is so funny. Plus the Israeli Special Force who shot one of their own is more funny cause they fought with volunteer people with no gun at all. Even now I Still laugh at those guy. So weird haw can they become commando even they don’t have the skill to become a mere policemen.

  37. aniq Avatar

    kopassus famous operation…wtf???..regular policeman can do that kind of operation…damn…such a poor country in asean..

  38. Name (Required) Avatar

    What rubbish.??
    what about the indian PARA COMMANDOS , MARCOS and NSG..???
    Even the US SF come to india to train with them..!!
    They have the formidable reputation in jungle and mountain warfare..!!
    you know ones the green berets refused to train with Para Commandos after reviewing the degree of toughness of training…70-80 km run with full combat load without haulting..??can any sf does that..ha,.??n that too to be completed within 24 hours without stopping or else u r disqualified..!! INDIAN SFs have been most sucessful and experienced in geurilla warfare and jungle warefare..!!coz their motto is fight the geurilla like a geurilla..!!

  39. Name (Required) Avatar

    if anybody has doubt,then come to cobra and enjoy indian jungles to have a first hand feel of indian heat,sweat and blood………

  40. jim boden Avatar

    you guys forgot a truly nasty bunch, Canada’s JTF 2, the elite skimmed from the cream of the VanDoos regiment

  41. BISWAJIT Avatar

    where is the indian N.S.G commando. group.Are not they the best commando group?

  42. marcos Avatar

    10 international combat team competition in 2007 was conducted by gsg9 all over world 50elite forces participate but msg won the competition prove best in elite club

  43. marcos Avatar

    ssg is not much experience than Marcos.
    India is the best

  44. Nasti Avatar

    Indonesian Boy Scout..what we call ‘Pramuka’…is the best special forces in the world!!!!

  45. Cameron Ninawale Avatar
    Cameron Ninawale

    1st Batalion, Royal Pacific Islands Regiment of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force has some of the best jungle fighting soldiers in the world. Which is why the Australian SAS regularly engages in joint training exercises with the PNGDF to hone their jungle warfare skills.

  46. Jeremy Avatar

    Every time there’s a list like this you get a bunch of whiners jumping on crowing about how great the SAS is. I’m not saying they’re not good, but when in joint training they were whining and pouting to take tea time during a patrol that doesn’t exactly endear me to their skills. And don’t even get me started on the Israelis; most overrated military force in the world.

  47. charles Avatar

    Kopassus no 1
    when Kopassus troops just want to add, the American objection to the decision of Indonesia

  48. guliguli Avatar

    Bin laden’s and saddam’s garda are the best….No doubt!!!

  49. Alexander the Great Avatar
    Alexander the Great

    What about the French foreign legion?

  50. Mexico Number One Avatar
    Mexico Number One

    Why is Kaibiles here when theor accomplishment is only to get shot and die? Also dos erres when all they did was kill civilians? They are just famous for biting off the heads of puppies but the enemies kill them like crazy. GAFES number one!

  51. Matheus Borges Avatar
    Matheus Borges

    Anyone knows BOPE(Brazil)???

  52. Bryan Avatar

    The person who came up with this list obviously doesn’t know much about special forces units.
    The British SAS is the elite special force unit in the world.
    All other top special force units around the world have been taught by the SAS.

  53. Bryan Avatar

    SAS make Navy Seals look like girl scouts.

  54. OMG Avatar


  55. BUTT Avatar

    Pak ssg should be ranked in top 5 as per as training nd achievments are concerned ………………………………is there any special force known whose two commandos handle 20 talibans with bear hands ………we have those …Alamgirians!!!

  56. Chicken Avatar

    Eat some chicken

  57. qaim ali baloch Avatar
    qaim ali baloch

    {ssg}is most power full army becuse they never fiel fear,they don’t love with life.pakistan zindabad,ghulami karne se marna hame pasand hai,inshallah one day pak army will becume world’s 1st powerfull army,

  58. Toyo Avatar

    Kopassus mysterious and very powerful in the world and we are very proud with Kopassus ❗

  59. Ola89 Avatar

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  60. sfwefwef Avatar

    lol, SEAL?
    SEAL is SEAL, DG is DG. the SEALs is the tier2 SF. Do you know whats the differences?

  61. Cande Avatar

    Call me wind because I am abullsteoy blown away.

  62. Shah Avatar

    I think the malaysian army force(grup gerak khas)… Save delta force and ranger force (70 specialist personal) during the black hawk down incident… They should be in the list….

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