22 Of The Worst Tattoo Corrections Of All Time

worst tattoo mistakes

dragon tattoo designs

Getting a tattoo has become a viral trend these days. So your new tattoo should not be a flip of a coin decision. Whether it be a tribal tattoo, kanji tattoos, butterfly tattoos, celtic tattoo or any other tattoo design. You’ll have to look at and, or display that puppy for the rest of your Earthly life – Make sure it’s a good one.

But here are few people who selected to get their favorite tattoos but for some reasons they decided to have corrections and changes in their tattoos. The results came totally unexpected for them when tattoo corrections gone horrible wrong. So, we say again that think more than hundred times before picking your tattoo design because tattoo corrections not go so well every time.

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A big thanks to tumblr and imagur for these worst tattoo corrections.

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