Laura Jenkinson Incredibly Paints Famous Cartoon Charachters On Her Mouth and Chin To Make You Smile

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 Timone (The Lion King) Laura Jenkinson is that beautiful artist who paints characters from Disney movies, Looney Tunes, South Park, and more onto her chin, lips, and the skin above them. This cleverly transforms Jenkinson’s mouth into a figure’s over-sized mouth, and when she moves her lips it looks

30 People Sleeping With Dogs And Its The Most Adorable Thing You Will See Today

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My Chihuahua sleeps in my bed. She just curls up next to my stomach or will lie down next to me and place her head on my back. It’s like we are each others security blankets. I had a Pit mix once who would lie at the foot of

19 Times Baby Goats Reached Dangerous Point Of Cuteness

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01.  This Push Up Moment Baby goats are considered as cutest and naughtiest buddies. From cute baby goat jumps on another goat and kick it to the ground to an adorable baby goat getting her very first bath, We have much more to make your day absolutely delightful.

50 Of The Most Striking Portraits of Homeless People

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Lee Jeffries is the artist who is capturing absolutely touching photographs of emotional faces of homeless people. Forty-year-old Jeffries, from Bolton – who’s an accountant by day – first began photographing the homeless in 2008 while visiting London. While walking through Leicester Square he took a picture of a