Magnificent Landscape Astrophotography by Dave Morrow

Palouse - Landscapes and Astrophotography by Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow is a 27 years old engineer of “Boeing” from Seattle, WA, USA. He maturely became interested in photo just over a year ago. His favorite techniques appear landscapes and astrophotography. It is not only the exceptional quality of work Dave Morrow, but he has also techniques to solve the serious technical issues like about cameras, lenses, shooting techniques, graphics editors etc. All this, he runs courses through its own website. Have a look at his landscapes and astrophotography.

astrophotography Dave Morrow


Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland


When Face world



Landscapes and astrophotography by Dave Morrow

Last Rays of Light

Lost in Iceland

My Witness is the Empty Sky

Palouse 2

Right this Second

Road's End, Before and After Processing Included

Seattle Cityscape

Send me to the stars.

32 Hours & Counting

After Midnight at the Hallgrimskirkja


So, his favorite techniques are appeared in landscapes and astrophotography



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