Awesome Artist Manipulates Faces And The Result Is Absolutely Flawless

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 Sisters Ino Zeljak is very talented Croatian artist who is manipulating the faces of close relatives and best friends to figure out how close people look. Zeljak merged the halves of two images into one combined portrait based on photos of brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, and best

Lets Meet The Most Friendly Friends In The History Of Cats And Dogs

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Lets meet Oliver the dog and Arsashi the cat who are history’s most adorable friends. Instagram user izumiechan is posting cutest photographs of these two buddies. They eat together, play together, nap together and even bath together.

17 GIFs To Prove Technology Has Gone Too Far

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1. This zipper design that won’t let you down I didn’t think that science and technology have gone so far. But after watching these stunning technology and science achievements I’m 100% convinced that we are living in a world where nothing is impossible. So don’t wait and just check

Here Are The Most Beautiful Three Dimensional Paper Sculptures Ever Created

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All the credit goes to Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft who are The Makerie Studio, a creative collaboration producing unique three dimensional paper sculptures for both commercial and artistic purposes. Using specialized papers and intricate detailing, These artists design and create structural showpieces for window installations, advertising, editorials and