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2 days ago

The 82 Motivational Quotes for Hopeless People to Resume Efforts in Life

These inspirational quotes are the best lesson for those who have stopped their efforts of being successful in life. These motivational sayings are for those students who think that they can’t go through successfully through the exams. Also these encouraging words are for all the jobless people who are feeling tired after search for work for a long time. And most of all these motivational quotes are for those sick people who are being hopeless about their diseases.

So, no matter how big problems you’re facing in your life. These motivational quotes will show you the right path of success and will lead you to your goal of life.

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4 days ago

15 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Like You

It all starts with little signs. First, you wonder what’s wrong, and then awful thoughts come to your mind. You try to push them away. Gradually you start observing and picking up little clues that might just tell you that what you were thinking was right all along.

If you are new at a workplace, this sometimes tends to happen if you pose a threat to the position someone else, who has been working for a long time now, was expecting to get. Or maybe you are new but just as brilliant at work as anyone else. This is something common among all of us. We see this dislike from the day we start school. There is always a rival, trying to beat you at every step and competition. This rivalry, however, is mutual at a certain age. With time, as you gain maturity, you let go of this hatred towards each other over work. Being friendly is the way you can make your professional life peaceful.

Nonetheless, there are some people who refuse to grow up. It is easier to cope with such people during your studies, but when it comes to the workplace, it is usually difficult to identify those who despise you. Colleagues may be diplomatic- keeping a smile on their face when they actually completely hate you. And then there are those who will make it plain obvious but you are just as plain dumb, to not realize that. This will create problems for you.

Go through this factual list to know whether your colleague(s) have been creating problems for you or not.

1. You are getting strange vibes

If you have been getting a feeling that one of your colleagues does not like you personally, trust the vibes. You may be getting this feeling due to some small acts like, no warm welcome and no smiles from him/her or consistently terming your work abilities as below average, so you already have a solid reason to believe that they dislike your mere presence. Try to look for more signs to be sure about this.

You are getting strange vibes

2. They are not friendly towards you

Some people find it difficult to hide their feelings, whether they are positive or negative for someone. Do not judge anyone right away; take some time to observe. While some may hate you from the bottom of their heart but pretend to have your best interests, others may just make their hatred towards you outright obvious. If they give you a cold shoulder every time you try to initiate a conversation, you may want to consider ignoring them.

They are not friendly towards you

3. They do not interact confidently

Someone, who can’t even endure your mere presence, will certainly not look into your eyes whatsoever. This is a psychological fact that might help you discover who likes you and who does not. This is why, as soon as you get into a new workplace, your first aim should be to interact with as many of your coworkers as you can. Initially, it may be hard to form a decision but with the passage of time you will come to know the true colors of each and everyone.

They do not interact confidently

4. They avoid interacting at all

If you find yourself less in contact with someone, despite your efforts to interact with him/her, there is a fat chance that he/she is actually avoiding interaction with you at all costs. There will be simple signs- short conversation, leaving the table at lunch if you ask to share it with them, asking everyone for suggestions over their work except you or choosing to ascend the stairs if they find you taking the elevator. Clearly, they are not interacting with you because they dislike you.

They avoid interacting at all

5. You hear rumors about yourself

Walking through the corridor you happen to overhear some ridiculous things about you being discussed by fellow workers, which are totally false or some of the ‘bullies’ at workplace, tease you randomly over something you have no idea of, then you should know that someone is spreading rumors about you at workplace. And the reason behind such act could most probably be strong dislike regarding you.

You hear rumors about yourself

6. They ignore you

As soon as you enter the office, your coworkers look up at you and greet you a good day ahead with smiles on their face, IF they are friendly. If they look up at you and choose not to greet you or reply to your ‘How’re you doing?’ then something is fishy. Not invited at the ‘office-party’? Ignored at every other thing? They definitely do not like your presence around themselves.

They ignore you

7. Short conversation

This is a big hint pointing towards the fact that your co-worker does not like you. Obviously those who do not like you, try to remain less in contact with you. However, in a situation where they have no other choice but to talk to you, they make a short work of it. The shorter their replies get, the more you are getting on their nerves. It is, therefore, best not to test their patience with you and vice versa.

Short conversation

8. Weird expressions

Body language sometimes reveals the thoughts of a person quite accurately. If they tend to keep a straight face whenever you are around, seldom roll their eyes when you speak or do something at the workplace, hardly ever smile or at least nod at you or treat you like you are not there, then this is enough to tell you that the particular colleague does not really like you.

Weird expressions

9. You don’t know about the work-related events

From not letting you share the table at lunch or join you for some gossips over coffee break, to not informing you about event that is going to be held the nest day at work, coworkers who hate you will do their best to not only avoid you but also not keep you updated regarding work. If they make sure you get to know about the recent, amazing office party where you were definitely not invited, then you are off their list as a friendly colleague.

You don't know about the work-related events

10. They avoid direct communication

His cabin is right next to yours and instead of talking on a daily basis, he prefers to only send you precise emails regarding work. This lack of communication on his behalf is a sure sign of dislike towards you. Limiting conversations as much as possible is their way of ignoring you or not giving you the hope of getting friendly advice regarding work. Perhaps you should change your cabin next to someone who is better at communication for your own benefit.

They avoid direct communication

11. Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

Whenever you come up with an idea regarding work or office, they do not enthusiastically support you. In front of seniors at the work place or the boss, they may frequently term your work as poor or your advice as foolish. This is a completely biased and prejudiced behavior towards you and it is basically because they hate you and will not really like you to prosper at the work place. Their way to not let you success is simple- to de-motivate you at every step.

Whatever you say is completely non-sense to them

12. They do not want to know you on personal level

Friendly colleagues at work usually know a lot of stuff about each other which sometimes works in your advantage. They cover up for you or sometimes encourage and support you towards what is best for you. During your tough times at home, they can even make sure that it has no adverse effect on your work. However, if they do not seem interested in knowing you at a personal level, you might as well also know that they hate you.

They do not want to know you on personal level

13. You are not a part of them

Coworkers that do not like you do not include you in their group. While most of them joke around and even have inside jokes, they will not share it with you. If you forcibly try to indulge into a healthy conversation, they either ignore you or disperse. They do not consider you a part of them in any way and ensure to make you feel as an outcast. Things will not work in your favor at workplace as long as this goes on and they know it perfectly well.

Businessman peeking over cubicle wall

14. They cannot see you succeed

They will constantly discourage and motivate you whenever they get the opportunity to do so. Even if you come up with a brilliant business prospect, they will try their best that does not get approved. If by chance it does, and you are more likely to be appreciated by the boss and other colleagues or worse, promoted, then they will try to get the credit of your hard work.

They cannot see you succeed

15. They boss you around

Just because you are new at work does not mean that they can boss you around, especially when they are at the same position as yours. They will exercise authority over you and approve or criticize your work as if they were the boss. This is their way of telling you that they are better off than in you in terms of work. Do not think like that. It is merely a complex that they have gotten into due to their hatred towards you.

They boss you around

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7 days ago

The 10 Best Coffee Cities of the World

Whenever you wake up in the morning, is coffee the first thing you crave for? If yes, then congratulations, you are a true coffee lover and a part of the large family (quite large, indeed) that lives on this caffeinated drink. It is essential because a perfectly brewed cup of coffee has the power to make our day and not having one can simply break our bones. The caffeine keeps us going, letting us work with a fresh mind during the day and giving us the strength to work for late hours into the night. No doubt, as the trend for coffee spread throughout the world, coffee-breaks were specially introduced at workplaces, more cafes opened up and the drink was experimented with. Espressos, cappuccinos and lattes (hot and iced)- everyone chose their favorites and you must have one too.

However, little we do know about coffee. It not only tastes good but also has nutritional values that we can benefit from. Scientific studies say that a cup of excellent coffee over the course of the day can improve our health and mood. The beans were first found in Ethiopia in the 15th century and after the process of extracting the drink from the beans was invented, it gradually became very popular, globally. Another reason was that it begun to be exported by the privileged countries to the not-so-privileged ones.

Thanks to this and companies like Nescafe that coffee can be found in every household. But if you want to know what real coffee tastes like, you should consider making a trip to one of these countries. They will not, even in the slightest, disappoint you.

1. Vancouver, Canada

It is common knowledge that the chocolate you will find in Canada is rare. Only a few know that Canada also has some rare coffee to offer. In Vancouver, coffee is a complex, yet very important subject for the locals. They prefer natural, organic coffee that is less expensive than what costly and commercial chain coffee shop like Starbucks has to serve. This is perhaps why, when Milano Coffee opened up here, the locals went berserk. And it is not just the locals- it has won several awards and gold medals from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in Italy, for its brilliantly brewed coffee. The man behind such excellence and success goes by the name, Brian Turko. He brought a change in the taste of European espresso that the people of Vancouver were delighted to have. He started from a small shop in Gastown and ended up being extremely famous all because of coffee.


2. Reykjavik, Iceland

If all the coffee in the world finished, the most to suffer from its extinction would be Scandinavians. They have made coffee an integral part of their lives, so much, that according to a survey, they consume the highest levels of caffeine through coffee per capita, all over the world. Naturally, they need good coffee to keep them going and the coffee house at every corner of the street makes sure that they do. With that craze for coffee, it is easier for them to know what the best is and for them it is either Kaffitar (which serves extra goodies with every type of coffee you could ever dream of) or Kaffismioja Islands (a home turned into a cozy coffee place, roasting coffee beans in front of the customers).


3. Rome

Trust the baristas when they call Rome their home. With the Romans having 5 or more cups of coffee every day, it is indeed the place baristas belong. Coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte and macchiato- that we have literally fallen in love with- are all the creations of the beautiful capital of Rome, Italy. So, naturally, there should be no hesitation when it’s time for you to taste coffee in any city of the nation. But if you are in Rome, you better try Cafe Sant’Eustachio out of all the cafes. The founder of this particular cafe, Robert Ricci believes in making coffee very carefully and in the right way. You will get the best coffee out of those cautiously chosen, best quality Arabica beans that are first roasted slowly over wood.


4. San Francisco

They love to experiment with their coffee which is why you will find so many various tastes of coffee in every other cafe. According to the survey carried out by magazines like WalletHub and Foursquare, San Francisco has the most number of coffee shops per capita in all of United States. Also, it comes on the fifth position in the list of indie coffee shops per capita. Blue Bottle (an expert in indie coffees, having the highest rate of customers), Four Barrel and SFMOMA’s coffee are the reason that San Francisco is considered the best city to have coffee from.  And what more assurance you need when Conde Nast Traveler agrees?


5. Havana, Cuba

Who hasn’t heard of cafe Cubano, the divine espresso with lumps of sugar? Well, for your knowledge, it is the creation of Cuba’s capital city, Havana. Everywhere you go, you will be served this coffee; it has become a part of their tradition and its followed religiously by the people. BBC has termed it as one of the best cities for coffee. Havana is crowded with cafes, but the most popular among the locals are Cafe El Escorial and Cafe de las Infusions. The coffee beans’ uniqueness lies in the fact that they are grown on Escambray and Sierra Mountains. A few years back, the city had suffered as they could not get their usual dose of coffee due to bad weather and economic instability, but it has struggled to normalize and maintain the coffee production and consumption.


6. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We all know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of those two divine things, we just can’t live without- cocoa and coffee. Cocoa and coffee have been long used in unison, to introduce something exquisite, no matter if it is a drink or a dessert. When it comes to the production of coffee, Ethiopia is ranked seventh for bringing forward the most output. Since it has 5000 different types of Arabica coffee, not forgetting the types of Robusta, being produced on its land, there should be no doubt that the coffee you get here will be different as well as unique in taste. As the tradition goes, the coffee beans are roasted by hand and brewed in coffee pots made of clay. Wherever you go, you will have the best experience when it comes to coffee. But the crème de la crème lies in coffee shops like Tomoca and Mokarara in Addis Ababa.


7. Vienna, Austria

So much is the love of coffee by the people of Vienna, that they have officially made it a part of their culture. Perhaps, the reason you can witness cafes and other small and independent coffee shops sprouting everywhere, much faster than you can say the word ‘coffee’. The city is standing up to its nickname as the ‘Coffee Capital of the World’. Even UNESCO has termed the coffee shops in Vienna as an important contribution to the heritage of the city. It hosted the World Barista Championship in 2012 and the  small-scale coffee shops should be credited for producing various coffees, that had never been tasted before. Even the technique of filtering coffee was invented in this city. The most famous of the coffee shops in Vienna are Cafe Central and Aida.


8. Honolulu

A lot of people- coming across Hawaii in the list of cities that have the best coffee to offer- will be taken by surprise, since it is usually associated with spices and seafood. Another shock will be the fact that Honolulu comes on the 3rd rank as far as the list of coffee shops per capita in the US is concerned. Yes, Hawaiians are pretty much into coffee.  But you may wonder, what is so amazing about the Hawaiian coffee? Well, Hawaii is the only capital city of a state in the United States that grows its own coffee beans. And these beans, known as Kona coffee, are quite rare. The hot weather, moist soil and distinctive geographical features combine to produce something altogether magical.


9. Taipei, Taiwan

This small island is quite passionate about coffee. Supporting this statement is the fact that the current rate at which Taiwan imports coffee beans is a little over seven percent per year. The figure is expected to reach fifteen percent in a matter of years. Also, the Taiwanese have grown so fond of coffee over the decades that since the year 1990, the rate of consumption of coffee has increased 400 percent, which means that on average, Taiwanese drinks 100 cups of coffee all through the year. Enhancing this insane love for coffee, are the small coffee shops and cafes, springing up everywhere and introducing new coffee types. One of these cafes, Gabee Cafe, has been quite successful at gaining favorable reviews.


10. Melbourne, Australia

Being the coffee capital of Australia, this one city has hosted a lot of events for the sake of coffee. To name a few, Urban Coffee Farm, Brew Bar (a division of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival) and the World Barista Championships, have taken place here frequently. The World Barista Champ Pete Licata has highly appreciated the coffee shops in Melbourne. Some of them like, Axil Coffeehouse Roasters, Dead Man Espresso, Market Lane Coffee, and etcetera have been immensely liked by the people Melbourne. They have also been growing their own coffee, which is very good in terms of quality.  Their technique of brewing these beans makes the coffee all the more exceptional.


1 week ago

The 31 Best Danielle Panabaker Photos of All Time

Danielle Panabaker is beautiful American actress. She began her career when she was teenager. She started acting from Disney films Sky High and Read It and Weep. She got popularity when played a role with James Woods in the CBS series Shark. After that she played so many famous roles in Mr. Brooks, Friday the 13th, The Crazies, and Piranha 3D. And right now she is doing great in The Flash.

Above was the little biography of Danielle Panabaker. Now let take a look at 31 best Danielle Panabaker photos of all time.
































A big thanks to tumblr for these most wanted photos of  Danielle Panabaker.

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2 weeks ago

The 80 Best Wedding Anniversary Greetings of All Time

Here is all time best collection of  wedding anniversary greetings. Enjoy!


















































































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2 weeks ago

The 52 Cutest Heart Images of All Time

There are few symbols that we see in our daily life that we use to give out some expressions. One of these symbols or shapes is a shape of heart. We express our love to something or someone by making a image of heart. We often see some heart images  in our routine life over the internet and other forms of media, in fact, now a days these symbols are integrated in our texting format of cell phones and in the chat boxes of other social media websites and are being used frequently by people to express their feelings.

A basic concept of these pictures of hearts is to express your thoughts about something. It does not mean that we are showing actual heart shape because that won’t bring smiles on other faces we use instead a beautifully designed pictures of heart. On the internet, we can see numbers of cute heart pictures which contain these heart shape symbols. We often see broken heart images that express the feeling of being unhappy and stressed out. People in love use these romantic heart images a lot to show their love and want to express the feeling that how much they care for each other.

We can also see these heart shapes in many other places like bakeries where they make heart shaped biscuits and it has become a symbol of love. We often eat heart shaped chocolates in fact, such chocolates give more sales to the company as compared to chocolates bars and balls. People use heart images on birthday cakes to express their love and these pics have become love symbol and whenever there is a joyous occasions, they use them in the form of balloons, eatables and other materials. For most companies heart shapes has become a big selling point as the use these pics and symbols in their products.





















































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2 weeks ago

10 Of the Best Buffets Offered By American Restaurants

The world comprises of 7 billion people. Multiply that by a random figure and I am sure it will not be anywhere near the number of dishes served throughout the world. Such is our love for food. Brilliant chefs are sprouting everywhere, inventing new dishes and beverages every other day. Restaurants, eateries, and bakeries are flooded, whatever time of the day it may be. We are all looking forward to the next meal, hoping it would be the better than the previous one. Whether it is cooked at home or by skillful chefs at a restaurant, a good meal is all it takes to brighten up our moods. Probably that is the reason that food is the main part of our celebrations.

We all have our favorites. Some prefer scrambled eggs while others like waffles for breakfast. There are two kinds of people: the ones who have a thing for tea and the ones who will always go for a steaming mug of coffee. When one may be a fan of Spanish items, the other will always choose French. There is only a minority that does not like Italian pizzas and pasta. Some go for plain, salted Chinese whereas some love the spicy food that is the specialty of the sub-continental Asians. And then there are those who have a sweet-tooth. Rich chocolate to sweet bread, there is something for everyone.

Why then, would anyone say no to a buffet, especially when the food served is so tempting? No chance. But with restaurants at every corner of the world, claiming to offer the best buffet, it is hard to short-list the crème de la crème. Here we have a small list of the best buffets offered by restaurants, popular and not-so-known, alike. Make sure you have something to nibble on as you go through it…

1) Gaia’s Garden, Santa Rosa, California:


For all those who are conscious about their diets, this is the place to dine at. Gaia’s Garden is a famous restaurant offering a buffet for diet- conscious, vegetables and meat lovers alike. The salads consist of fresh vegetables and the dressings are purely their own creation. From Indian to the Caribbean, it has all sort of sugar and gluten-free soups to offer. Apart from the delicious main courses, there is a variety of desserts to enjoy afterward. The restaurant is popular for making its own soft bread go with the dishes and sandwiches. Moreover, the restaurant endorses none of the unhealthy ingredients like artificial colors and flavors, raw sugar or hydrogenated oils. What’s more, if you are on a special diet or allergic to something, the chefs will be delighted to cook up something different for you!

2) The Borgata Buffet, the Borgata, Atlantic City, N.J.:

Being the largest casino-hotel in the Atlantic City, The Borgata Buffet lives up to the expectations of all those who choose to dine there. The menu has numerous dishes for all to devour- chicken, seafood, pork… you name it! Each meat is cooked in multiple ways so there is a variety you can select from. The staff has enough men to serve the large number of people pouring in the casino to play, eat and enjoy themselves to their fill. The kitchens promote a healthy and hygienic environment. The white interior gives a sense of purity, cleanliness and serenity and even the smell activates your salivary glands; it’s that mouthwatering!!


3) Nero’s Italian Steakhouse, Caesars, Atlantic City, N.J.:

This small place inside Caesars does not only provide an amazing view of the ocean but also serves the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. The breakfast menu is typical with the waffles, omelets, and pancakes. The lunch and dinner serve different Italian steaks, beef, turkey and various, freshly caught fish from the ocean. Along with it go the pasta and noodles. For dessert, you get tiramisu, cheesecake, and freshly baked pastries. The Sunday brunch menu of Nero’s is known to be one of the best offered in The Atlantic City. They have other amazing offers too; you get to park your car for free if you dine for a total of 75 dollars.


4) Le Village Buffet, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas:

Depicting five different provinces of France with its interior and food, this is one rare place for buffets in Paris. The place is overall designed on the lines of a village. It comprises of five different cottage rooms, each differing in region and menu. You can dine comfortably inside, besides the fireplace or outside in the town square. The menu is expansive with truffle macaroni and cheese, prime rib and snow crab legs. The restaurant boasts of serving the best delicacies, its specialty being the vanilla bean crème Brulee.  An all-you-care-to-drink menu has beverages like Blue Moon, Miller Lite Beer, red and white wine and Bloody Marys for a few dollars, making your visit all the more amazing.


5) Waldorf-Astoria, New York City:

Located in one of the most popular luxury hotels in NYC, it has three main restaurants. Peacock Alley, situated in the heart of the lobby has one of the best buffets to order with a bar to select drinks from. The place is spacious with a lounge and quite lavish. It serves the elite with the best, whether it be food and drinks or the environment. Basically, it serves fish and seafood dishes. Sunday brunch is particularly popular, serving 180 gourmet dishes including lobster, oysters, Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles and omelets with hollandaise sauce. The restaurant has won numerous awards for its excellence. Such is its grandeur that the food is served on gold china plates.


6) King Buffet, Los Angeles:

Attention Chinese food lovers! This is THE place for you. If you are looking for the pure Chinese that tastes exquisite and does not put a hole in your pocket, you ought to pay King Buffet a visit. The menu has various dishes consisting everything from vegetables to chicken and marine flesh. There is also the perfect fried rice you have been searching for years throughout America. There is a salad bar if you want a starter or need something extra to go along with your dish. The food is refreshing and the attendants make sure that the bar is replenished as soon as it is depleted by the diners.


7) Brook Shaw’s Old Country Store, Jackson, Tenn:

Just the exterior of this place is enough to tell you how amazing this place would be in terms of food and environment. First opened in 1965 as an antique museum, the weathered wood walls with antiques put up on them, Old Country Store has not failed to attract the folks of Jackson and Tennessee as yet. From a small lunch counter that served southern favorites, it grew on to become one of the best 1980’s ice cream parlor in America and now serves three Southern buffets on a regular basis.  Its main aim is to preserve southern history and food traditions that have been so dearly loved by Americans.


8) The Buffet, Wynn, Las Vegas:

This place lives up to its name. It has 15 different stations cooking all those scrumptious ribs, sushi, pasta, lamb chops, soups, pizza, Mexican food, chicken, Thai beef. And this is just the main course with the appetizers- if you want a rich dessert, there is brisket, crème Brulee, waffles, and tiramisu. Also, the staff goes through the courtesy to make fresh crepes on order. The place is amazing, making you feel closer to nature with all the fresh fruits and flowers displayed all over.  The place is lit up with a vibrant interior. It may not look classy and you may find the menu typical, but the place is unique in looks and taste as per the food critiques, making it all worth your money.


9) Sterling Brunch, Bally’s, Las Vegas:

Running for over 30 years now and known for its luxurious and royal treatment regarding food and atmosphere, Sterling Brunch at Bally’s Steakhouse is worth your hard-earned money. It may be expensive, but the food makes up for it. You are immediately welcomed with a glass of champagne and Gruyere cheese-flavored popovers, which is a signature of the place. From marine food to chicken, there is an array of dishes you can choose from. You can order Caesar salad, eggs benedict chopped vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and tomato dish with a lot more, alongside the main dish. Desserts like banana bread pudding, French toast, and Belgian waffles, make the experience of dining here much more exquisite.


10) Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas:

Recently opened in the September of 2012, this place soon gained popularity. It has nine kitchens operated by specialized chefs, in front of the diners, preparing prime rib, chilled king crab legs and roasted South Carolina shrimp and grits or oak-grilled lamb chops, dim sum and soufflés baked on order, for the buffet. There are approximately 500 daily offerings with 15 daily specials (that constantly change according to the season and products). The food is displayed in colorful small plates, which is unique. It was voted for the Best Buffet in Las Vegas. The environment compliments the rich and expansive menu. No wonder, a hundred billion dollars were spent on this classic place.


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3 weeks ago

10 Amazing Apps to Help You Sleep Better

You are exhausted after a long day of work. Changing into one of your most comfortable night suits, you look at the bed. Even the sight of attracts you. The sheets are warm and cozy. The pillows so soft. The mattress all firm.  All you are looking forward to is a good night’s sleep and as soon as you lie in your bed you drift off to sleep. Hours go by as you regain your energy. In the morning you wake up, stretch your limbs and you feel so refreshed, ready for another long day ahead. SNAP! It is just 3 am in the morning!

If you have been having problems sleeping, this might just be the dream you have every other night. Yes, we all sleep, but hardly anyone of us gets to sleep peacefully. We do not know the problems- is it stress? Depression? Are you turning into an insomniac? Is that all the time you needed to sleep? Or is it all because of the over-thinking? We rarely know the problems but what we do know is that the consequences of not having a sound sleep are not good at all. You wake up feeling all groggy, un-refreshed, body and mind, and getting out of bed seems one of the most difficult tasks.

Not getting enough sleep has a lot of bad effects. Apart from the daily grogginess, it has long-term adverse effects on your physical and mental health. Sleeping on time, sleeping for enough time and waking up on time, are those significant times of the day that can make your life very easy. Keeping this in mind, some of the geniuses have invented apps that can help you maintain your sleep cycle and quality. Check these out and see which one works best for you.

1. Sleepbot:

Tired of being unable to have a good night’s sleep? Sleepbot will help you get one in no time. It is based totally on scientific studies regarding that ideal sleep cycle we all hope to have. With its numerous features like, setting a reminder for you to go to sleep, quick solutions to sleep and wake up on time and checking on your sleep quality too based on you REM, it is amazing for those who have trouble maintaining a healthy sleep pattern. It automatically puts your cell phone on airplane mode so that you are not disturbed by any call, texts or emails. Available on iOS and Android


2. Pzizz:

On average, an adult takes approximately fourteen minutes to fall asleep. But with our minds running through most of the events of the day and other things, falling asleep is sometimes a laborious task. This app is for all those who can’t fall asleep easily and then wake up to the alarm ringing -however loud or disturbing the noise maybe. Just fix your time of falling asleep and waking up and this alarm will do the best it can to make you fall asleep within minutes by playing all those slow, melodious tunes and wake you up with the loud, banging noises. iOS and Android


3. Motion X 24/7:
Available on iOS for a dollar, this app has more to it than just making you fall asleep. Yes, it plays a soft song that makes you doze off gradually but apart from that it has multiple functions. It is not only going to calculate your movements during the night but also in the morning. If you have been sitting idle for a while now and need to move your muscles, it will notify you to do so. Also, it keeps a track of your heart beat as you work out, through the pulse in your fingertips (you just need to place it on the camera).


4. Sleep Time:

This app works almost on the same pattern as other apps for sleep. Before sleeping, place it on your bed. It will make a graph of your sleeping cycle (light sleep, deep sleep and then REM) according to your movements. It will wake you up when your sleep is the lightest, hence ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed. Also, the graph can help you know more about your sleeping cycle. With this app, you don’t need to get expensive fitness bands and other stuff. But it is best for those who sleep alone. With a partner in bed, it may confuse your movements with the other person. Download on iOS or Google Play


5. Sleep Better:

This app, like all other apps, uses your movements to keep a track of your sleeping cycle and the quality of it too. However, it has some distinctive features which no other app for better sleep has. It can tell you whether you had a dream or nightmare, according to your movements. Moreover, it will let you know the problem behind you not getting a good night’s sleep. for example, during a hangover you are most likely to have a headache which may not let you sleep peacefully. This app is (fortunately) available for a large number of people, as both iOS and android users can install it for free.



If you wake up feeling groggy and you don’t know why, then this app is for you. Most of us do not know when to fall asleep and how much sleep to get. We sleep according to our own time set. This is generally wrong. We all do need a certain amount of sleep and sometimes we do not have enough time for that. Even if we do, we usually wake up feeling like it just wasn’t enough. Often, our naps do not help us either. This is where helps you. It guides you as to what time will be the best to sleep and wake up. You can select from the range of times and set which one is best for you, in order to avoid grogginess in the morning. It has a few more helpful advises to make sure everything goes according to your sleeping-and-waking-up plan. is a web app that is free for all.


7. Sleep Cycle:

Another app like the Sleepbot, this calculates your sleep timing and quality for your own benefit. As we sleep we go through a phase, where we have a light sleep, then a deep sleep and then a state that is often referred to as the REM- sleep (the state in which you are more likely to have dreams). This phase is repeated innumerable times during the night. If you wake up during the time you are supposed to be having a sound sleep, you will wake up feeling all groggy. Sleep Cycle wakes you up during the time your sleep is the lightest, in order to prevent such a situation. Available at iOS and Android


8. Pillow:

Pillow is another sleep-tracking app. You can place it under your pillow as you get into bed for sleep at night. It will keep a track of your movements and sounds at night and will wake you up when you are in the lightest of your sleep. This way you will get a proper sleep. Moreover, it has tips, recommendation and features so that you can sleep in a better way. You can also know if you snore, wheeze, talks or even walk at night with eyes closed and heavy with sleep. It is available for iOS for 5 dollars.


9. White Noise:

As per its name, white noise has a feature that makes you put on some soothing noise that can help you drift to sleep in a matter of minutes. There is a variety of noises you can select from- everything from the humming of an engine to the noise generated by a working dishwasher. You can also make your own list using different sounds, which makes you sleep better and earlier in your opinion. Although it cost almost 5 dollars, it is available on almost every other operating system like iOS, Android, Nook, Mac OSX and Amazon apps.


10. Smart Alarm:

Apps like these never fail to amaze you. This app not only uses your movements but also, your sounds, to know what is your sleeping pattern and habits may be like. It will also record the sounds that are most probably responsible for keeping you up at night. If, by any chance, you seem to be losing your precious sleep because of some sort of disturbance, it will instantly play soft music that will make you fall asleep in no time. You can also create a personal library of music for this. Unfortunately, this app is only available on iOS and that too for a dollar.


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The 66 Best Funny Puns Of All Time

After the invention of internet and the fast growing trend of social media, few things spread like a virus and funny puns are one of them. It can be described as funny taunting jokes that appear in a photograph with some funny caption on it which makes you laugh. Such things make life a little easier and comfortable, because of the hectic routine work and stressed up environment we do not find time to relax at all, in these difficult and stressed conditions these puns are very helpful in releasing our tensions and relaxing our minds.

We often see pictures which are edited in some software like Adobe Photoshop and others like this. When we see these pictures with hilarious captions, we laugh a lot and laugh hard because such puns and jokes are always related to something we often see in our lives. Concept of funny puns is pretty simple, they are made to portray some humor in people’s life and make them stress free and more than that they can be used as perfect marketing weapon for different companies and they can make funny ads using these puns and jokes in their captions.

If we consider an example then it can be described more efficiently. Whenever a person comes home from all the stress full day and had a rough ride from work place to home. He feel the stressed environment around him that in actual, irritates him a lot. When he opens an internet and go to his facebook news feed and find some of these funny puns, it makes him laugh and he for instance forgets all about his hectic and tough day and we all know that laughter is a must thing in your daily routine life because whenever you laugh your brain relaxes and take less stress and avoid the unnecessary health problems.




































































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The 50 Prettiest Women In The World – A List of World’s Most Beautiful Women

Who are the prettiest women in the world? Well, if you’re looking for the answer for this question then you have just reached at the right place. Here we have compiled a list of  of world’s most  beautiful women, We have listed pretty women of show biz industries from all over the world. The purpose of choosing only show biz icons is that these beautiful female celebrities are known in almost all over the world.

You can mention in comment box if you feel that we didn’t include your favorite pretty women in the list.

1.  Alexandra Daddario


2. Shailene Woodley


3. Daisy Ridley


4. Jennifer Lopez


5. Mahlagha Jaberi


6. Deepika Padukone


7. Candice Swanepoel


8. Emma Stone


9. Irina Shayk


10. Megan Fox



11. Ayeza Khan


12. Keira Knightley


13. Priyanka Chopra


14. Kate Upton


15. Taylor Swift


16. Gal Gadot


17. Aishwarya Rai


18. Shakira


19. Kendall Jenner


20. Cate Blanchett


21. Angelina Jolie


22. Eun-hye Yun


23. Haifa Wehbe


24. Beren Saat


25. Rihanna


26. Salma Hayek


27. Lucy Hale


28. Madalina Diana Ghenea


29. Nicole Scherzinger


30.  Sarah Hyland


31. Lupita Nyong’o


32. Elsa Pataky


33. Tuba Büyüküstün


34. Danielle Panabaker


35. Lyndsy Fonseca


36. Jennifer Lawrence


37. Alina Artz


38. Miranda Kerr


39. Teresa Moore


40. Elisha Cuthbert


41. Kyoko Fukada


42. Blake Lively


43. Mila Kunis


44. Alessandra Ambrosio


45. Chanel Iman


46. Eva Green


47. Isla Fisher


48. Olivia Cooke


49. Lena Gercke


50. Andreea Diaconu


A big thanks to Tumblr for these stunning images of prettiest women of the world.

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How to Improve Your Life? The 15 Best Self Improvement Tips of All Time

We struggle all our lives in order to attain that ultimate happiness till the day we die. What for? To make the experience of living this one life that we have on Earth, the best we can. First it is about studying hard and then it all about earning enough to live a luxurious life. Very few of us give attention to our body, not knowing that it is probably the first and the last way of feeling out of the world. Working hard to attain happiness is definitely not the same as working on ourselves to feel happy. Either we have confused the meaning of real happiness or in the pursuit of happiness, we actually lost our sense of direction.

The light often dawns upon us as we enter the old age- when it hurts to move just a little bit around, when you give in to diseases like diabetes, heart attacks and high levels of cholesterol leading to obesity. Neither do we look good nor we feel good.  Ask any elderly man or woman and they will give you an expert advice- to live your life and work on yourself while you have the time and energy to do so. Or else you will end up with bad results, just like majority of the people. Do not take it lightly. They have been through that and it is actually their experience doing all the talking. Your first and foremost priority should be your health and body. Remember, if you look good, you feel good too. Here are some ways to do precisely that:

1. Start Loving Yourself

Once in a while you should take a back seat and ponder over how the course of your life has affected you. In the struggle to achieve so many things, somehow we forget to look after ourselves, which definitely have a lot of adverse effects on us. Scientific studies over human beings have concluded after thorough survey and observation that a person is more likely to fall prey to depression, if he/she does not do certain things to divert their attention from the day-to-day routines. Working out and eating healthy are one of the best ways to attain relief from day-to-day relief.


2.  Don’t Workout Alone
Working out is difficult for all and for people with low determination, it is next to impossible. Nevertheless, it is important, and so to exercise easily you should try to do it with someone who’s company you enjoy. Take your best friend on a walk with you daily. While catching up on your daily chores, you will be able to walk miles without realizing! Not only will you spend some quality time with a loved one, but the task of working out will seem much more fun.


3. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

A lot of sugar intake is highly responsible for you depression and deteriorating health, as per scientific research. Many people prefer downing carbonated drinks over water, just because they think that sugar gives a boost to their metabolism. Which is untrue. It is extremely detrimental for anyone, as it increases the amount of calories way faster than you think. Cutting down on your sugar intake will make you feel much better. Got a sweet-tooth? No worries. Fruits have all the sweetness you want.


4. Do not waste time

Who said to slim down you have to exercise 3 hours on the go? According to instructors, a fifteen minute rigorous exercise is enough to tone your muscles and lose all those excessive calories.  These small exercises are intense and performing these 5-8 times without any rest equals the exercise routines that consume most of your time. This will take you less time and all the while you will be sweating as much as you did after 3 hours.


5. Develop new habits

There are many kinds of addictions. Some need energy and carbonated drinks, some have intense craving for sugar and then there are the chain smokers. These are all unhealthy addictions that are doing nothing but worsening our life-style. If you are need a positive change, just look for addictions that are good for you. Develop a habit of eating good, exercising daily and getting a few hours of good sleep.


6. Keep yourself hydrated

A dehydrated body is like poison to your immune system. Do not destroy your body like that. Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated. A minimum of 8 glasses per day is termed good enough for every living being. Scientists believe that drinking 4 glasses of water before breakfast in the morning, prevents you from a lot of deadly diseases. Also, urinating frequently helps your body get rid of all the poison that may accumulate inside, otherwise.


7. Keep a track of everything

First thing in the morning, weigh yourself. Put it down in your diary. Keep a track of everything- what you eat and how many calories you take each day. This will motivate you as you watch the nice changes in your body as the days go by. This has proved to become a source of increasing determination and knowledge for a lot of people who did not have any clue as to what was happening to their body and why. Next time you gain weight, you know exactly where the fault lies.


8. Plan everything before-hand

Sunday is an excellent day to keep your week coming ahead in total order. Go through your routine for the whole week. Prepare for everything- make your diet plan, if short of supplies, visit the grocery shop, cut all those vegetables and fruits you need for your salad, store it beforehand- so that you do not counter any problem as you go on your diet.


9. Trust your abilities

Do not compare yourself to someone else. This is the first step towards de-motivating yourself. Success is achieved by everyone at different times and in a different way. What may be easy for someone else may not be easy for you and vice versa. Just focus on your own being and choose a way you find better, but do not forget to research regarding your plans before you implement on them.


10. Take care of your health

We all listen to what our heart wants when it is the body we should be listening to. Each body has different needs. Our bodies are tuned to different eating habits and work out routines at different types. Do not think that what worked for the other will work for you as well- it may not. Consult your nutritionist to know what is best for your body and work on what is prescribed.


11. Do not wait for things to happen on their own

Make decisions wisely. Do what you need to do in order to make yourself feel better instantly. Turn your body into a priority. Work on it as hard as you can. Hire an instructor or a trainer and visit you nutritionist weekly/monthly. Set a deadline and make sure you achieve your goals by that time. Hold yourself accountable.


12. Manage your time

Divide the time you are supposed to be working into 30 minute intervals. Try to complete a given task according to that. With so much work and time running short this is the best way to deal with things easily and effectively. This will help you form a routine and following it will feel effortless in no time.


13. Start slowly and steadily

Do not challenge yourself with huge activities all of a sudden. This will break your motivation and determination. Start from doing little things. If you are planning to work out, say 1 hour every day, start with 15 minutes and increase 5 minutes gradually. When going on a diet, do not completely zip your mouth. Start by lessening your food and then slowly turning towards healthier items.


14. Begin the day right

Try to wake up earlier and start working on your plans right away. Drink a few glasses of water to hydrate yourself and take a jog in the park. This way your body will feel active and fresh throughout the day. Also, with so much time at your hands with a routine like this, you will be able to accomplish a lot more than usual. Trust me, that will be a great feeling when you lie in your bed the following night.


15.  Perform a Daily Positive Conditioning Ritual

Start your day with something that boosts your morale. It will wake you up in the true sense. Read something inspirational or listen to upbeat music. What a wonderful way to kick your day off! It will provide you the motivation to get up and do more stuff that makes you feel all the better. Nothing more can make you feel super active and fresh in the morning other than that.


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The 45 Best New Year Wishes Messages of All Time

New Year Wishes Messages can be sent out to your loved ones on the New Year Day to encourage them to dream big and achieve great things in the year that lies ahead. Extend the warmth of your heart to dear ones through these inspiring New Year Wishes & Quotes.  Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

















new year greetings wishes









new year wishes quotes




















A loud clap for tumblr for such a wonderful collection of new years wishes & messages.

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The 45 Best Inspirational Merry Christmas Quotes Of All Time

One of my favorite things to do is to collect quotes, so I thought in celebration of the Christmas holidays, I’d post a set of my favorite Merry Christmas Quotes. Christmas Day is without doubt the biggest day of Christian people. We can also say that it is the most joyful day of a whole year. On this big day people exchange their favorite  Merry Christmas Quotes with each other. So that they could describe to their loved ones that how much they care about them.  Here is a huge collection of all time best & inspirational Merry Christmas Quotes for you to send your friends and family. Happy Holidays!





































merry quotes-for-christmas








merry xmas-quotes


A very big thanks to tumblr for these amazing Merry Christmas Quotes.

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10 New Buildings in the Old Structure of the Churches

Time flies and with it, it brings a lot of changes. Everything from an individual’s personality and lifestyle to the surroundings and environment is bound to undergo transformation unlike that experienced or witnessed before. It often feels great to reconnect with your past but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the past that you never lived through? No doubt, it will be an unforgettable experience especially for those who love to delve on history.

Many places with historical and architectural importance have been restored for the world to see, but there are only a few for the people to live in. Yes, they have been changed into hotels, bars or libraries etc, to accommodate humans in a better way, yet they do not cease to fill the air with a sense of grandeur that can be felt only in such rare places.

Some architects and designers have had the privilege of working on the churches that have lasted for decades now. They have successfully managed to attain a perfect balance by keeping the history alive with a touch of modernity through innovative solutions. It would not be false to say that it is work of geniuses. The metamorphosis of these old churches into state-of-the-art is incredible.

01. Stanbrook Abbey

The building stands near the Malvern Hills in the city of Worcestershire. The foundations of this abbey were laid in 1625 by Cresacre More, although it was not until 1871 that the building reached its completion. Initially, it was a home for the Benedictine nuns who escaped from oppression at the hands of the enemies during French Revolution. They exercised their religion here for more than a century, leaving the abbey in 2009 to settle in a new home based in North Yorkshire.

Stretching over 21 acres of land, the abbey is extremely spacious with the vast grounds and luxurious chambers. It is obvious from it looks that a lot of work has been put into the design and construction of the building. It has a small, private retreat house attached to it known as St. Mary’s. Also, England’s first private printing press was established here which functions up to this day. Apart from it Gothic outlooks, the interior of the Abbey is exquisitely furnished.

It is now a property of Clarenco LLP Company which has transformed the abbey into a luxury hotel and retreat with a personal chapel. The halls are reserved for holding important events, mostly weddings with additional marquees in the grounds.


02. St. Nicholas Church House

Unlike Stanbrook Abbey, this church consumes a little area in the city of Kyloe. Its history dates back to late 1100’s and it is perhaps one of the oldest places of worship in England. Architects of today conclude that the building, covering 1 acre of land, is a work of the Romans. It was rebuilt in 1792 but during the early 1800’s the building was completely abandoned, therefore its condition deteriorated.

In the late 1800’s the building was purchased by a couple who decided to renovate the interior of the building. It was brought to domestic use with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, two reception rooms and a huge living room area. It basically comprises of two, internally connected, cottage houses including a mutual church. The exterior, however, remained as original and the small graveyard in the plot’s premises was also left untouched. However, an aisle was built in the north. The building is currently for sale.


03. Martin’s Patershof Hotel

Previously known as the Frior Minor Church, this property in Belgium is just a few hundred years old. The building was reconstructed after the French Revolution, in neo-Gothic style. It was again renovated after World War 2 and continued being a worshipping place for the Christians till the end of 1990’s when it was sold. By 1999, it had taken the role of a residential area with gardens.

In 2006, the Martin’s Hotels bought the place and transformed it into a 4-star hotel with a luxurious interior. The hotel is one of its kinds with arched ceilings and small towers. The guestrooms show the high level of comfort and luxury that the hotel has to offer. It has a penthouse suite in the top dome and some rooms have private jacuzzis. The environment is believed to be friendly and the surroundings extremely pleasant for those looking for ultimate relaxation during vacations.


04. Kruisherenhotel

This 15th-century monastery is situated in Maastricht. The church was famous amongst the population of Maastricht as it not only wrote, copied and bound books but also developed communities that aided the sick, poor and needy of the town. But during the French Revolution it started stocking ammunition and other military equipment and ultimately lost its importance as a church. As the 19th century reached its end, the church was restored but as a National Agricultural Research Station. Gradually the building was in a dire need of repair as it was rarely used. It temporarily returned to being a church till late 2000 when it was decided that the historical place should be turned into a luxurious hotel for the betterment. Also, it was the only way to keep the history of the church alive. Therefore the architecture which is an example of Gothic design, that was popular during the medieval times, was left unchanged.


05. Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh

Previously a house of worship, a school and a convent, built in 1992, Church Brew Works is located in the Pittsburgh suburb of the picturesque Lawrenceville. It has the most unusual features which would be difficult to replicate today. The vaulted ceilings, huge central tower, European-style colored glasses and intricate design inspired by the Northern Italian architecture, it is a masterpiece.

It closed down in 1993 and was reopened in 1996. During the three years it was closed, it underwent extensive renovation and was changed into a brew pub that offered a variety in the menu. The interior was designed with great care and a large amount of money was spent on it to make sure that it looks as breathtaking as its surroundings. It soon gained popularity because of its unique outlook and the four excellently brewed, distinctive beers that none of the other pubs is able to serve in the domain.


06. O’Neill’s Pub in Muswell Hill

The 20th-century Presbyterian Church was a small one standing at the corner of a road in Muswell Hill, England. It was later converted into an Irish-themed pub which goes by the name of O’Neill’s. Even though it spreads throughout the United Kingdom, the franchise itself is not exactly famous for its deliverance of beers and food neither does it boast of catering only the high class. Still it has garnered favourable reviews from the general public, probably because of the interesting place.  This dark-brown building is an exception due to the historical background related to it. Its exterior is much the same as it originally was and only a few changes have been made to the elements inside the church. It can be seen that expensive wood was used for the construction to make it look impressive. To enhance the beauty and atmosphere of the pub, music activities are encouraged on a regular basis.


07. SelexyzDominicanen Bookstore

You may have come across a lot of libraries constructed in today’s world that are simply breathtaking. SelexyzDominicanen is one of them, but its roots were planted 800 years ago as a church. This Catholic Church is in Netherland’s city of Maastricht is one of the grandest the world has ever seen. It went through a lot of phases, from a church to a warehouse and later into a bicycle shed. Finally, it was designed into a bookstore by the same architect who worked on the Kruisherenhotel. It is, without a doubt, a perfect place for those who have a thing for both, books and architecture. The vaulted ceilings speak of the significance of the place, keeping its history alive. Three-stories of bookshelves, stocking 50,000 copies with stairs and elevators have been added. The bookstore attracts 700,000 customers per year. Different events take place in the spacious bookstore such as workshops, book presentations, debates, concerts and interviews.


08. II Gattopardo

Its name is taken from a famous Italian novel, ‘The Leopard’. It was once an old chapel in Milan, but it was transformed into a club in 2001. Although it does not attract a large number of people, it is a famous entertaining spot amongst the elite youngsters of Milan because of its environment that specifically serves those who want to experience a wild party. The drinks are expensive and nothing can beat the party that goes all night into the day. However, instead of disco lights, there is a giant chandelier that was a part of the original interior of the church. It is equipped to move up and down according to the rhythm of the music. The architecture is fascinating giving this club altogether a unique look. Although it looks mature, the crowd is not. This is definitely not the place for those looking for a quiet drink in the evening.


09. Church Bar and Restaurant, Dublin

Constructed at the beginning of the 18th century, the place was formerly a church that went by the name of St. Mary’s situated in Ireland. It was closed down in 1964 and was not put to use for several years until 1997 when it legally became the property of John Keating. He devoted seven years to repair and renovate the place. However, some of the features like the organ and stained glass windows were simply polished. It was then reopened in 2005 under the name of John M. Keating’s Bar. Soon enough, it became the pride of Dublin. In 2007, the place was sold to new owners. They are credited for adding a cafe, nightclub and a barbeque area on the terrace. It now functions under the name of ‘The Church Bar and Restaurant’. Approximately 600,000 people dine in here attracted by the art, history and luxury that the place is famous for. The place was acknowledged at the Dublin City Neighborhood Awards 2006, receiving an award under the category of the Best Old Building.


10. Limelight Marketplace

Once an Episcopal church established in 1844, it covers an area of 25000 square feet. It is situated on the Avenue of Americas at West 20th street. It was designed by architect Richard Upjohn. The church underwent a lot of transformations. It was purchased by a drug rehabilitation house but due to financial issues it was sold to Gatien in 1982. This Gothic-style, brownstone building was finally turned into a disco and rock club under the famous club franchise known as ‘The Limelight’. Unfortunately in 1996 it was closed down when the issue of drug dealing at the place was brought into the light by the media. It has reopened from time to time since then. In 2003, it was renamed to ‘Avalon’ but was reopened properly in 2007. The place functioned as a marketplace till 2014 when the idea of converting it into an outlet of a famous Gym chain was put forward.


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The 45 Best Friends Forever Quotes Of All Time

Do you know the definition of BFF or best friend forever? Well, here we have gathered a huge collection of best friend forever quotes. A Best Friend is the kind of person who knows you inside and out, yet associates with you anyway. They love you to the core. They know your deepest darkest secrets, and keep them forever. They know your flaws, and disregard them happily. They hold your hand when you cry and are right by your side when you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe. If you have a best friend, damn, you’re lucky. But if not, you could spend your entire life searching.














































A big thanks to tumblr for these cute best friend forever quotes.

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The 10 Most Unhealthy Items At McDonald’s

Naturally, as human beings blessed with taste buds, we can’t resist tasting new, different and delicious things every now and then. To explore the area of food, we visit various places and restaurants- within and out of our region- that offer something unique and different from what we have been trying for years now. Some settle for Chinese whilst some develops a taste for seafood. Just like that you settle for a place you think is best in all ways- the food is delicious, contains nutritious ingredients and is economical. And then there are some eateries that became a favorite for the majority in a matter of years.

All of us are familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Burger King, and the likes that offer scrumptious burgers, sandwiches and drink that later tend to become their signature. One of these famous restaurants that spread all over the world is McDonald’s. Bet you have been there and cannot resist the temptation of stopping by every now and then for the burger with the crisp fries or the shakes and coffee.

But not all that looks good is actually good. If you have been dining at such places more often, you may have been battling a few problems like that of obesity and higher cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood. Without knowing the nutritional value that this kind of food holds, we give rise to a lot of health issues. Such problems have been increasing on a very fast rate and it is high-time that people come to know what the root of all of it is.

Find out how nutritious these McDonald’s creations (they have been termed ‘junk food’ for a reason) are:

Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich:

This sandwich consists of the crispy chicken breast fillet, tomato slice, bacon, natural Swiss cheese, mayo and leaf lettuce on a toasted bakery-style bun (which alone has 8 grams of whole wheat). Although, McDonald’s claims it to have less sodium and salt amount than usual, it still has 1410 milligrams of sodium. The calories amount to 670 grams saturated fat to 9 grams and cholesterol to 85 milligrams. It has gained favorable reviews from the critiques over the texture of the bun and taste, nonetheless, it is definitely not a good diet for those avoiding obesity.


Bacon Clubhouse Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

This is pretty much the same as Bacon Clubhouse Burger as far as the ingredients go. This burger is made up of crispy chicken fillet and artisan roll (these alone are a concoction of multiple things), topped with tomato slice, thick-cut apple-wood smoked bacon, caramelized grilled onions, Big Mac sauce, pasteurized and processed cheddar cheese and a leaf lettuce. It has 750 grams of calories, 38 grams of fat, 1720 milligrams of sodium, 10 grams of saturated fat and 90 milligrams of cholesterol.


Vanilla McCafe Shake/ Shamrock Shake:

Who does not like McDonald’s shake? This one has been on the top list for many shake lovers for years now. The classic vanilla shake, made with creamery reduced fat ice cream- topped off with whipped cream and a cherry is just so tempting. But even with the so-called reduced fat cream, the shake has 820 calories, 23 grams fat, 260 milligrams of sodium, 15 grams of saturated fat, 90 milligrams of cholesterol and 101 grams of sugar. The shake weighs a total of 22 ounces and is not as healthy as you would think it is.


McFlurry with M&Ms:

Chocolate lovers went berserk when McDonalds introduced this shake. Even those on a diet could not resist as it claimed to have used reduced fat cream. Here is the surprise- the 16 ounces of this ‘reduced fat soft serve vanilla ice cream, with M&M’s candies swirled in’- has 930 calories, 33 grams of fat, 260 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of saturated fat, 75 milligrams cholesterol and 128 grams of sugars. Not so tempting anymore, is it?


Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Large Size Biscuit:

McDonald’s breakfast deals have a lot of people pouring in early in the morning. One of the deals goes by the name of Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Large Size Biscuit in the menu. It has scrambled eggs, sausage patty, a large biscuit, hash browns, hotcakes and salted butter. You may be thinking that it may be made up keeping in mind all the nutrition that one needs through this vital meal of the day. But you are wrong. It has 1150 calories, 60 grams of fat, 2260 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of saturated fat, 575 milligrams of cholesterol, 61 grams of fat and 111 grams of carbohydrates. Not a very nutritious breakfast after all.


Premium Southwest Crispy Chicken McWrap:

This meal has ‘crispy chicken breast  with cilantro lime glaze, crunchy tortilla strips, fresh spring greens, two half slices of tomato, cucumber slices, shredded cheddar jack cheese and a spicy, creamy habanero ranch sauce- wrapped in a soft, warm flour tortilla.’ Even with all those vegetables and meat, it is completely unhealthy as it contains 670 grams of calories, 33 grams of fat, 1450 milligrams of sodium, 8 grams of saturated fat and 60 milligrams of cholesterol. If you lack all these, good for you, otherwise this is way too much poison for your body.


Bacon Clubhouse Burger:

We all rush to grab any item containing bacon, and if it is a creation of McDonalds, well who will be able to resist? Thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized grilled onions, white cheddar, crisp leaf lettuce and fresh tomato, all lovingly layered on a quarter pound of hundred percent pure beef, topped with Big Mac special sauce is what makes up this scrumptious burger. But the facts tell us how this temptation may have adverse effects on our health. The whole burger weighs 120.5 grams with 720 grams of calories, 40 grams of fat, 1470 milligrams of sodium, 15 milligrams of saturated fat and 115 milligrams of cholesterol.


Double Quarter Pounder w. Cheese:

Its name is enough to know its nutritional value. The two-quarter pound has thick, hundred percent, beef patties,  simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, two slices melted cheese, slivered with onions and tangy pickles all on sesame seed bun. So naturally, it has 750 grams of calories, 43 grams of fat, 1280 milligrams of sodium, 19 grams of saturated fat and 160 milligrams of cholesterol. You should not be shocked. The burger weighs 120.5 grams per patty before it is even cooked!


Strawberry McCafe Shake:

This one has been a favorite for those who love the sweetness of a strawberry. This classic shake has it all that make you want to slurp it down- creamy reduced fat ice cream with strawberry flavored deliciousness- topped off with whipped cream and a cherry- but you will be disappointed to know the nutritional value it has. 850 calories, 24 grams of fat, 260 milligrams of sodium, and 15 grams of saturated fat, 90 milligrams cholesterol and 123 grams of sugar is what makes up this 22 ounces of shake.


10-Piece Mighty Wings:

This was a different creation of McDonalds and instantly became a hit amongst those who love chicken.  The Mighty Wings are coated with multiple things like different kinds of wheat, flour, starch, sodium phosphates, spices, yeast, onion powder and a lot of other ingredients. It comes with various sauces like creamy ranch sauce, hot habanero sauce, honey mustard sauce, sweet and sour sauce, spicy buffalo sauce, tangy barbecue sauce and plain honey too. But the nutritional value it holds is definitely not going to be a hit amongst you- 960 calories, 63 grams of fat, 2900 milligrams sodium, 13 grams of saturated fat, 295 grams of cholesterol, 63 grams of fat and 40 grams of carbohydrates.


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The 22 Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Pregnancy  is most delightful time for every women’s life. There are hundreds of cute and funny pregnant costumes available that couples love to use and enjoy the precious moments of their life. And when Halloween comes everyone selects a costume that suits him or her best. Here we have gathered 22 best Pregnant Halloween Costumes Of All Time.  These maternity Halloween costumes show that how pregnant couples celebrate the Halloween season.























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The 20 Most Visited Cities In The World

Traveling. This one thing is the favorite hobby of many. Whatever age you may be, the thirst to explore the world and witness its beauty never dies, wherever you may go. Isn’t that right? Don’t you just want to pack your bag, grab your money and car and spend some time at a new place- a place where you know no one and nobody knows you? It can be the best way to meditate and ponder over little things in life and even about yourself. Or, to spend some quality time with your family. And if you are young, this is how you can have the time of your life with friends. That is what traveling is about. The more you travel, the more you cherish this beautiful planet, your life and every other thing attached to it.

For some, however, traveling means something else altogether. Traveling means business. It means tourism. It means trade. It means to finance. It means a whole company or an industry thriving solely on this activity. With people from different walks of life and different regions, everyone has different reasons for traveling. Not only the travelers benefit from this, but also the city/country they are traveling to. Different cities excel at different kind of business. The visitors are mainly interested in the business or else the scenic beauty.

Have you ever wondered which city is the most visited? Is it Paris, the city of fashion design or London, the city of writers? No. The cities that are the most visited are the ones which are seldom mentioned, despite the fact that you have heard and read about them often. Here’s a list of the top cities that shockingly welcome a huge amount of people annually.

1.    MILAN:

Milan, the city of fashion, is a second-most populous city in Italy with a population of 1.3 million.  Its fashion events are enough to attract people from fashion industries and celebrities alike, from all over the world. Apart from this, it contributes the most when it comes to finance and commerce, to Italy. In 2013, Milan hosted 5.9 million people.

most visited cities in the world


Shanghai, the coastal region on China, is the largest city in China, in terms of both population and finance. It has a total population of 14.35 million people. Even with a slight economic stability in the past few years that caused fewer people to visit the place, a bulk of (6.1 million) people visits it yearly. The reason for so many visitors is probably the port, which is the busiest in the whole world.

top tourist destinations

3.    MIAMI:

This place, with its exotic beaches and clean, spacious roads is located in southeastern Florida. The total population of Miami is a hefty 417,650 people. Miami is known for its glam and only those who can afford it, visit it. And with that, 6.3 million people turn up each year to visit this place. This figure has been increasing quite rapidly at the rate of 4.1% per year.

popular tourist destinations

4.    PATTAYA:

A small piece of Thailand, with residents numbering 107,406 (as per the census carried out in 2010), it rests on the coast. The beautiful, serene beach with optimum weather is a favorite holiday spot for many. A lot of people from nearby places, drop here over the weekend to enjoy themselves. Most visitors are from Bangkok as it is only 62 miles away. The amount of people who visit this place is nearly 7 million.

most visited places in the world


As you can figure from its name, it is a city of China. It is situated northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. 8.525 million people live here. The city is zestful in all aspects: food, luxury, streets and buildings. Which is why it has succeeded in attracting people from all over the world. However, with the recent economic instability that China has been facing, a number of visitors dropped by 3%, rounding the number up to 7.6 million/year now.

most popular tourist destinations

6.    ROME:

Who is not familiar with Rome, the ‘eternal city’? The place holds historical importance, going back 2500 years. However do not think that the city lies in ruins; it is actually inhabited by 2.627 million people. With its historical buildings that are architectural masterpieces, in fact, those who live there are truly blessed. Those who do not and cannot resist adding this place in their wishlist of places to visit. With the Popes focusing on this area, where the culture and art ooze out from every corner, the place continues to bring in 8.5 million visitors each year.

top tourist destinations in the world

7.    DUBAI:

Since the time Dubai has turned itself into a city that not only makes you hold your breath at the sight of huge buildings and lavish lifestyle but also at its wealth that made it into a global powerhouse, it has gained popularity amongst those who love to travel. It is not blessed with natural beauty; still you can spot tourists everywhere. One has to see places like Burj Khalifa. Its tourism industry has boosted with 10 million people turning up to visit the place yearly.

most popular travel destinations

8.    ANTALYA:

Another Turkish city that tops the list of the most-visited cities globally. Antalya brings almost 700,000 people each year, to visit its beauty. The place is calm, with hardly any chaos, yet it has innumerable spots you may want to hang out, with friends or on your own. Most of the tourists are basically Russians since to visit Turkey, they don’t have to cover a large distance. In 2015, it is holding G-20 summit that is bound to attract more people.

most popular city in the world


It is also nicknamed as ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ due to the technology and business that makes this city China’s first Special Economic Zone. Around 7.009 million people reside here. It also has the skyscraper Sung Hing Square to its name. It brings 11.7 million visitors on an annual basis.

tourist places in the world

10.    MACAU:

This place is highly populated with 642,900 people living here. It is also called the “Las Vegas of Asia” as it is the largest gambling city. Moreover, it has landmarks like Macau Tower, contributing to its factor of attraction.  Its GDP per capita (91,376.02) says it all. No doubt, 14 million people fly over to visit this place and have an experience of what it is like to gamble in a wealthy city.

world tourist destinations


It is the capital city of Catalonia in Spain, inhabited by 6.1 million people. It is one of the most visited places, attracting approximately 6 million tourists annually, which is why its economic, trade fair and cultural centers, commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts contribute to increase the GDP such that it becomes the fourth most economically powerful city in Europe.

most popular travel sites

12.    LAS VEGAS:

Las Vegas, the city of rich casinos, expensive bars, luxury hotels and lavish restaurants and resorts, is officially called the ‘sin city’. It is the home to 603,488 people so far, but being the point of enjoyment for the filthy rich, it was the first city to cross the mark by hosting more than 6 million visitors every year now.

world's top tourist destinations

13.    PRAGUE:

The capital of Czech Republic is also called the ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’.  It is the home to 1.247 million people and comes on the 15th position in the list of largest cities in the European Union. The city has historical significance with old buildings that add to its beauty, forming a completely picturesque town. It is also a part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. A large number of people, approximately 6.2 million, as per the census carried out in 2013, pour yearly to this place.

the most visited city in the world

14.    TAIPEI:

It is the capital of Taiwan. As Japan is famous for its expertise in the area of technology, its economic and financial stability depends upon the tech-industry. Billions of people belonging to the same industry visit the place yearly for business purposes. The city’s population is an estimation of 2693672, according to the survey carried out in 2009. With that, it is ready to host 6.7 million extra, who visit the place.

tourist attractions around the world

15.    MECCA:

Being the holy city for the Muslims worldwide, the city draws a huge number of people annually. An approximate of 2 million people lives there already. The performance of Hajj (a religious pilgrimage), is the main reason Mecca experiences an influx of thousands of people from different culture and races, every year. The number of visitors reaches 7.5 million and more.

most popular places to visit

16.    PHUKET:

A land with nature at every corner- rain forested and mountainous, this is situated in the Andaman Sea in Thailand. The population is merely 378,364 people. The clean bluish-green water, the peace and serenity, the greenery, the outdoor activities, the luxurious resorts and spas is what forces some 8 billion people to visit it on a yearly basis.

top 10 tourist places in the world

17.    SEOUL:

This occupies a small area in South Korea but is responsible for making up a quarter of GDP of the region, which is perhaps the reason it is also the capital city of the country. A population is a number of 10.01 million people. Since it’s the main city for business, the majority of those who visit are here on business purposes. In 2013, 8.6 million flew into Seoul.

top tourist places in world

18.    ISTANBUL:

The largest city in the domain of Turkey and the largest urban area in all of Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul is home for 14.4 million residents. Blessed with natural beauty and the energetic city life, it draws billions of people each year. Since 2013, it has witnessed an increase in the number of visitors by 12 %, making the figure a little over 10.4 million.

best tourist attractions in the world


The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur or KL (as called by the locals) is populated by 1.589 residents. It is another city, with wealth so extreme and buildings so tall, that it will simply take your breath away. The renowned places include the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. An approximate of 11.2 million people visits it every year.

top tourist attractions in the world


Who does not know of New York City (NYC), the capital of USA? Being successful in every industry, be it food, movies, fashion, technology or any other business, it has become the world’s most financially powerful city. With so many people, visiting it to see its glam and energy, a few come here to earn money and study too. All in all, the number of visitors has been increasing by 2 %. According to the 2013 survey, a total of 12 million people visited the city.

the most visited place in the world

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The 37 All Time Best Pictures of Elle Fanning

Are you looking for some pictures of Elle Fanning? Well, we have a huge compilation of beautiful photos of Elle Fanning for her fans. But for those who still don’t know her, we have a little biography of Elle Fanning.  Mary Elle Fanning (born April 9, 1998) is an American actress. She started acting before turning three years old, beginning her acting career by playing the younger version of her older sister, Dakota, in the movie I Am Sam. In 2002, Elle appeared in Daddy Day Care, her first film independent of her sister and the first performance for which she received a Young Artist Award nomination. In 2010, Elle starred as Mary, the lead character in The Nutcracker in 3D and since then she’s appeared in starring roles in box office hits such as Super 8 (2011), We Bought a Zoo (2011) and Maleficent (2014). In 2016 she appeared as Jesse in the psychological thriller The Neon Demon. Wait is over! Lets enjoy the most beautiful Elle Fanning photos internet has ever seen.



































elle fanning cute smile



A big thanks to Tumblr for these exclusive photos of Elle Fanning.


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The 18 Best Pictures Of People Having Worst Day Of Their Life

Having a bad day is still acceptable and it comes so many times in our lives but having a worst day comes only once through out the life. And luckily these guys have just reached at that point where they are facing the worst day of their lives.

It looks like this trespasser was punished by the very land he was trespassing on



These guys who are stuck on a roller coaster


This driver who tried to test the power of his crane


This forever hungry customer


This guy who check twice that it’s sealed!


This guy who doesn’t know that he is going to hurt himself badly


This guy who dressed in the dark


This guy who have not idea how this boat got unbalanced


This guy who ignored No Through Traffic sign


This guy who locked himself out


This guy who mistakenly pressed the fold-out button


This guy who had to reach at funeral ceremony


This man who just realized that hippos can run faster than his expectations


This motorcyclist who has just realized that this isn’t going to end well


This soldier


And this sunbather


This truck driver who just has leaned the hardest lesson of his life


This women who will have to wait till next stop