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17 GIFs To Prove Technology Has Gone Too Far

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1. This zipper design that won’t let you down I didn’t think that science and technology have gone so far. But after watching these stunning technology and science achievements I’m 100% convinced that we are living in a world where nothing is impossible. So don’t wait and just check

Hydroptere, The World’s Fastest Sailboat

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“Hydroptere” is designed by a group of French engineers in order to show the different perspectives of sailing of transportation on water. After all, this sailboat can accelerate to a speed of 55.5 knots, equivalent to 103 km / h. Hydroptere multihull hydrofoil design allows the sail-powered vessel to

Roboy, the Most Humanoid Robot in the World

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A team of engineers from Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Zurich University introduced its new creation, the humanoid robot “Roboy”. To make this innovative robot, scientists have worked since July 2012. Roboy uniqueness is that it can move like a person because of the specific final in artificial tendons. The

20 Creative Computer Case Mods

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Source What are the differences between Macs and PCs? Of course, Macs may have superior software than the PC’s operating system. However, there are very strict rules for using Macs. Rules like you cannot turn your iMac into a robot who shoot missiles, while in the world of PCs