The 21 Best European Holiday Destinations You Should See Before You Die


Here we have gathered a list of 21 best of the best European holiday destinations. All of us are looking for something-something that ultimately provides peace to the mind and soul. Some find peace by listening to good music whilst for others a cup of excellently brewed coffee has it all. In all the struggle of finding peace, we often forget where it actually lies. There is a need to understand that money may lead to a luxurious lifestyle, but it does not necessarily guarantee a peaceful one. We tend to ignore the fact that nothing can calm our minds and souls simultaneously like nature.
Take yourself away from all this chaos. Imagine yourself walking ashore as the sun sets in the horizon. The weak rays of sunlight warming your skin as the light breeze play with your hair. The wet sand on your bare feet being washed away from time to time by a wave of cold water emerging from the sea. The sound of the rippling water, the saltiness in the air, inhaling, and feeling what it is really like to breathe and live. Comprehending the vastness of the world. Far in the distance, a piece of land in the middle of the sea, looking picturesque with gray mountains behind the green forest. The palm trees loaded with big, ripe coconuts. It all sounds so clichéd, nonetheless serene and soothing.
If you are looking for such a moment; dreamlike yet guarantying inner peace, then you ought to have a look at what Mother Nature has to offer. Once in a life, you should witness these best European holiday destinations.

01. Northern lights, Sweden

In the far northwest corner of Sweden, located deep within the vast area of Arctic Circle, lies the Sweden Lapland that offers the jaw-dropping view, called the Northern Lights. The dark sky is filled with a spectrum of green and pink lights during winters (from November till April). Definitely what you call a ‘magical night’, it is a sight worth viewing, but make sure you dress up appropriately for the harsh weather!

northern-lights-sweden - best European holiday destinations

02. Chamonix, France

Where the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy meet, rests the beautiful Chamonix, a resort area to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the base of a summit with the highest altitude in the Alps, Mont-Blanc. It is one of the oldest ski resorts in France and one of the finest places, toured by several nature-lovers throughout the year. There are several sports to indulge in this snow-capped area.


03. Amfalfi Coast, Italy

Covering at least 50 kilometers of the coastline along the southern area of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region, is the amazingly seductive Amfalfi Coast. Aside from the beaches, the Coast has some of the fantastic places to dine in. The hotels have a view of the seaside with the colorful small villages dominated by fishermen. It is no doubt, a wonderful place to spend those perfect holidays you have been planning for a while now.

best European holiday destinations - amalfi-coast-italy

04. Halstatt, Austria

The beautiful scenario of this small village located in Salzkammergut, a district in the Upper Austria will leave you dumbfounded. The crystal-clear water of the lake holds the reflection of the small slope-roof houses constructed on the green mountains towering it from the sides. A very popular destination amongst the tourists, the village possesses the highest level of serenity.


05. Plitvice Lake, Croatia

In Croatia, southern Europe is a national park known to mankind for centuries. The water from the mountains forms a small creek that is further divided into several small waterfalls which fall down into another lake that extends into the sea. It is a profoundly refreshing view and the main source for extracting limestone and chalk.


06. Meteora, Greece

The word Meteora is a Greek word, literally meaning ‘in the heavens above’. They are basically the biggest monasteries witnessed today. As per the archeologists, the monasteries have been on Earth since 11th c. At the foot of these rock towers, is a small town known as Kalampaka.

best European holiday destinations - meteora-greece

07. Preikstolen, Norway

A gigantic cliff situated in Forsand, Ryfylke, Norway that reaches up to 600 meters is what we know as Preikestolen, also known as ‘The Pulpit Rock’. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Those looking for a rush of adrenaline should visit the place so as to hike to the flat top of the cliff. Looking down, you can spot a creek and small villages.


08. Matterhorn, Switzerland

Just the sight of this mountain will take your breath away! The gigantic mountain situated in the Alps is often called the Mountain of the Mountains. Completely buried under snow, it attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists yearly and is the pride of Zermatt, a Swiss town situated at its foot.


09. Cappadocia, Turkey

Situated in a semi-arid region in south central Turkey, southeast of Ankara, the place holds historical importance. It has unique geological features; a rough surface with tall, upside-down cone-shaped rocks also referred to as ‘fairy chimneys’. Once it was habituated, now leaving behind remains of the underground cities.


10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

A nineteenth-century massive castle, with intricate interior and exterior, it is built on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen in southwest Bavaria. Although it is a man-made creation, it does not fail to amaze you as it is nothing less than what you will ‘the dream residence’.


11. Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Another creation of man from the medieval ages that revives your fantasies of huge awesomely furnished palaces. Constructed on the small island located near Normandy, surrounded by the Couesnon River near Avranches. The landmark with Gothic Architecture when lit up looks dramatic.


12. Santorini, Greece

Rebuilt on a tiny island in Greece, after the land was completely ruined due to volcanic eruption a few centuries ago, this small, serene town is completely picturesque with its white-washed houses. The beaches are dotted with black, red and white lava pebbles, contributing to its beauty.


13. Verdon Gorge, France

This river lies in south-eastern France, running about 25 kilometers long and 700 meters deep. On its banks is the small country of Verdon, known for its vibrant outlook and a natural aroma that fills the air. A place definitely to become a favorite for those who like to have thrilling adventures on both, land and under water.

best European holiday destinations - verdon-gorge-france

14. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, the waterfall that drops a perilous 60 meters, rests between Selfoss ans Skogafoss. The surroundings are totally scenic with all the greenery. It is rare to come across such interesting natural gifts given my mother nature for us to enjoy; its main attraction lies in the fact that one can walk behind it.


15. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. A landscape beholding ultimate beauty, it is THE place for those who have the mind and soul of a painter or writer. The green meadow, the fresh air, the snow-capped Apennine Mountains and the sunny beaches all combine to produce this artistic heritage.


16. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

These cliffs are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. The reach up to a height of 214m and stretch a total of 8 kilometers. This scenic beauty perhaps has the largest number of tourists (roughly a million) pouring in to witness it. When viewed from the north, you will spot a natural rocky sculpture of a seated woman. The word ‘Moher’ means ‘ruined fort’ and although no trace of any fort has ever been discovered, it is said that there used to be a fort constructed here a few centuries ago.


17. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The lake is shared by both France and Switzerland. It is probably the only scenic beauty mentioned so often by tourists and writers alike. It is one of the largest lakes in Europe, frozen for most time of the year. The mountains by which the lake flows by are completely buried under snow. The region is believed to have a lot of historical buildings to its credit.


18. French Riveria, France

A lavish resort supported by beautiful natural features such as the clean beaches and optimal weather favored a lot for those who are looking forwards to spending vacations to remember for all times to come. This site maintains a wonderful balance between God’s and man’s creation. It is situated on the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France.


19. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and the largest. It is divided by the Vltava River. Its buildings are based on Gothic Architecture, which was very popular in the medieval ages.


20 Piran, Slovenia

As pretty as its name, Piran is a magical town in southwestern Slovenia on the Gulf of Piran on the Adriatic Sea. The town is known for its incredible architecture from medieval times. The town also happens to offer a variety of attractions.


21. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Switzerland, the land of beauty, stands true to its description by owning the 72 cascades, colorful alpine green patches, and mountains, creating a surreal and peaceful environment, one loves to be in.


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