24 Pictures Proving That There is No Escape From The Friend Zone

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 01. Becoming a resident of the friendzone is all too common when it comes to young men these days. Some  people say that’s a real shame, because it can severely hurt your confidence and it also deprives you of that much desired woman’s touch. But I’d say that freindzone

18 Doorbell Notes That Are So Bad, They’re Good

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01. If you are planning to trick people by ringing their doorbells then make sure that there is no WARNING note placed with the doorbell because some people really don’t want to be disturbed and if you are still going to ring their bell you will be sent straight

21 Bizarre Sports You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Tired of conventional sports? Then you should give try to these interesting sports. Specially I’m loving “Baby Crying” one!

24 Amazingly Interesting Facts About Scientists

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 01. Some of the Scientific Community stuff that has happened or is about to happen and is truly amazing!