21 Creatively Funny Tattoos To Make You Smile

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01. Making someone smile and happy is not an easy job. It is said that its as God given gift in only chosen people. Different people select different ways to attention of others. I’d specially admit these disable people in our list who have funny tattoos on their bodies

Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Pastels

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Rubén Belloso Adorna is awesome Spanish artist who creates absolutely amazing portraits using pastels. If you like his work also check him out at deviantart and facebook.

24 Epic Walking Through The Glass Door Fail GIFs

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01. This Confused Dog The major reason why people fail while walking through the glass doors is that sometimes glass doors too clean and people can’t see until the crash happens.

24 Forever Adorable Pictures Of Animals Enjoying Snowy Moments

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01.  This Winter Cat   It is true that snow is something that looks pure and beautiful on its own and on the other hands, animals also have the cute factor going for them in abundance. Lets take a look at these cute snow animals who wait all the