The 30 Best Pictures of Dakota Fanning You Were Looking For

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beautiful hair of Dakota Fanning

Here is a perfect collection of Dakota Fanning Photos you were looking for. Lets read little about Dakota Fanning. Born in 1994, this cute American actress started acting at very young age. She began her acting career at the age of five when she was picked for a Tide detergent commercial. At the age of eight, she became the youngest person to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award – for her supporting acting in the movie I Am Sam (2001).

When she received the Best Young Actor/Actress award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association for her performance in I Am Sam (2001), she was too short to reach the microphone to give her acceptance speech. Presenter Orlando Bloom held her up to the mike for the duration of her speech, which turned out to be quite long.

Dakota says that “I’ve always wanted to be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve always played the mom and I play my sister as the daughter. I wanted to be an actress on television and movies instead of just around the house.”

No more words, lets go through this compilation of sexy pictures of Dakota Fanning.

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A big thanks to tumblr for these sexy pictures of Dakota Fanning. If you like this post then don’t forget to checkout our previous post about Sexy Karlie Kloss Pictures.

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  1. Subliminal Odyssey Avatar
    Subliminal Odyssey

    Dakota Fanning sends my rocket to the moon. She has the perfect look, the perfect body, and the perfect everything. She’s the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century.

  2. Hi Peope Avatar
    Hi Peope

    FAP FAP FAP… I need Toiled Paper after this!

  3. ridhin sain Avatar
    ridhin sain

    Nice collections

  4. ridhin sain Avatar
    ridhin sain

    She is so cute in all images

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