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Photographer Jedediah Johnson Catalogues His Subject’s Faces after Making out with Them

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Jedediah Johnson is a professional Chicago based photographer who creates a unique and amazing series of pictures called “The Make-Out Project”, by experimenting with bright lipstick kisses. Young and old, men and women, you name it…..everyone is included in his unorthodox photography series. For each picture, Jedediah Johnson puts

These Mind Blowing Toothpick Sculptures Will Leave your Jaw on the Floor

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American artist Bob Morehead from the town of Virginia Beach, USA, for more than thirty years has been creating architectural miniatures, using ordinary toothpicks and glue. Bob Morehead used thousands of toothpicks in order to create a structure of average toothpick. As for the large-scale project, it is called

2014 FIFA World Cup: 20 Football Goals Around the World

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In Football game, all you need is a ball and a goal where to send it. Worldwide, the goalposts are made of metal, sticks, plastic, wood, belts or even colors are drawn on the wall. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to officially start on June 12 in

The World’s Most Expensive Mountain Bike Made out of 24k Gold by The House of Solid Gold

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The unique project was implemented jointly by employees of the company “The House of Solid Gold” with the help of famous designer and developer Dan Bull. He was a founder of “Iditabike”. The main feature of the bike is that almost its entire surface is covered with 24-karat gold.