28 Exciting Pictures Showing Cops Having Fun

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How you react and think when you hear the word “Cops”? Between,  first thing that appears in our minds is that cops are only for criminals. They wouldn’t talk to us with a smile on their face.  But here are some proofs to convince everyone of us that cops

10 Extinct African Animals Probably You Didn’t Know About

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African animals are discussed all over the world more than the animals of any other continent. Specially people like me always keep eyes and ears open to get a chance to read/hear about those extinct animal species which are not exist today. Here are ten amazing extinct African animals

What If Top Hollywood Icons Were Born In The Sixteenth Century?

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Wonder woman Sacha’s discovery of these top hollywood icons, which goes back to childhood, gave birth to a desire to re-appropriate them, to take them back to a time forming the cornerstone of modern western art. Sacha wants to confront these icons of American culture with contemporary painters of

10 Problems Only People With Glasses Will Understand

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01. Our world is full of  problems. There are dozens of problems we all relate with and face everyday. But some problems relate with only specific people like we are sharing top ten problems only people with glasses can understand.