Yale Mendelson
Yale Mendelson
3 years ago

Yale Mendelson – Morgantown, WV 26505

Yale Mendelson while working as pharmaceutical liaison managed technical expertise of compound medications, long-lasting medical equipment, and specialty pharmacy service to instruct physicians and staff on the product advantages in the portfolio of 50+ products. Moreover, he developed and used MTM-medication therapy patient surveys for 500+ monthly prescriptions.

Yale Mendelson is a member of with American Pharmacist’s Association (APhA) and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

Yale Mendelson has taken up a number of leadership roles including the American Leadership Academy (ALA), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico back in Spring 2010. It is a unique opportunity as it affords a great opportunity to connect with other foremost professionals.

Yale Mendelson is a notable pharmacist and he ensures that everything is properly managed. He worked at the Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy as a Pharmaceutical Liaison. He diligently developed effective MTM-medication therapy patient surveys for 500+ monthly prescriptions.

Yale Mendelson worked as a staff pharmacist at Rite Aid Pharmacy from January 2017 till April 2017. While working there, he dispensed 1,400- 1,500 medications weekly and supervised for drug interactions, penned side effects for every case. In addition, he communicated with other HCP’s and insurances daily to optimize the patient experience.

Yale Mendelson has also worked diligently as the lead pharmacist-in-charge at Pocahontas Pharmacy. While working there, he was responsible for managing complete oversight of the pharmacy. His tasks involved customer experience, budget management, patient counseling, and inventory control for a volume of 1,300 weekly prescriptions.

Yale Mendelson attended West Virginia University in the fall of 2008 on an academic scholarship where he majored in Exercise Physiology. This degree was a science-based degree for people leading to professions like doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or other healthcare providers.

In Dec 2015, Yale Mendelson got Doctor of Pharmacy, Magna Cum Laude & Rho Chi honors from the West Virginia University. His ability to concentrate on various dimensions of his profession is of great connotation as they play a conclusive role in producing optimal results.

Yale Mendelson has a great interest in sports. His practical rotations include Jefferson Medical Center. He described and explained the pros and cons of “NOVEL ORAL ANTICOAGULANTs” to MDs, RNs, & Pharmacists.