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35 Awesome Examples of Land Art

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Land art is the most beautiful art ever seen on the planet. The movement of this art is originated from U.S. in the late 1960s, the artists created inextricably linked with the natural landscape; the latter is used as the form and means of creation. Checkout the 25 awesome

Will You Marry Me? 20 Heart Touching Examples of Marriage Proposals

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Here are some heart-touching examples of marriage proposals, which are very difficult to answer: “No!” Summer is the perfect time to take one of the major decisions in life. And if you’re not ready – look at how and where others do it

Photographer Edward Burtynsky Takes Astounding Photographs of Water and Gives Artistic Touch

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Edward Burtynsky is one of the most famous contemporary Canadian photographers. He gained fame after his series of photographs of industrial landscapes, and now switched to nature. The latest series, which has attracted the attention of the public, called “Water”. This series will be one of the six chapters

Spectacular Photo Series “Anti-Gravity Coffee Time” by Egor N

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Let us show you an amazing series of pictures called “Anti-Gravity Coffee Time” in which photographer Egor N plays with milk, coffee cups, cream and weightlessness. Each incredible shoot of this series shows us the moments that we hardly notice in life. While reviewing these pictures we have some