Amusingly Funny Illustrations by Aleksa Nocnego

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Aleksa Nocnego is an amateur illustrator and designer. He makes amusingly funny illustrations by replacing head of the main characters of images; it turns funny, hilarious and unusual. You can also creates that type of illustrations, the main thing is that you should have the imaginations and skills.

The Fish Book by Ernest Goh

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Some days before we shared a post of Ernest Goh titled” Photographer Ernest Goh Explores the Surprising World of Chicken Beauty Pageants”. Today we are sharing again his excellent series of pictures called “The Fish Book”. In this series you will see amazing and colorful fish images. Ernest Goh

Incredibly Surreal Street Art by Aryz

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ARYZ is a 22-year-old talented illustrator and street artist from Barcelona, Spain. His street drawings are distinguished not only by its scale, but also surreal. His work is quite difficult to find in many abandoned streets or quiet areas of many European cities. Biography of Aryz is not like

‘Lunchbox Dad’ Beau Coffron Creates Impressive Edible Art for His Little Daughter Abby

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All parents want their children not only well in school, but also to eat right. Therefore, young children often take lunch-boxes, in which parents diligently placed homemade food. Beau Coffron is a creative blogger and father of three who lives and works in San Francisco. He has become famous