Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture Food Artworks

Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry. These foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them.

The market for miniature food is thriving, offering a unique form of art that showcases beautifully crafted designs of various dishes. These miniature creations may resemble steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs, and virtually any type of food artwork you can imagine. However, it’s important to note that these intricately detailed pieces are not edible but rather serve as exquisite artworks in their own right.

Miniature Food Sculpture Food Artworks

Miniature Food Artworks

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture - Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron

Shay Aaron is a renowned artist who specializes in creating stunning miniature food artworks. His work has gained international recognition for its incredible attention to detail and lifelike appearance. Through his meticulous craftsmanship, Aaron is able to transform polymer clay into miniature versions of various culinary delights.

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From delectable desserts like cupcakes, macarons, and ice cream cones to savory treats like hamburgers, sushi, and pizzas, Shay Aaron’s miniature food creations are truly a feast for the eyes. Each piece is carefully sculpted and painted with precision to capture the textures, colors, and intricate details of the real food.

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

What sets Aaron’s work apart is his ability to evoke a sense of realism and playfulness in his miniatures. The tiny fruits, vegetables, and pastries appear so lifelike that it’s hard to believe they are not edible. He pays attention to every tiny element, from the texture of a chocolate chip cookie to the vibrant colors of a fruit tart, making each piece look incredibly appetizing.

Shay Aaron’s work has gained a significant following on social media platforms, where he shares his latest creations with his fans and admirers. His miniature food artworks have been featured in exhibitions and galleries worldwide, captivating audiences with their charm and creativity.

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

The popularity of miniature food artistry has grown in recent years, attracting collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the skill and craftsmanship involved in creating these tiny masterpieces. These miniature food artworks serve as decorative items, collectibles, and even jewelry pieces, showcasing the intersection of art and food in a unique and fascinating way.

Whether you’re a food lover, an art enthusiast, or simply amazed by the intricacy of miniature creations, Shay Aaron’s work is sure to leave you in awe. His ability to transform simple materials into incredibly realistic and delightful miniatures is a testament to his talent and passion for his craft.

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

Miniature Food Sculpture

261 responses to “Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron”

  1. Watson Avatar

    incredible. and now i’m hungry!

  2. rebeccazg Avatar

    equally insane and amazing…wow 🙂

  3. Valkerie Avatar

    I never comment on websites , but this is the most incredible talent I have seen. you have such patience and skill. From one artist to another, I hope those beautiful hands are

  4. valkerie Avatar

    And another thing, I may retire, coz you are truly awesome!!!!!

  5. charley Avatar

    amazingly delicate – finest kind…

  6. garrett Avatar

    mad skills, much respect

  7. scrumple Avatar

    If these were real I bet they’d charge 15 bucks a plate, just like they do at fancy restaurants.

  8. john Avatar

    this guy has some HUGE pennies

  9. derp Avatar


  10. Sam Avatar

    These are really nice pictures

    thanks for sharing

  11. laur Avatar

    this is absolutely incredible!

  12. Patrick Avatar

    These are amazing! I’ve always admired anyone who has the patience to create such intricate and miniature works of art.

  13. Stephan Avatar

    Truly Amazing!

  14. Stef Avatar

    OR maybe she just crafted a really huge hand, nickle and match 😀 Seems like it would be a little less work 😀

  15. Ramya Avatar

    Oh my…so so pretty…so cute ….wanna eat these!

  16. fggg Avatar

    what’s the point?

  17. Bending PVC Avatar

    This is amazing. It would be rally cool to cater an event with similar sized real food and use that as the opening for this at a gallery.

  18. Blogging Tips Avatar

    With these I will feel like a giant!

  19. Amy Avatar

    WOW!! Truly amazing! Very impressive!

  20. Patricia Avatar

    Wow! Just WOW!! You are truly amazing and talented! I sincerely hope you sell all this for a good price!

  21. TheTiffn8r Avatar

    That is the coolest effing thing I have ever seen

  22. Brenda Avatar

    it is all so perfect….

  23. Elizabeth Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic! So intricate and detailed!

  24. D Avatar

    Why are chicks always so obsessed about miniature anything???

  25. c hris Avatar
    c hris

    these are awesome – where do they get those gigantic coins?

  26. huma Avatar

    impossibly amazing. no words.

  27. Florence Avatar

    Pfff ! Faut que j’arrête et que je passe à autre chose moi !

    Et en plus ! On en mangerait ! 🙂

  28. cucu Avatar

    thumbs up for c hris ! thumbs down for the french who will never learn another language

  29. cucu Avatar

    oh yeah Florence,that comment goes to you

  30. Sammi Avatar

    Omg..great works!!! So realistic!!! How? How? How?

  31. Arqui Avatar

    Patience and passion. Great works!

  32. Flori Avatar


  33. Connie Avatar

    This is so realistic! Such detail…it’s fantastic work!

  34. Ella Avatar

    Amazing – I wish I had the patience to do something at least remotely as nice as this 🙂

  35. Name Avatar

    What a waste of perfectly good art supplies.

  36. Catherine Tatum Avatar

    Amazing…..everything is so real looking and so tiny!

  37. Marilyn Davenport Avatar

    Shay Aaron’s work is remarkable. Such talent!

  38. Restaurant Ties Avatar

    These tiny food arts are great. I think they would look nice on uniform ties for restaurants also.

  39. catalina calderon Avatar

    Wow! that is just amazing!
    I am addicted to minis

  40. Simon Avatar

    Awesome Food Collection. Well decoration foods. What a Collection picture is!

  41. holzgrill Avatar

    I love this eclectic type of artwork.
    Keep up the great work

  42. Joy4Yoga Avatar

    Hi Shay – I think your work is PERFECTION!!! Although I’m an avid foodie, I’ve been looking for someone who makes tiny things. Do you make thing things other than food? Food is GREAT, but specifically I’m looking for tiny figurines, I have a great passion project that calls for animals/birds. I figured if you can make tiny food in all cuisines, you might be able to make tiny anything. Please DO let me know if this is something you can do or would be interested in some kind of partnership in. =) Much love, I’m sorry I working on all this stuff right now so my website/blog are not up and running yet. Please email me if can! Much love, Joy

  43. smNabil Avatar

    Quite creative and indeed mouth watering :-O

  44. Sofia Avatar

    Wow!! so cute!! I love to collect them

  45. james Avatar

    lies she simply created a huge hand and a 1 cent! Knew I would work you out woman

  46. Martin Avatar

    Remarkable attention to detail. So good it’s making me hungry!

  47. Angie Avatar

    I just think this are the most beautiful plated presentations I’ve ever seen!!! 🙂

  48. Bill Lazdowski Avatar

    It’s hard to believe but each picture seemed to be better than the one before it!

  49. cris r Avatar

    One word… AWESOME!!!

  50. Claire Avatar

    Those are amazing! Love them!

  51. marion catherine Avatar

    oups !!!! c’est incroyable cette nourriture pour lilipucien !!! perfect , bravo , félicitations

  52. Shawnte Avatar

    This is insane! They look delicious!

  53. akash Avatar

    this are amazing!

  54. Maria Avatar

    It’s amazing work!!!

  55. Qua Avatar

    The detail on these is ASTONISHING. I mean… look at the breads for instance! Wow. Blows my mind. I love tiny things in general, but these are just amazing and epic anyways. Unbelievable! 😀

  56. The Vector Box Avatar

    Mind blowing, how is this possible?!

  57. Galvin Entalai Avatar

    amazing! feeling like to chew them all.. lol..

  58. dyson vacuum reviews Avatar

    very very good..fantastic art

  59. Linda Ferrero Avatar

    so intriguing … have you ever submitted your work to Laughing Squid? if you haven’t, I’m sure they would love you

    they are out of San Francisco,

  60. eric Avatar

    This is really awesome. I like the strawberry sequence. Its got to be interesting how one thinks up HOW to make some of this small stuff. simply hard to imagine!

  61. Simon Avatar

    Alice in wonderland style yew!

  62. Armando Cabba Avatar

    I wish i was some small creature to enjoy this

  63. Medford Oregon Photographer Avatar

    Those are incredible! What patience and skill. The photographs are beautiful as well.

  64. Michael Browne Avatar

    Truly amazing! The detail is elaborate and realistic.

  65. alyssa Avatar

    wow.the fish had to have taken forever. super appreciation for the unseen time and passion that goes into this

  66. Indian Furniture Avatar

    The best one is pasta pic i love pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!!truly amazing pics…

  67. Cooking Man Avatar

    I love this. You are a really skilled artist to do this mini food designs. Very cool.

  68. Atom Avatar

    Very nice. And very creative.

  69. Steve Allen Avatar

    Very nice work indeed. Great for people who like food and need to diet! Will suggest this route to my appropriate friends. It is nice to see something this different from time to time – well done!

  70. rebbeca Avatar

    it’s nice for me,like it!

  71. Lisa Avatar

    Very cool! wow!

  72. Ruan Avatar

    Forever alone level 99

  73. Itz me Harman Avatar

    really amazing arts, thanksss…

  74. andrew Avatar

    pretty impressive

  75. Celtaur Avatar

    This is super cool. Sometimes I thought, “Is that just a really big fake penny?” 🙂 Fantastic Work!

  76. Sofia Del Gaudio Avatar

    Wow, these are amazing. I could easily eat them if something was suitable for vegans!!

  77. MADDISON Avatar


  78. Rob Avatar

    Fantastic looking food. Make you feel like a giant!

  79. Ed Avatar

    Wonderful, Art beyond Art!

  80. Aidy Avatar

    Adorable! Absolutely fantastic work–brilliant!

  81. Hilrose Avatar

    Just love the pictures truly amazing and very colourful.. love it

  82. Michael Avatar

    A very patient genius! Wow!

  83. dorela Avatar

    amazing! thanks for share!

  84. Igor the Artist Avatar

    Nice! I cannot even imagine how much time is spent by the artist to create something like this. It would also be good to know more about materials used.

  85. Jill Avatar

    These are absolutely brilliant, what fantastic minature works of art.

  86. Eros Deus Avatar
    Eros Deus

    One sneeze and it’s all gone XD

  87. link building Avatar

    Wonderfull…I love it !!

  88. Altaf Avatar

    WOW nice idea Well done

  89. slickzine Avatar

    pretty slick and cool ..likes

  90. hungrybear Avatar

    This is so cute!! I love it!!

  91. Jim Doody Avatar

    Very “tasty”. Amazing!

  92. GloriaScudder Avatar

    Fimo is such versatile material. I used to work with it in miniatures as well. This is amazingly detailed work.

  93. Diana Moore Avatar

    Amazing detail for such small artworks. Thanks for sharing!

  94. Trip Avatar

    What exactly is fimo??? and how do they get it so intricate and detailed??

  95. Holidaying In Avatar

    I’m just the tiniest bit hungry.

  96. ToriKing Avatar

    Wow. These are fabulous. You are very talented.

  97. RockArtiste Avatar

    Fimo is much stiffer than sculpey and has better colors. Good way to give yourself a case of carpal tunnel working with Fimo. These miniature foods are very well done. Lots of time and work here. Wonderful!

  98. DEEE Avatar


  99. Peter Rowland Wedding Catering Avatar

    so cute.. haha how do u do it!?? thats just amazing!

  100. Anji Avatar

    Woow! This is extraordinary! This must involve so much patience!!

  101. lform Avatar

    so much love and dedication, truly inspiring!

  102. mermaid Avatar

    WOW! Those are amazing!

  103. Tejas Avatar

    Simply Amazing!
    Hats off to your talent!

  104. abstracto Avatar

    realy amazing work! I’m so glad, there are things like this shared on the web.

  105. Sarah Jackson Avatar

    these all are cute designs 🙂

  106. Robert Lowdon Avatar

    That’s a pretty cool looking cake!

  107. stacey black Avatar

    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

  108. tanvir Avatar

    very very interesting and intelligent work.

  109. Siddharth Nagi Avatar

    This is amazing salads i ever seen in my hole life

  110. SUPERMAN Avatar


  111. Vedette Avatar

    Everything looks amazing! you must have tons of patience to do those. I tried making those before but I keep messing up and irritation got the best of me.

  112. swarupa Avatar’s very lively..every single detail was done with perfection..!!

  113. Amicia Rai Avatar

    Oh yummy!!

    But I’m sure that it takes quite a lot of patience and hard work make all of those lovely little miniature foods. 🙂

    Hats off to all that talent!

  114. Bakeca Udine Avatar

    This is awesome 😀 yummy

  115. Wristbands Avatar

    Awesome creative work…. Worth for a great Applause…

  116. peter ojo Avatar

    this is good i like the creativity.

  117. Pixhome Avatar

    Beautiful artistry 🙂 I love your work

  118. janelle Avatar

    amazing detail and beautifully done with such a strong realism it is uncanny

  119. Ebba Avatar

    This is so cool! Brilliant!

  120. Yo Avatar

    These are absolutely incredible.

  121. Jamie Avatar

    I don’t know what everyone’s so excited about, it’s not that hard to make a giant penny.

  122. megan Avatar

    woah this is so cool! im going to try this!!

  123. Chris Avatar

    Think i’m going to contact this artist and hopefully feature in my blog!

  124. Amanda Avatar

    Gives a whole new name to “Finger food”! Lol

  125. Andy Avatar

    This is the kind of thing I would accidentally lean on…

  126. klew Avatar

    Completly blew my mind! As a caner myself I know how much time and effort in just that, but to go beyond and create such realistic pieces is AMAZING! Makes me hungry just looking at it all!

  127. Irina Avatar

    Oh Gosh! This is a piece of art! Incredible work! Made me not only hungry, but totally blown away with excitement.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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  129. Beta balığı Avatar

    Betta (Betta splendens), doğal yaşam alanı Asya (Tayland, Malezya, Kamboçya ve Vietnam) olan, yaklaşık 4-6 cm boyunda bir balık türü. Özellikle erkeklerin, yüzgeçlerinin görkem ve güzelliği, ve asaletini yansıtan vakur duruşuyla dikkat çeken bir türd

  130. Caroline Avatar

    These miniature pieces of art are quite astounding especially when you see how much details has gone into each tiny piece. A very talented artist. Thank you for sharing.

  131. Cris Monde Avatar

    I’m hungry now. -_-

  132. tia Avatar

    this has to be real food just shrunken

  133. Stella F. Walter Avatar

    Iam elderly now but did doll house mini’s (never so well) Thanks for sharing. Beautiful !

  134. liom sarta Avatar


  135. jeeddy Avatar

    so so nice ^_^

  136. Elleen Avatar


  137. Chirag Avatar

    Yeah, It’s really incredible. I am amazed with this kind of Art.
    A huge thanks to you for sharing. Cheers !

  138. sofiane Avatar

    travail minutieux, bravo.

  139. sofiane Avatar

    travail minutieux, bravo

  140. Selenerl Avatar

    Perfect as dollhouse miniature food. I wished I could do something so detailed….

  141. hakan Avatar

    Waooooowwww very nice 🙂

  142. Barış AKDEMİR Avatar

    do you have a job or are you rich?

  143. Norbert Avatar

    wow, its excelent, very big inspiration for you 🙂

  144. Bret Cutts Avatar

    This is amazing. how do you imagine such great things.
    Good one.

  145. Eirik Avatar

    I like it, but it kinda reminds me of that movie “Dinner for Schmucks”

  146. Funny Clips Avatar

    The excellency of your post compelled me to give a comment. Your post is awesome. Keep up the good work. We are always here to support you.

  147. Wesley Avatar

    Suddenly, i just got “a little hungry” (pun intended)

  148. derp Avatar

    fake and gay

  149. dy Avatar

    This is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

  150. Clay Hilligas Avatar
    Clay Hilligas

    Amazingly beautiful. I had no idea that this kind of art existed.

  151. Davide - Nomad Travellers Avatar

    Amazing, that looks almost real!

  152. Aarti Harish Avatar

    Oh…these are very pretty…my 6 year old daughter just loved it…was very curious to know how you created these…!!!!

  153. kos Avatar

    At first I just said “why?” But then I said “why not?” Artists continually try to compete with Gods’ creations. Or is it that we are just compelled, by some need to re-create….the beauty we see… in a medium we feel with our hands through our hearts?

  154. bayamozaya Avatar

    Serdzecznie pozdrawiam i sciskam serdecznie maciupeniuÅ„kei paluszeczunie autora tej przeuroczej, przezabawnej i przepysznej kolekcji. Pozdrawiam po polsku i pewnie nikt tego nie zrozumie, ale za to pozdrawiam szczerze. Taca z winem, serem, winogronem i buÅ‚kami – zestaw naj mniam niu siej szy 🙂

  155. Bubba Black Avatar

    So awesome! I thought it was real until I saw the coins…

  156. Cavalcante Avatar

    awesome!! :i))

  157. Elisa Macìas Cuevas Avatar
    Elisa Macìas Cuevas

    This is just amaizing, I love it moat of all because I am a miniature collector, I admired this work

  158. Cecil Munro Avatar

    Where did they get those huge coins and matches? Kool

  159. F 9938 Avatar

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  160. Hintergrund Avatar

    It is really great work

  161. Caroline Avatar

    wow never seen anything like it!!
    its so cool!

  162. Phyllis Avatar

    Can we purchase these?

  163. Kathina Gallow Avatar
    Kathina Gallow

    how can I purchased your products and p.s those foods look amazing

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