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Mind Blowing Photographs of Photographs by Vik Muniz

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Vik Muniz is a talented and professional artist from Brazil but currently he lives and works in Rio de Janeiro and New York. His sole and unique techniques of creating photo images make his creation wonderful and stand out among other such works. In this photo project the artist

Incredible Apex Predator Shoes by Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young

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Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich are well known East London based artists and have been working together since 2008 as “Fantich & Young” design studio. Recently they added a line of unique Apex Predator shoes where the sole is covered with dental implants. Theses apex predator shoes were created

Artists Zoey Taylor and David Connelly Create Imaginative Scenes Made Entirely out of Cardboard

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Zoey Taylor and David Connelly implemented a distinct idea of creating a fully cardboard house using only cardboard objects. Collectively both artists are known as Dosshaus. The project is called “House of Cardboard”, a series of themed environments. Besides the model, Zoey Taylor, everything you see in the pictures—from

Ghostly Images of Abandoned Shopping Mall by Seph Lawless

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‘Randall Park Mall’ was the world’s largest shopping center, which could boast of two million square feet of retail space. It was built in the mid of 1970s and abandoned in 2009. The building was erected in a small town in North Randall, Ohio, in the United States. It