The 21 Sexiest Miranda Cosgrove Photos Of All Time

miranda cosgrove cleavage

maranda cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove is a beautiful American singer and actress. She was discovered at a young age singing and dancing around a table in a restaurant, where an agent saw her talent and quickly signed her. Miranda’s career started with commercials for Burger King, McDonalds and more as she auditioned for many roles and finally won her first role as the band’s manager in the movie, School of Rock (2003).

Quote by Mrianda Cosgrove:

Sometimes I get kind of bored if I go like a month or so and I’m not doing anything. At first I’m like, ‘Cool, I’ll have a little time off and I’ll get to hang out with friends,’ but then after a little while goes by I’m like, ‘Oh,’ and I really wish that I could go back and start doing work again. IMDB

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  1. Modestino Castelluccio Avatar
    Modestino Castelluccio

    very beautyfull smile

  2. John Marchese Avatar

    According to this you stated “The 21 Sexiest Miranda Cosgrove Photos Of All Time”

    After looking at all twenty one photos of Miranda Cosgrove they ( meaning the pictures ) should be named Pretty, lovely, cute, beautiful .. but there are no “Sexy” pics isuch as “Nipslip, Upskirt, Camel toe, Down Blouse panty photos . So these cannot be called sexy ! Lovely, Beautiful Yes only

  3. hugh Avatar

    Yep, super pretty. Nobody is buying the Freddie and Carly deal. Its creepy and un natural

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