Mysterious Surreal Photos by Trini Schultz

The Long Journey

Up and Away!

Trini Schultz is a creative female photographer from California. She explores new worlds through the lens of his camera, creating a mystical and sometimes romantic portraits, in which time seems to have stopped. Time still stands in each Trini’s surreal pictures as wafts of dust billow around a mysterious man, a rainstorm of rocks, floating umbrellas fill the sky are caught in midair like weightless aerial objects. Through her mysterious surreal photography, Trini exposes an expressive beauty in the uncontrollable nature of her imagined mysterious worlds. Here I have selected some best surreal photographs that will make you feel joy. Have a look!

The Long Journey

Pearls Of The Sea

So Many Faces Without A Name, So Little Memories Remain

Spirit In The Sky

Spirits In The Black Mist

Spirits Soaring

Surrender To The Void

the Juggler

The Sound of Rain

When Buried Sand Sculptures Arise

When We're Gone...Memories Of Us Are All That Remain

Where Time Moves Slow

Wreaking Havoc

A State of Mind

After The Rainstorm

All Children, except one, grow up

Bridal Bliss

Changing Seasons

Conductor of the Wind

Coronation of the Bluebird Queen

Exploring The World Above

Fervor and Denial

I'll Leave When The Wind Blows

In The Shadow of Giants

Kindling The Flames

Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow

Meeting of the Elements

Noble in the Face of Death

Pearl Collector

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