The Amazing Art of Food

Vegetable face

We serve the food in everyday life because it is a necessary and important thing to live a life in a healthful way. Children who don’t love to eat foods there are many ways to eat them. For example make the food in their favorite character like, face shape, sandwich as Angry Bird, dogs mummies, cake as Octopus, etc. This appearance of your food makes up a large part of the overall experience of its use. So here I am going to share some amazing art of food which will make you hungry. (17 Photos)

Hot dogs Mummies:
Hot dogs Mummies

Hot Chicken Wings:
Hot chicken wings


Noodles Chewbacca:
Noodles Chewbacca

Noodles Chewbacca:
Noodles Chewbacca

Rice “sleeping bear”:
Rice “sleeping bear”

All you need – this is love:
All you need – this is love

Curry Onsen:
Curry Onsen

Egg yin-yang:
egg yin-yang

Hot dogs Mummies:
Hot dogs Mummies

Sosiskovy flower:
Sosiskovy flower

Hairy Sausages:
Hairy sausages

Nest Pasta:
Nest pasta

That’s really really hot dogs:
That’s really really hot dogs

Panda Land:
Panda Land

Sandwiches Angry Birds:
Sandwiches Angry Birds



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