21 Super Funny Kids Being Bad Memes

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 01.   I always pictures of funny kids but here are the funniest pictures of kids because few people having great sense of humor captioned them with hilarious sentences. Seriously I can’t stop laughing after reading the caption of meme #12.

20 Of The Most Attractive Moms In The History Of Television

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 01. Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton) – Lost How you feel when you favorite celebrity plays a role of mom at television? Definitely it feels great. From Emilie de Ravin to Lauren Graham, here is list of 20 most beautiful actresses who played moms on TV.

18 Times People Jumped And No One Could Stop Disaster

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 01. This Long Jump There are no limits of time and place for people who like to have  fun. And also sometimes it happens that their fun activities go horribly wrong and disastrous. Here are 18 hilarious GIFs of people painfully failed while jumping.

Artist Jamie Homeister Uses Delicate Feathers As Her Canvas For Intricate Paintings Of Animals

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 Amazon parrot Jamie Homeister is an artist based out of New Albany, Indiana, but her work is influenced most by her Canadian heritage. While Jamie’s featherwork gives a hard nod to the Native American culture, her paper and canvas work are often representative of her emotional memories. “Featherwork is