Among the living species, the largest is the ostrich (sort – suthorio). These grow up to a tallness of 9.3 feet and weigh 155 to 160 kg. Let me list down the top largest living birds on the in the world.


World’s main greatest living bird which can’t fly yet it can run quick and runs at a normal speed of 43 miles for each hour. Ostrich can undoubtedly cover 30-35 miles in 60 minutes. It weighs 220-300 lbs and stands 8-9 feet tall. Its normal life expectancy is 30 to 40 years.


A huge flightless bird found only in regions of Australia and islands of New Guinea. The flying creature is identified with different feathered creatures like ostrich and emu as it is proctitis. It is second heaviest with a normal load of 129 lbs (58.5 kg) and third tallest flying creature with a normal tallness of 1.5-1.8 meters. Indeed, even some tallest fowls achieve a stature of two meters. The southern cassowary is the biggest for example 6ft 3 inches and the littlest is the smaller person cassowary. Next to no is thought about this species however. The cassowaries are finished fruitarians and satisfy 40-50 years.

3. EMU

A bird found in Australia as it were. It is the second largest living bird in the event that we think about stature as a parameter. Two subspecies of emu-Tasmanian emu and King Island emu wound up terminated in 1788. It is a flying creature which is dark colored in shading and is delicate feathered. Its tallness comes to up to 1.9 meters and normal weight lie between32-40 kg. Emus can travel long separations and they can even run at 50 km/h. They get by eating plant and creepy crawlies. They can live for a long time with no nourishment. Reproducing happens in the period of May and June. Emu is the main living types of the sort Dromaius these are delicate feathered, flightless and can grow up to 5.2 ft. The flying creatures are great sprinters and can travel 50km\hr. Emu weighs up to 70 kg.

4. Ruler Penguin

One of the world’s most astonishing animals and largest living bird found on earth. The two males and females have dark hued back and white stomach. They go under the class of carnivores. They have a normal life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Penguin weighs up to 88 lbs. They make a trip roughly 50 miles to achieve a sea where they get their sustenance for example they feed on fish and krill in the sea.

These are the third heaviest winged animal and can grow up to 122 cm. Penguin is found only in the Polar Regions. Their body is streamlined. These can withstand incredibly cool temperatures; can make a plunge water 535mt as long as 18 minutes. A ruler penguin can satisfy 35 years.

5. More prominent Rhea

One of the largest living birds which are found in eastern South America. It is a flightless flying creature with a life expectancy of 15 years. It has a weight of 50 lbs. Female rheas lay seven to ten eggs as per one egg for every day.6. Kori Bustard

6. Kori Bustard

A largest living flying bird found in the region of Africa. The Kori’s body has caramel dim and white shading and has a fine designed on its body with highly contrasting shading. The sexual development in this feathered creature comes to following 3 years old. For the most part found in dry fields of the steppe, bustards can grow up to 150 cm. The female lay 3-5 eggs and broods only them.

7. Dalmatian pelican

A world’s third-biggest greatest bird and largest living species from pelican family. This fowl goes under the class of the greatest winged animals which can fly. Its normal weight is 11.5 kg and a stands 5 to 6 feet tall. They have a long wingspan of around 300 to 350 cm long. The feathered creature’s reproducing season comes in March and April. These are found in South Asia and Europe. They may grow up to 6ft with a wingspan of about 9 ft. These weigh up to 33 kg. Pelicans can satisfy 19 – 25 years.

8. Andean Condor

A bird found in the locale of Andes Mountain in South America and has a place with the group of New World Vulture. They have a place with kingdom Animalia. Their wingspan is 3.3 m which are 2.3 occasions longer than their unique stature and weighs 33 pounds. They lay somewhat blue white eggs which weigh 280 g and the length of an egg ranges from 3.0 to 3.9 cm. One of the most noteworthy flying winged animals on the planet,

largest living birds in the world.

9. Mute Swan

Mute Swan is one of the friendliest animals on the planet. A bird from the group of a swan and got its name quiet as it makes less utilization of its vocal when contrasted with different species in the swan. A fledgling found in the region of Eurasia and far north of Africa. Swan at one time lays 10 eggs. they go under the class of world’s biggest flying creatures. These have a huge wingspan of 100 inches.

10. Wandering Albatross

It is a standout amongst the most delightful Antarctic Animals. A bird with the largest wingspread of around 11 feet. They for the most part live in gatherings at a far separation from seas. It is said that they can make shallow jumps moving 150 meters somewhere down in water and can remain there for as long as 20 minutes hanging tight for their prey. The recorded going of one meandering gooney bird is 6000 km in only 12 days. they have a long wingspan and weigh up to 12 kg. It is seldom found on the ground and burns through 90% of its lifetime taking off and floating in the sky.

11. Turkey

One of the largest living birds on the planet can reach upto 3.3 to 4.1 feet long and as much as 86 pounds of weight. Guys are minimal bigger than the females. The fledgling species is secured with 5000 to 6000 quills and has a fan-formed tail secured with 18 long plumes. Household turkeys are less beautiful than wild turkeys. It is said that wild turkey lives on a domain of around 1000 sections of land. Additionally, they can without much of a stretch distinguish “outsiders”

12. Great Bustard

Great bustard is a member from the bustard family. Discussing the appearance, the fowl species has a dark head and neck with darker back banished with dark and underparts are white. The male species build up a rosy darker bosom band that gets greater with age. Both male and females live in discrete gatherings for nearly the entire year, in any case, they meet up at the season of the mating season.

13. King penguin

The second largest living species of penguin for the most part observed on different Sub-Antarctic islands. One of the largest species spends its time on earth in two stages. The bird species can reach 3.1 feet in stature and 33 pounds of weight. It can go through around 5 minutes inside the water. The grown-up feathered creature has numerous adversaries, for example, panther seal, executioner whales, and expansive sharks. It has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years in the wild and 30 years in the bondage.

largest living birds in the world.

14. Trumpeter swan

The trumpeter swan is a species of swan and considered as a nearby relative of the whooper swan of Eurasia. The grown-up trumpeter swan can be estimated up to 130-165 cm long where guys can be 180 cm long and weigh roughly 10.9-12.7 kg, howvever, female can be around 9.4-10.3 kg. The fowl species can get by as long as 12 years in wild and as long as 35 years in bondage.

15. Whooper swan

The whooper swan is a large white swan much greater than Bewick’s swan with has a long thick neck that is generally erect and has dark legs. The flying creature species articulated as hooper swan can develop upto 140– 165 cm and have a wingspan of 205– 275 cm. One of the heaviest flying winged animals on the planet, with various load for both male and female species. The guys species have a normal load of 7.4– 14 kg, be that as it may, female have a normal load of 9.8– 11.4 kg.

largest living birds in the world.