Incredibly Awesome Sculpture Art by Ellen June

Barn Owl with Mechanics

The real name of “creaturesfromel” is Ellen June. She was born in Markham Ontario, Canada and currently she is working in Guelph, Ontario. At her young age, she took to shaping three dimensional forms naturally. To Ellen sculpting has always been about biological narratives, life and cultural statements. She enjoys the company of animals when working in her studio and likes to listen audio books and podcasts. Now, we propose you incredibly awesome sculptures art of Ellen June. I hope you will like her work.

Petal deer

The Fox's Curiosity

Red Willow Wolf

Night Jackal

Celtic Wild Boar with Forest

Tall Fox with Village

Dapple Kirin

Swift Cat

White Lion with Birds

White Dragon 2

White Lattice Dragon

Sakura Caribou

Spined Canine

Flying Fox

Sable Winged Canine

Owl Dragon

Clouded Leopard

Quetzalcoatl - in progress

White Dragon

Grey Parrot Commission


tall tigress with lanterns



lattice winged creature

zen turtle

Octopus with fish

scaley ship

Blue Birds

Bull of Burden

Cheshire Cat

custom order Kirin

Lady Coyote




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