40 Most Bizarre Street Installations Ever

Mark Jenkins, an American artist born in Fairfax, Virginia in 1970, is renowned for his unique street installations using box-sealing tape. His artwork has gained widespread recognition, having been featured in prominent publications such as Time, The Washington Post, Reuters, and The Independent, and showcased on the esteemed street art blog Wooster Collective. Jenkins has also exhibited his work in galleries across the United States, Europe, Japan, and Brazil, and is represented by esteemed galleries like Lazarides Gallery in London. Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of his incredible creations – you’re sure to be amazed by his talent!

Street Installations

Street Installations in London

Bizarre street installations are a unique form of art that captivate and intrigue passersby with their unexpected and unconventional nature. These installations, often created by talented artists using various materials, challenge the traditional notions of art and bring creativity to the streets in a bold and unconventional manner.

One such artist who is known for his bizarre street installations is Mark Jenkins, an American artist recognized for his use of box-sealing tape to create thought-provoking sculptures. Jenkins’ installations often depict human figures engaging in surreal or humorous activities, such as floating in mid-air, climbing walls, or lounging on rooftops. His work has been featured in prominent publications and exhibited in galleries worldwide, garnering attention for his distinctiveness and unconventional approach to art.

Other artists around the world have also contributed to the realm of bizarre street installations. From whimsical sculptures made from recycled materials to mind-bending optical illusions that defy perception, these installations challenge the traditional boundaries of art and encourage viewers to question their surroundings and perspectives. They bring an element of surprise, wonder, and often humor to the streets, enriching the urban environment and providing a unique artistic experience for those who encounter them.

Via: Tapesculpture

25 responses to “40 Most Bizarre Street Installations Ever”

  1. andy Avatar

    dumbs!! fools!!! idiots !!!

  2. moldiest Avatar

    the black guy carrying the lamp is crazy! it looks so real!

  3. kayteajay Avatar

    did mark jenkins have an installation in art prize in grand rapids, mi?

  4. makram Avatar

    Very well colection. The pictures are very rare and amazing and funny . well done.

  5. Unicum Avatar

    WOW, these are all awsome!!!

  6. Lee Stevens Avatar
    Lee Stevens

    If I jumped into the water to save someone I thought was hurt or drowning to find out it was a stupid art installation I’d smack the shit out of you for being a foul jackass because its akin to the crime of yelling fire in a crowded theater. The other ones are creative and eye catching.

  7. SickboyRawrs Avatar

    Incredible! I just loved it!

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