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48 Killer Female Soldiers From Various Countries

Pakistani Female Soldier

Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these  can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures of female soldiers and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls? Feel free to share your views in comments!

Note: We will add more pictures from remaining countries as well we find time to time in future.


Israeli Women Soldiers

South Korean Women Soldier

Italian Women  Soldiers

Russian Female Soldier

Poland Female Soldier

Czesh Republic Female Soldier

Austrian Female Soldier

Indonesian Female Soldier

Chinese Female Soldier

UK Female Soldier

Canadian Female Soldier

Taiwan Female Soldier

Norway Female Soldier

Estonian Female Soldier

Portuguese Female Soldier

US Female Soldier

Peruvian Female Soldier

Netherlands (Holland) Female Soldier

Serbian Female Soldier

Algerian Female Soldier

Greece Female Soldier

Lithuanian Female Soldier

Finnish Female Soldier

Switzerland Female Soldier

Romanian Female Soldier

Vietnam Female Soldier

Brazilian Female Soldier

Japanese Female Soldier

Iranian Female Soldier

Colombian Female Soldier

Belgium Female Soldier

Ukrainian Female Soldier

Mexican Female Soldier

Turkish Female Soldier

French Female Soldier

Nepali Female Soldiers

Indian Female Soldiers

Australian Female Soldier

Polish Female Soldier

New Zealand Female Soldier

Spanish Female Soldier

Serbian Female Soldiers

Bahrain Female Soldiers

German Female Soldiers

Swedish Female Soldier

Kenyan Female Soldiers

Chilean Female Soldier



191 thoughts on “48 Killer Female Soldiers From Various Countries”

  1. By the way! Your Netherlands (Holland) Female Soldier is actually a Canadian Logistics Soldier

  2. I think no one matches with Taiwanese soldier, she is most beautiful and looking brave in the list 🙂

  3. I will be happy when war is no more and the need for soldiers, male or female is a thing of the past.

  4. Iran, Bahrain, India, and Kenyan? Killer? Maybe in the literal sense, but not within the figurative sense – those are BUTT*OR Faces – thise butts? Or faces?

  5. the indonesian actualy also using a police uniform, not the soldier uniform. and the fact is, she isn’t a real cop, just an indonesian movie star, who using police uniform

  6. What you claim as Indonesian soldier was actually a model who joint Miss Universe beauty pageant and what she is wearing is police uniform. The Polda tag on her left hand is abbreviation of Kepolisi Daerah or District Police. By the way, her name is Nadine Chandrawinata. Please googling using that name and compare!
    Russian female soldier with those long nails?

  7. no. 2 Greece Female Soldier no 3 Finnish Female Soldier. no 4 Serbian Female Soldiers no 5 Japanese Female Soldier

  8. in my view the Indian girl is da best irrespectiv of gender dats da actual attitude/intensity for sum1 in military.luk at her she is silent but in her lives a storm,she’s calm but careful.look at her eyes confident,her fingers on the trigger…….but must say wid all da pics ,i think evry girl in da list luk more beautiful 4 da uniform dey r in.

  9. lolz u ppl hav read the response of an indian “Sutanu” he/ she says that indian soldier girl was the best, lolz she is the most misfit in the list, wat about Pakistani hottie she is on the top of the list man, Pakistan Rocks!!!!

  10. sucksssss. alooooot.!! women in military…. totaly uncool man.. these all chiks make me winer tighter.. shiiiit… its like a pornography..

  11. Many were beautiful. However, the finnish and the swedish soldier really stood out! Very Hollywood. Unfortunately, I never saw foriegn hotty-soldiers while I was in service.

  12. These are really killer girls.
    I liked all of them. he he he he he…………. 🙂

  13. What you said as Indonesia Female soldier is not actual soldier. Even the uniform is not for soldier but for police officer. And the girl is an actress acting as a policewoman. Be carfeul bro….

  14. They’re all wonderful examples of female soldiers. Some are prettier than others based on cultural preference. But I was more interested in the uniforms and I found the Greek and Taiwanese outfits to be really smart.
    Congratulations to all of them!!

  15. @LoL March 11, 2010 at 7:29 am |

    Ti si vjerovatno usrani Hrvat, hebo svoju mater Ä‘ubrovu.

  16. اتمنى ان اقيم علاقة معهم كلهم

  17. well, that Indonesian Female Soldier, wasn’t actually a soldier. She was Miss Indonesia 2008, I think.

    wondering if there’s a soldier like that in indonesia, quite impossible.

  18. Wow the Greek girl was the best. So beautiful and Mediterranean looking. But overall these girls (except the Indian one) are very beautiful.

  19. Serbia ftw definitley! Both of them absolutely stunning
    A bit disappointed by Russia, but well we cannot always ;P

  20. In my personal view the Ukrainian Female Soldier will make top to the list? reson being she will make the enemy lay aram?? jut see how errected salute and who will dare to fire at her?? If any body is in dubai he must be knowing how good soldier these girls are from Russisan states?? who can fight with them.

  21. most beautiful amongst all is south Korean soldier, Romanian soldier is looking like a model in forces, Iranian soldiers r looking as if they r force fully paraded, Peruvian Female Soldier looks like a kid has been given a big heavy weapon for just photography,Brazilian Female Soldier appears to ready for the offensive , but the best of them all is Indian female soldier.

  22. Anyone notice something amiss with the US female solider? Look at her eyes. With all of the reports of sexual abuse that come out of the US armed forces, I can’t help but feel sad looking into her eyes. She looks sad and disgusted, almost disgusted with herself. It looks like she was forced into taking the picture. “Come on baby, smile real purty for the camera”.

  23. @subash
    I don’t know, it seems you like women with hairline moustaches. 😉

    For me personally, the Belgian pilot wins.

  24. Greece wins this battle IMO. I like the Japanese, Taiwanese, Vitnamese, and Austerian as well.
    Looks like from the comments beauty is more subjective than I thought.

  25. The photograph which says “Turkish female soldiers” is wrong. They are not soldierS, they are police; you have to check your data, idiots.

  26. Kind of an insult to so many fine fighting women that you lumped so many female cops in there. yes, both do a difficult job but police are not soldiers and vice versa.

  27. Hey, Nic. You consider it an insult to include cops, but you don’t bother to mention all of these women are included in here because someone thinks they’re hot? This whole project is degrading to women. How do you think they would feel if they knew thousands…perhaps millions…of guys around the world are now sitting in front of their computers masturbating to their photos?
    Personally, I don’t care. I’m about to rub one out now. It just seems odd that you would pick such a trivial reason to complain.

    Jonny: Perhaps the US solider is upset at being in an unjust war. Being used as a pawn by GW Bush to fight for oil in the Middle East.

  28. hmm the indonesian one, she’s not a soldier… she’s Nadine Chandrawinata, former of Miss Indonesia 2005.. now she’s become an actress, model and ambassador of many products…

  29. Please….
    You selected the worst brazilians female soldiers to show!!!
    I’m brazilian and i know many other much better!!!!
    If you want one… ask me!

  30. why did they pick the asian to represent us aussies? FUCK! where the blonde haired, blue eyed babe we’re famous for?

  31. Please Show This to our Indian Politicians, See how Malnourished Indian Soldier looks. They are given responsibility. But Paid Less. give them Good Food and Family holidays every 4 months. Stop corruption all around even in Defense.

  32. ok dont beleive all these pics they were just found on the net that supposed finnish girl lol she aint finnish she is a girl from my home town in mississippi hell i dont even think she is in the military

  33. The Estonian girl looks 12yrs old … WTF!! Finnish girl is by far the best looking… Indian girl just looks like she’s open up on her own captain given an excuse!

  34. Indonesian, Serbian and Romanian solders are the most beautiful solders u could find on the face of the earth.

    And the Kenyans are the scariest ones.

    And respect for the Belgian female pilot. She looks awsome.

  35. Well, here they don’t represent all female soildiers. Bangladesh has also female force. better make the site for all female killers. 🙂

  36. Hi all Girls Very nice and beautiful
    I am proud of you because you are server for country and its people. I like it your Parents and I am salute to you. I am male and my age is twenty-one. I am belonged from Pakistan.
    any girls want friendship with me so contact me and tell me about your slef.

  37. i wished always of being one of these girls but my parents refuses the idea iam really broud of all the girs exapt the isreal ons

  38. In reply to US Soldier. Anyone thought that it’s hot and she has been working all day? Why does everything have to be political about the US being over there? Anyone know just how many countries have rotated troops in and out of Iraq and Afghan in the past decade? Once we get enough people who know how many countries have been involved then you can start posting about it.

    Sgt. Kevin Young US Army

  39. Firstly, a number of these photos are not of soldiers. For example, the woman wearing the beret badge that says “RAF” is clearly a member of the Royal Air Force – she’s an airman, not a soldier.

    Secondly, learn the difference between noun and adjective forms of countries’ names.

  40. Very beautiful… うつくしい (utsukushii). The female soldier in the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force).

  41. The Swedish soldier is the prettiest, but, they all look nice, however, I wouldn’t like to meet any of them on the battlefield.

  42. why did they pick the asian to represent us aussies? FUCK! where the blonde haired, blue eyed babe we’re famous for?

    hey luke

    Mate i have been in the forces and that girl represents australian soldiers…we have a very multicultural army…join up and find out as all aussie services are volunteers and no national service like lots of other countries…

    and yes alot of these girls do look like models


  44. To MARGIE and Luke

    You are surely entitled to your opinions about the representation of Australia.

    However, any Australian who dedicate their career and livelihood to the defence of this country is good enough to represent Australia, whatever their ethnicity.

    I know the internet is full of narrow-mindedness, so I suppose these sort of response shouldn’t be surprising, but it is dissapointing that they appear to originate from Australians.

  45. Ok, so, the picture of the “Israeli Female Soldiers” is actually not Israeli soldiers. They are doing a program for ppl from outside of the country to come to Israel to see what the army is like. They arent from Israel. Just saying. And the guns that they are using, not working guns. Just saying. And I know this b/c i did that program myself.

  46. PAKISTANI girl is most beautifull and looks serious in serving her country others look models in their army

  47. Israeli and Serbian. The Swedish one is a model. Oh and the Portuguese one the dude behind that chick is totally checking out her ass. Canadian soldiers are soft.

  48. damn i want them all expect the chick from the Netherlands (Holland), Indian, and Bahrain. the rest are fair game, i want them all in one night.

  49. I am in the US Army and they say we are supposed to have some of the most advanced weapons systems, and take a look at the Peruvian chicks weapon or the Turkish body armor))) Ya right!!!!

  50. “turkish female soldiers” 🙂 they are not soldiers 🙂 they are turkish “riot police”

  51. The Indonesian “soldier” should be taken off. She was a cop, and it was a cop uniform she wore.

  52. I should take the pakistani, but greece is best here. Sorry for the US guys, get better one. lol.

  53. did yall notice the English ones from canada us uk attract attention??, are way hot and nicer than anyone in list, all rest are weirdo faces, but beauty weird , nice, so it lets all the attention in english, are not weird appearance.
    and Finnish girl is way weird than other, she’s so hottie

  54. Finnish & serbian female soldiers must in fashion n beauty world nt in army and iraq women soldiers 1st tke care n balance ur gurkhaa/vail. *INDIAN SOLDIERS R D SMARTEST N BRAVE ONE… Dey r best.* Salute to indian army.

  55. in the Kenyan pictures those are not soldiers the are lady administration police officers. i’m a Kenyan i know. the Kenyan female soldiers look more or less of a like small skyscraper but they got the booty and the looks

  56. South Korea version is wrong.

    1. It’s actually NOT a soldier. The signia she’s wearing is an officer’s. It’s second lieutenant.
    2. She’s not an army member. She’s an TV actress.
    3. Currently, there is NO FEMALE SOLDIER in the Korean Armed Forces. Women can only be an officer and noncommissioned officers.

    Please refer to the link below;

  57. Except for the Israeli, Kenyan and maybe Indian they are all just posing with someone elses guns. Note the wear on those M16s, Israeli army chicks can actually kick ass.

  58. Serbians by far the best, fine as hell and a temper to match(you know what I’m saying if you’ve ever been with a Serbian girl)

  59. Israeli Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    South Korean Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Italian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Russian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Poland Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Czech Republic Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Austrian Female Soldier: no
    Indonesian Female Soldier: no
    Chinese Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    UK Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Canadian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Taiwan Female Soldier: no way
    Norway Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Estonian Female Soldier: no
    Portuguese Female Soldier: if I’m drunk
    US Female Soldier: Sir yes sir!
    Peruvian Female Soldier: underage
    Netherlands (Holland) Female Soldier: overage
    Serbian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Algerian Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    Greece Female Soldier: if I’m drunk
    Lithuanian Female Soldier: that a guy,
    Finnish Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Switzerland Female Soldier: if I’m drunk
    Romanian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Vietnam Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Brazilian Female Soldier: take of the paint first
    Japanese Female Soldier: I’d do her all night long (Oni on the tank)
    Iranian Female Soldiers: lose the cape
    Colombian Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Belgium Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Ukrainian Female Soldier: nice hat
    Mexican Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    Turkish Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    French Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    Nepali Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    Indian Female Soldiers: no
    Australian Female Soldier: cant see her eyes
    Polish Female Soldier: I’d do her
    New Zealand Female Soldier: I’d do her
    Spanish Female Soldier: I’d do her(and take the tank)
    Serbian Female Soldiers: I’d do her
    Bahrain Female Soldiers: hi grandma
    German Female Soldiers: I’d do her and her
    Swedish Female Soldier:(they have an army) I’d do her
    Kenyan Female Soldiers: no way
    Chilean Female Soldier: I’d do her

  60. hello i m manav kumar arora from india please dont post like this type of comment on these female they are not a meat of piece they are for our protection undersatnd and then post ur message all are gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.we are one

  61. I’d go for the Polish girl. She looks sweet and soft. Probably she is less soft than she looks. But Polish women are the best. I can know 😉

  62. Well, based on the pictures (it’s nothing to do with “I’d do her”… ) I’ll go for Italian, Portugese, Serbian, Brazilian, Ukrainian, Indian, Polish, Kenyan and Chilean. No means to offend but the New Zealand one post like gangsters

  63. Israeli girl soldiers are expert and trained whores by the senior prostitutes, too good at penis sucking and stiff boobs up sized, larger clitoris as well. Fucking filth on the planet.

  64. Boo Finland and Sweden,you dont wear your hair loose like that!,y7our not bimbos out on the street now,so get that shit up in a collar..or next stop=stockade:P

  65. “FUCK OFF


    LOL no doubt he does…

    FUCKING FEMINIST TRY TO KILL WOMEN. u know what female soldiers are easily killable in a face to face fight. so in modern days these weapons are good for pussies. real men always fight face to face with swords.

  67. The Indian soldier looks like she’s ready to kick your ass….

    The ones from europe and north america dont look serious about soldiering… they smile too much….. looks like affirmative action.

  68. PAKISTANI girl is most beautifull and looks serious in serving her country others look models in their army… Iserial Sucks.. plus they not a country they stole a country

  69. Finnish Female Soldier is absolutely the best white girl I’ve ever see even though i don’t really like white girls

  70. The Israelis can surely kickass.
    And how can you post administration police officers of kenya as soldiers thats weird.Everyone knows them.!!!

  71. as for the Kenyan Female Soldiers, i can confirm that they are member of the elite paramilitary unit the Administration Police Women Brigade!. they are tough and i can confirm that i have seen them kick the balls of al shabaab terrorist!!

  72. that’s not indonesian soldier, that was nadine chandrawinata from miss indonesia beauty pageant.. and she’s wearing police uniform instead of military.. gimme my money back!!

  73. the Kenyan female soldiers are in fact from the specially trained paramilitary unit of the Administration Police(a department on the national police service) that is deployed regularly on tough assignments such as riots,outlawed gang and sects eradication operations, within the republic and regular volatile border patrols.

  74. Finland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, and South-Korea are neither military nor police but actresses, girlfriends etc.

  75. Some are just guards.

    Some are policewomen…not military.

    Some are military.

    Some are women modelling in police/military uniform.


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  79. Why should women always be pictured as beautiful? I mean, don’t they have another qualities? Even in the army, should they looked at not for their bravery, their deeds, but for … their physical appearence? …

  80. ARM (Army of Republic Macedonia) counts three units of special combat purposes only include female which included parachute unit composed of females.
    Uniforms are very colorful specific and including their combat arms.
    Why is there no photos of these ARM female combat units!
    Greetings from Macedonia

  81. ARM (Army of Republic Macedonia) counts three units of special combat purposes only include female which included parachute unit composed of females.
    Why is there no photos of these ARM female combat units!
    Greetings from Macedonia

  82. ARM (Army of Republic Macedonia) counts three units of special combat purposes only include female which included parachute unit composed of females.
    Greetings from Macedonia

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