This post features 30 hottest Kit Harington photos of all time. Kit Harington is best known for his role as Jon Snow in HBO series Game of Thrones. He is one of the most like charachter in Game of Thrones.

He became interested in acting after watching a production of Waiting for Godot when he was 14, and he performed in several school productions. He attended Worcester Sixth Form College, where he studied Drama and Theatre Studies, between 2003 and 2005. When he was 17, he was inspired to study acting in a drama school after watching a performance by Ben Whishaw playing Hamlet in 2004.

He broke his ankle in 2012 when he was locked out of his apartment building in London and fell while trying to climb to his flat. During Season 3 of Game of Thrones (2011) the film crew had to figure out how to shoot around the injury, including the use of stand-ins in “Jon Snow wigs”. Harington felt so guilty that he bought the production manager a bottle of whiskey.

Said he’s never had long hair before Game of Thrones (2011) and he actually had to wear a wig in the first season. Harington intends to cut his hair short again after the series is complete.

Lets take a look at 30 hottest Kit Harington photos. No doubt Kit Harington is the sexiest British actor right now.

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